Keep your head up

By LuzJune 14, 2003 1:35pm — 3 replies

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funny funny
new age girl - deadeye dick - ruff ive got a new age girl tell us what shes like environmentalism girl does she ride a bike she has a crystal necklace she spend a lot of cash though her vibes are rather reckles
music currently inspiring to me!
weezer photograph if you want it you can have it but youve got to learn to reach out there and grab it cause everybody wants some love shooting from the stars above and though my heart will break theres mo
songs for post-breakup sadness
artist saliva song rest in pieces look at me my depth perception must be off again cause this hurts deeper than i thought it did it has not healed with time it just shot down my spine you look so beautiful tonight
R.I.P tupac shakur
even if its too early bday june 16 1971 to pay respect but i feel like i have to no one has to respond to this but i just want to so im paying respect for his music music lyric he was no gangster he was truly a soldier random quotes
frank sinatra
the summer wind came blowin in from across the sea it lingered there so warm and fair all summer long we sang a song and then we strolled on golden sand two friends and the summer wind like painted skies those
only you
we suffer everyday what is it for these crimes of illusion are fooling us all and now i am weary and i feel like i do its only you who can tell me apart and its only you who can turn my wooden heart the size of our figh
Musical Gifts
i just had to share this to everyone- i almost cried last night when this happened well as close as someone whos only cried twice in 4 years comes to crying anyway which isnt very my friend and the taurus girl talked about on another po
3 greatest rock bands ever? (IYO)
mine are 1 ac dc 2 alice in chains 3 van halen
Oh, those crazy White Stripes!
look what i found undoubtedly fifteen million years after everyone else found it a cancer i knew the luscious jack had to be one and a sagittarius how very co
my god is a rock
its a choir music and its long but really good to but it in non-musical trems as to the way it goes uve seen a baptist sermon its like that slow climax and slow decline its really good im a tenor ttul