I'm sitting here at this little outside Taco place waiting for my order and this kid walks up with a leapord print neck pillow around his neck.........is this some new fashion trend? Or is he just mentally challenged?
How do they work? Do you need shaving cream for either method? Any suggestions? Know of any good brands? Thanks!!
Hello everyone! 'Tis that time of the year again and that means many a family gatherings. Since I have a boyfriend, that means double of everything: two thanksgivings and two Christmases (and double the food and presents, WOOT! WOOT!) Haha, but serious
And im in my undies. Womens undies and a bra, I dont know if I should feel weird for doing it, Thoughts?
for me, I love the colours, brown, black and some red/oranges to a lesser degree. my man likes red/black. those are his fave. then I saw that astrology links to what you are dominant signs, or what you love to wear. this is a cool vid on lipstick, a
Black Leather Jackets [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/cNABp0c.jpg[/IMG] Denim Jeggings [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/3jaDeb9.jpg[/IMG] Combat Boots [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/01FkbYp.jpg[/ What's Yours?
Does anyone know where I can find regularly priced Korean beauty products? Sehpora, Ulta, and SokoGlam are taking advantage of Korean Skin Care Routine Hype. But if you actually do your research, you'll find that in Korea, this 10 step beauty routin
OK so I am in the show Dreamgirls coming up soon and dressing up in glam make up and wigs is going to be a ball! I have been looking at different Youtube videos on wigs and I want to add natural looking wigs to my look every now and then. Share some onli
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We've known each other for 4 months now. The attraction has always been there since, day one that everyone around us have taken notice. We met at the gym and later, find each other at events. He would simply never leave my sight. I just got out of a t
Hello everyone! I would like some advice as to how to better handle my man's jealousy and possessiveness. I'm a 23 year old bartender, he is a 29 year old restaurant owner. He's the smartest man I know. So charming, funny and once again, a sarcastic s
Hi I have been involved in a LDR with an Aries man for 6 months. I am a Saggie. We are from different countries, cultures and religions !!! We met via the internet and I have visited him a few times. We get on so well in person but I get uncontrollab
This whole thing has been weird from the start but an amazing connection. We are friends but it's kinda of underlining we have a thing. I got jealous and popped off about some girl whose picture he liked. We get into it and then he proceeds to like every
Anyone else ever been intrigued by these? My next major trip abroad (crosses fingers) is going to be to Scotland/Ireland and I will be visiitng as many as i can. I have always been drawn to the culture and my family lineage is traced back to both area
So lately we have both been abit distant both off and off with our feelings one min were in this relationship then the next were not. He told me because it's been a month since we last had sex and because we don't meet as much that he can't see it working
[IMG]http://i64.tinypic.com/2v1unm1.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i63.tinypic.com/2dgrhmu.jpg[/IMG] Thank you
The forum doesn't seem to get used much, leta hope there is someone out there! Moon in the 11th house. Do you have it and what's been your experience with friendships, social life, dating? I found this site to be, maybe a little sadly, accurate.
If you're a Taurus, after a first date and you're interested in the person how do you act? Like do you text back or not, if so how long do you wait? Do you stop answering calls and texts, do you answer right away etc. how often are you wanting to communic
I met this girl at work. For some reason I'm really attracted to her. She always looks happy, and non stop smiling, and
so me and this scorpio have been seeing each other weekly, dating and all, and she says the sweetest things to me. last night she told me she wanted to see me the next day and that she'd be in touch with me. the last message she sent to me was, "thank you
I'm an Aquarian and I have a friend who is a Leo who I had come to think more as a colleague. For some reason out of the blue we will have these crazy fights where we will scream at each other because he always tries to stand over me and takes advantage
and possession and all that queer pluto butter. share 'em. :)
I have a Gemini Ex who I went out with for 6 months last year, He broke up with me back in December last year. We still talk every day and we've been going through the toxic loop. I wanted to make things work. I laid everything out on the table and he alw
This is a weird thing. The other day, my ex sent me a message that I remind him of Mila Kunis and Gwen Stefani. He's always said that when we were together. I dunno which parts. First I look Asian and second, I'm not very thin. Anyway, I knew he was drunk
Hello. I met a guy a few months ago - at office - and I have never ever felt like this before( like an electric bum) - my Uranus trine his Venus, my M.C. conj his south node opposite his lust, his South node conj my Pshyche and my south node conj his Karm
Do any of you Leos find yourself caring too much about others? You're always going out of your way to help but people take it for granted?