how friendly are leos?

How friendly are leos really? Do they make friends easily?
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Well that depends on your definition of friendly. They're known for being outgoing, but I'm not sure if that qualifies as being friendly. Most female Leos I know actually come across as being cookiemonstery or "into themselves", and it's only after getting to know them that I actually like them. What's cookiemonstery except for males? That's what male Leos have, until you get to know them. Then after that, they can be the sweetest, most genuine people in the world.

Basically, I don't think we Leos are all that friendly at first. But that's just my opinion
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I agree, it depends. I am pretty friendly after I feel comfortable around someone. I have been told I come off as a little serious, I don't know about "cookiemonstery".

I can be cookiemonstery when it is earned.

I guess this a case by case thing. Rising sign could play a big role.

In general, the Leo sun sign itself is described as friendly.
whats your rising sign purrrfect?and whats ur moon sign?
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hey you guys...

...whats your rising sign purrrfect?and whats ur moon sign?...

sunnynight, I have virgo rising and aquarius moon. And you?
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That's a very good description of the Leo attitude toward friendship, and you do have a lot of Leo in your chart. Myself, I will be affable toward most anyone but it takes much more to move beyond the level of acquaintance.

I think that's something that people misunderstand about Leos and even Scorpios. Leos have a tendency to get taken advantage of many times early in life because of blind trust in others and the need to feel popular. As they mature, their BS meters get more finely tuned. I can usually tell after talking with someone for five minutes if they are a trustworthy person or if they're a con artist.

I'm very blunt with most people because it tends to weed out the dishonest. In my experience, the more words someone has to use to explain a simple situation, the more they're trying to hide. And that's the kind of person that I don't want to know...
whoa purrrfect!!!!!

great you have aqua moon and virgo rising??

I have virgo moon and aqua rising!!!!!

Great coincidence I must say!
and yeah in my birth chart,my sun is in cancer(same as you)!!!
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My stage name speaks for itself I am a Leo and my birhday is Aug 12.
I agree with Chocolate that alot of Leos do get taken advantage of because we are friendly people and are too nice almost to a fault. But when we do recognize someone is bs, then we usually go off and call people out and turn mean and ugly. I usually don't call people out until I take the time to listen to what others has to say and pretty much let people hang themselves. Then I will say something or just deal with them with a long handle spoon.
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.......whoa purrrfect!!!!!

great you have aqua moon and Virgo rising??

I have virgo moon and aqua rising!!!!!.............

Hi sunny

And you're a leo right? Do you know your other placements? How more different can 2 signs be? (Virgo/Aqua) lol Do you like to read?
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...I can usually tell after talking with someone for five minutes if they are a trustworthy person or if they're a con artist....


This has a lot to do with your water placements as well. Don't you have Scorpio rising?
mars and sun in cancer,venus and mercury in leo,jupitor in scorpio,saturn in libra,moon in I missing something??

ok.these are my placements.

and yes,I looooooove to read.I have a bad bad habit of reading while eating my food..:-p
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sunny, cancer sun it is then : ) I missing something??...

You touched most of them. Usually I like to know the first 5 just for a quickie.
hey purrrfect........

I didn't know my reading habit came from my cancer sun!! Is it really so?

Ascendant: Virgo Sun: Leo (11th house)
sunny, I don't know about Cancer sun because a lot of signs like to read. I just notice it's especially so with strong Virgo or Gemini placements. You said you had Virgo moon, that's why I asked

I keep posting things in the wrong thread....grr!
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