MEN! Please Explain??? What's with the Blow-off!

It seems that so often than not, I meet a man, we hit it off great, they call me, they text me, they email me and we mak
It seems that so often than not, I meet a man, we hit it off great, they call me, they text me, they email me and we make plans for a date and then poof! I here nothing. No reponse, no explaination, nothing. (Didn't sleep with them or anything) Just getting to know them and they keep telling me how much they like me and want to go out but when it's time to make plans or we make plans and then I call to confirm well, nothing, nothing, nothing.

Usually, I will hear from them again within 2 weeks to 3 months wanting to see what I am up to and if I want to get together. I say sure, when? They say well, don't know, I have been busy, I will get back to you. Then nothing again.

Is this an ego stroke for a man or what?
Not really! I would like to know why do they do it? It's not just once in a while but it seems to be happening alot lately to me.
I don't do that to anyone. I have never stood anyone up or made plans with them and then blow them off like the plans were never made. If I can't make it then I call them and let them know and reschedule. If I don't like them then, I don't make plans with them and I also tell them that I'm not intereted in them that way. I'm a Sag. I'm not going to BS you. I'm too straight forward.
I have no clue! That's why I am asking the question. I'm not other girls so, I wouldn't know.
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I don't know, just throwing random thoughts out there, but you ever consider the fact that you get on so great with these guys is that they have a lot of practice and feed you a lot of BS and you eat it all right up and when they realize they're not gonna get what they want they just kinda blow you off? Or they're just playin the game cause if they act too nice or whatever and are too available you lose interest and blow them off?

Just comin from one of those "nice guys" cause that's probably the way it goes even though I hate to admit it. I've seen it happen plenty of times but after awhile it gets old and I just turn around and clean my hands of it and let them learn on their own.

I could be wrong through *shrug*.
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Saggie, this used to happen to me as well & yeah it sucks I think there are lots of factors that come into play when asking/answering this question. Like where are you meeting these guys? How old are they? what kind of life are they living? Meeting a younger guy at a bar who leads a party life style vs meeting a older guy at a bookstore who works or goes to school.

Also what are the phone conversations like? What do you talk about? What are they interested in? What kind of dates are they setting up? Does the convo revolve around sex or partying or is their substance to the conversations?

Finally, the next time a guy sets up a date with you & doesn't show, when he resurfaces weeks or months later DON'T accept another date! They had their chance & they blew it without even having the courtesy to inform you! Why would you give them another chance to blow you off again?

"I say sure, when? They say well, don't know, I have been busy, I will get back to you."
Do you know what this says? I have no respect for myself, I'm desperate & I'm willing to be treated like butter. Don't do this, if they call again use this same line on them & never contact them again. Having self respect & confidence shows & helps to weed out the markers from the good guys Good Luck! There's a nice guy out there for you, I've finally found mine
39 years old female from Ohio, USA
MINE 5/9/1978 11:21p.m. Sun Taurus 19.08 Ascendant Sagittarius 26.54 Mo

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I totally agree. If there is a guy that totally blew you off and then weeks or months later calls you outta' the blue...I'd recommend totally NOT responding to them. PERIOD. Nothing is coming from that relationship 90% of the time.

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