Need Site help again

By sweetheartsAugust 1, 2020 7:45am — 4 replies

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Favorite YouTube Tarot readers
hello friends so i was wondering about your favorite youtube tarot readers are there any that you zealously follow i like https youtu be omsfpmokqns he has such a positive vibe cool mate there
The Candace Owens Show: Dinesh D’Souza
https www youtube com watch v x5 dbg31zwu
BLM "supporter" puts knee on a toddlers neck!
this is what blm is causing https www youtube com watch v fx6kqgauc2y
Protest Live Streams
this guy has been live streaming protests in portland seattle la chicago and more cities for over a month now ive been watching for a couple weeks pretty good coverage https youtu be rpurwapxl k
If a man calls you silly a lot
so if a man calls you silly a lot what does that mean is it a bad thing or a good thing https media giphy com media jvblcjmpym3kjzhrvf giphy gif
What are you currently wanting to manifest in life at the moment?
i m a big believer in law of attraction so i am constantly trying to be grateful and send out positive vibrations to the world so that the things i desire will one day manifest currently i really want to be able to travel more often than i m able to wit
How often do U watch Porn?
im bored and they were talking about this on the radio how often do you watch porn do you watch it when youre not at home state your sun and moon signs me maybe once or twice a week if im feeling feisty sometimes not for a couple weeks
YouTube Subscriptions
what channels do you subscribe to list the channel names and what content they contain im looking for new channels to subscribe to
Best video explaining what's happening..
https m facebook com groups 1509165282598813 view permalink amp id 1545678898947451
Where’s the “how to make this site better” thread gone?
been a while since i ve been here but where s it gone the quoting has gotten out of hand users quote to talk flirt to and with another user but you end up with pages of quotes and you lose the topic a simple user tag would tidy things up wouldn t i