aquarius and pisces?

By datboiApril 2, 2017 3:34am — 9 replies
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hi my aqua ladies and gents i need your help can you share your good and bad experiences with pisces men i m going to probably end up posting my issue in the pisces board but i wanted to check in here first i am having a hell of a time with a man i
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he broke up with me after dating for 2 months since we never spoke about labels and this morning i said i didnt have a boyfriend he said it hurt him when i said that and decided to end things wtf idk what to do now
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so i posted this on the aqua forum a few days ago but i was curious the perspective from my fellow pisceans been ta
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is it just me or are pisces for some reason drawn to aquarius even though astrologically its typically a terrible mat
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ok so ive going out with this girl shes an aquarian shes into astrology and i think its interesting myself and i have
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basically i am a pisces female i jus got to know this current bf of mine who is an aquarius i do like him and trying my best to keep this relationship going however i do have a lot of setback which i need someone who has similar experience to give me
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hi has anyone who is an pisces girl gone out with a aquarius guy feedback please
aquarius and pisces
how do these relationships work this is my first time my pisces man is great but sometimes he can get boring he also makes it a habit of pointing out every little thing i do wrong is that normal besides his great passion and sensitivity what else c
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i just recently had two relationships with aquarius i am a pisces female and the first was good but he didn show me any afftection and the second he messed me over horribly why is that is it normal for aqua to be like that
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im the secret admirer of a pisces woman she is a dear friend and i have fallen in love with her why do they say aquarius and pisces don t work and should i tell her how i feel