Where are all the bunnies????

Where are you hopping guys? I'm here hopping in a tropical paradise near Pacific Ocean! :)
a Victorian Age writer...
Where are you hopping guys? I'm here hopping in a tropical paradise near Pacific Ocean!
a Victorian Age writer...
Bump @_@
23 years old female
A socially awkard introvert who wears glasses🤓.
Scorpio Moon marker

I am a wood rabbit.
a Victorian Age writer...
Wood rabbits are charming! Angelina Jolie, David Beckham, Enrique Iglesias, just to mention a few.
a Victorian Age writer...
Soooo cute!!!
Capriorn-Asc. Gemini-Sun Caner-Moon Cancer-Mercury Taurus-Venus Cancer-Mars
I iz here!

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Well. Something had unfolded with my Scorp yesterday. I am supposed to be smart about my future and I honestly can't imagine divorce! It's not a thing you do every day and though my husband survived 3 - he says he didn't love anyone as much as he loves
What position do you think each member of the zodiac would hold? monk executioner kings advisor wizard party planner cook kings adversary knight slave star reader king queen
Okay, so over the last two years ive had some humbling experiences. Some of you may have even read my pathetic Cancer man posts. I've found that I will get into relationships and when I want to get out, I all of the sudden panic. I flip the script, miss t
anyone have any experiences? whether it be dating one or being one. i'm curious. tell me a little about the tests and the games and all that goes into it. don't be afraid to throw scorpio mars under the bus! this is the thread to vent!
Are you treetrunking kidding me?!?!? Wtf is wrong with this world?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyday all the time something horrible is going on. Terror attacks, war, cutting off limbs of small albino kids, abducting kids and keeping them in your backyard for 18
I get it we all flaws. But why this continuity of bashing a sign in particular or a group of signs based on their element is necessary? Ugh anyways i just think we can do better than that. Calling this signs dumb and that signs superior is truly ignor
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the medical center I go to always brings up I owe a certain amount from 2011 when I am paying for current bills. lol, im just waiting for it to disappear. isn't there a statue of limitations it went to collections my credit score is 780
My first post was poorly written in a rushed manner so I hope to explain this better and as short as possible. I am a Scorpio woman who got asked on a date by a Cancer man. When we met for coffee we got along great, had a lot of things in common both pos
Come off as kind of stupid, IMO.
Being day drunk is an adventure LOL!
I just found this - live 24/7 footage of kittens living and being cared for by kitten fosters in Illinois, USA. From the description on Youtube: If there is nothing going on, you can rewind the stream up to 4 hours to see action. Brief FAQ:
To new ladies coming on board and trying to get answers, maybe check these articles or websites out first: 8 Revealing Traits of Taurus http://thetauruslife.com/taurus-man-traits/ 10 signs if a Taurus Man Likes You http://taurusmansecrets.com/blog
All talk on the new DXPIL season is to happen here por favor. I will be starting season 2 in a couple of hours That thread will be for Game Picks only [IMG]http://i68.tinypic.com/b5qrzs.png[/IMG]
http://en.vonvon.me/quiz/6151?rd_src=result&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=organic&utm_source=facebook mine is totally off. but still funny lmao http://i63.tinypic.com/xemn2d.jpg