Would ya, could ya, do ya wanna?
Hi everybody! Wich its your favourite perfume!!!???? I'm crazy about so many!! Uniq one its my favorite i think, b
What color shirt goes with dark blue jeans and camel colored boots? What color belt?
Hi everyone, im working on a project and i would like to know your opinion about daily fashion. Can you answer to thi
What was your outfit on your first date? Males/females Did one out dress the other? Can you remember to a tee wh
Feeling your day need a better luck? In oriental country has a wisdom about how color of your clothes is effect your
For as long as I've been having my periods (10years old) I've been breaking out everywhere. Of course, there was the fa
Make a list of your favorite beauty products and don't forget to show pictures :) Think of this as our own little magaz
Dry feet can vary from mild to severe dry skin that result to other problems. Unlike the skin on other parts of our bod
I wake up and put on my make-up and am off to work, looking fresh and put together. Come 11am, I look at myself in the
After the baby, what can I do about these stretch marks. My friend swears by the Palmer's cocoa butter, but do you ladie
Is it rude to want to exchange a gift? My sister and her boyfriends got me an expensive wallet as I'm moving away. there
for African American hair? What products should I use in my hair and how can I get it to grow longer? I currently don
park sung woong joseph gordon levitt
You know the temporary tattoos the indian girls get on their hands at weddings? Well I was as the Arab store getting nut
To post a picture of post makeup photos? before and after.
I'm looking for an eye cream that REALLY works, particularly on under eye bags and crows feet. Any suggestions?
Make up trends that men hate: 1. Blue Eyeshadow. Done in moderation this trend could border on acceptable, but truth
Hello! Pretty new here, pardon me if i'm acting real butterty (very nervous)! My mom is giving me a credit card for a bel
back from a long holiday lol so what do you think about fake eyelashes? :) sometimes I just apply mascara, other t
in my opinion they look about three twins (can I use the word three twins?? or there's another word for it..? :)) f
I have been using rose water as my toner for the past year or so and I'm very happy with the way my skin is looking. Ros
which socks should i buy? theres the pack of white socks or the pack of white socks with the gray part
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It's been about two weeks since things just went way south and we were doing so well. We had a trip planned too and she had me cancel my flight. She had to go for work. Told me it was probably best I didn't go. Anyway the issues were so minor and all happ
FEMA is on high alert for an impending asteroid strike. https://youtu.be/NGLb4ncxbIc
Because I loved you It might not makes sense to you today But I promise with time it will And you'll appreciate that I left I leave today and I say my goodbyes Because I can't give you what you dresserve I can't give you what you need or want Me
Hi Everyone! This is my first time (and we're in the very beginning stages, only the 3rd date) with a Capricorn male. Just was curious if anyone had an advice with dealing/understanding them. I'm an Aquarius Sun, Aries Moon, Taurus Rising, Leo 5th hous
I'm confused by a Taurus man. Help me understand! It's kinda long, bare with me. I have been talking to this guy for almost 3 months now. We met on a Islamic dating site, I'm black (25), he is Arab(32). He is good looking, has a nice job. And I'm in uni.
I'm confused by a Taurus man. Help me understand! It's kinda long, bare with me. I have been talking to this guy for almost 3 months now. We met on a Islamic dating site, I'm black (25), he is Arab(32). He is good looking, has a nice job. And I'm in uni.
What are the common traits of a cancer man with a Sagittarius moon..? Do they leave a woman he trusted (who was equally loyal) and never look back?
What would Venus opposite Lilith mean? And what about Moon square Lilith?
Scorpios, on who do you think, you made the biggest impression? Was it a cancer, another scorpio...and was it romance/work/just friendship? Which aspect you think is to blame for that? Sun, moon, venus...anything else? Thanks for the answers! ;)
Do you think the saying once a cheater always a cheater is valid, or do you think it's a circumstance to each individual relationship the 'cheater' has ?
What would @hydora say this place is full of crazy people (i made this up) and geniuses from eastern europe (clearly a sarcasm :P), what is going on?
Sun leo Moo aries Venus virgo Asc Gemini Any insights?
My aqua guy always has me wondering whether we are coming or going. Our friendship started a year ago, relationship bloomed 9 months ago. One week he's very attentive and affectionate, gives me an abundance of security in regards to our relationship, he
im a 36 year old Aries. i tell ya, im now a firm beilever in my sign due to my experience. ive lost loved ones and seen death in front view. im having a horrible time copeing. in search of answers i discoverd the zodiac. Aries fears- losing a loved
Me (32) and compromised african cancer with moon virgo (29) 5 months ago in africa, since some of you were curious. http://i.imgur.com/z8Ov6Tq.jpg
Hi All, Going on a date tonight with a guy I've been chatting with. Just wondering - Does this match look like a yay or nay? Planet: Me/ Him Sun: Virgo / Virgo Moon: Taurus / Scorpio Mercury: Virgo / Virgo Venus: Libra / Libra Mars: Sag /
Happy Birthday to a genuinely good, sweet, outspoken, and especially Scorpionic Taurean. :D Enjoy your special day, @rekt ! https://s20.postimg.org/wdm4z8wrh/76c160fa667b058478708a79645d9609.jpg https://s20.postimg.org/jnhwm5ot9/e1dc95dd37e
Do you think it's important to have the same taste in music ? Or at least having a genre that you both really like Coule you date someone that doesnt have the same taste in music at all?
Is this a sensitive guy and does he appreciate a sensitive woman? What kind of lady would he like?