when a taurus guy demands and acts 'weird'

hi! just want to ask your opinions about this taurus guy (i'm a cancerian)... he was an ex, we've decided to be just
hi! just want to ask your opinions about this taurus guy (i'm a cancerian)...

he was an ex, we've decided to be just friends since he initiated a break-up co'z as what he had said, he doesn't feel an intense feeling towards me (i just really don't know why he can't make-up his mind if he does feel something for me or just plain nothing), as friends, he would text me where he is and with whom even though i'm not asking, he would even tell me if i could call him up (in a demanding manner) and he would just tell co'z he was bored and got nothing to do. i'm actually confused of what he is doing, we aren't in a relationship but he is acting as if we are.

i don't know if i just have to stop myself from being sweet towards him and stop giving him the attention. to be honest, i still have feelings for him. i'm quite confused of what he wants from me.

any idea?

thanks! = )
Well dating the bull can be an up and down battle for the Cancer until you figure out how they work. He is interested in being more than friends with with you he just doesn't want to come out and say it and give you too much power early on. All of the bulls real feelings aren't spoken, you have to pay attention to what he does not what he says because they usually are not the same. His actions always tell how he's really feeling. When he starts to act distant give him his space and when he comes back around act like nothings wrong. They don't like to be rushed into anything and its going to take almost forever it feels like for them to make up their mind when they want to take the relationship to the next level.

Just take things real slow and follow his lead in the relationship. As long as he keeps contacting you then he's showing that he' still interested. You have to learn how to pick up on his non verbal clues. It seems a bit confusing at first but you'll get the hang of it. I'm sure he likes you he's just not sure how he wants the relationship to go right now.

thanks for that CL =) yeah i do hope i'll get his non-verbal cues and get a hang of his personality... he is somewhat also moody, i don't know if it's also part of him being a musically-inclined individual -- kind of being artistic.

i really hope i'll understand him more especially at times whenever he would tease me that i'll get a new bf just like that instance when he started teasing me with our guy friend. i don't know if he is just jealous or something. i'm not sure if he really does want me around to be with him or he just wants me to find myself somebody else co'z there isn't any hope for both of us.

i really don't get him. everything he says and does are really contradicting especially when he told me that he just sees me as a friend on our break-up.

He will be jealous of any guy that comes around you or try and have a relationship with. He still see you as more than a friend thats why he wants you'll to continue to be friends so when he's ready to take the relationship back to that level he can because you'll will still be cool with each other. When a Taurus is through with someone its not lets just be friends, they completly let you go, so the fact that he still wants you'll to remain friends means he has plans for you'll in the future just not right now, but yes he will get jealous if you start a relationship with another guy. It doesn't take much to make them jealous.
thanks CL =) it's really enlightening to hear your feedback. well, i guess i just have to be patient. more patient and understanding than ever. wish me luck!
I do hope for the best with all Cancer/Taurus relationships.
hi CL... just an update... well, the taurus guy just told me that we are just friends and says sorry. it's quite sad. i don't know if there will be any chance he will still change his mind. he is really unpredictable. i don't know if i'll still pursue or just move on.
No don't still pursue and move on. Sometimes they say one things and do another. Just wait and see how he acts and follow his lead. He might not want a serious relationship right now. So just wait and see how things go for a while.
i see. i'm just having doubts if this platonic relationship would move. as friends, he is open with me with his feelings, ideas, goals for the future, etc. i feel there is a special bond between us, just not sure if a romantic kind of love will grow from our friendship. earlier, he asked me if i've got a bf already, i told him none. i'm a lil bit confused if he is asking it just a friend or someone who has the interest... then he told about the 'we are just friends' things.

thanks again CL for replying = )
Just be his friend and don't worry about the relationship turning into more. It takes Taurus men a long time before they have a serious relationship with someone. He's interested or he wouldn't be asking those questions and sharing his thoughts and ideas with you. Don't push or rush anything. Just let things flow, its going to take a while before a serious relationship happens and you have to decide if you're willing to wait or not.
alright. i'm kind of losing hope when he said that co'z this was the second time he repeated that to me after we broke up co'z of the same reason. thanks for the encouragement CL, really appreciate it.

I have a problem. Been living a wonderful life with a Taurus man,(I am a scorpion woman), for 4 years. There have been some issues, but nothing I regarded as critical. Apparently, I was wrong. He cheated on me and when I found out he asked me to move out. It's been 6 weeks, I am devastated, he sees this girl frequently, she sleeps with him in our bed, has dinner parties at the home we renovated and designed together. But, he still says he loves me and calls a few times per week. I can't move on because I feel there is a chance we can work this out. He saysd I hurt him badly with my venomous tongue. I think his reaction was overboard but love him enough that I am willing to go to counseling and get over this, if he will get rid of this girl. I will not push or pressure him, but the contradictions, indecisivness and lonley heartache are kiling me. He is a musician and the girl is his bass p;ayers niece, an Aries. She is the one who pushed herself on him after she was told he was in a long term relationship. Granted, he also responded to her availability. I am in total shock.What can I do?
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JT, he is manipulating you. He cheated. He is wrong. If he is still seeing this girl. He doesn't love you. He is trying to make you feel guilty because of his actions.
86 years old female from Chicago
Sun Scorpio 0.25 Moon Sagittarius 27.52 Mercury
Merc there are some in every zodiac sign... People are a product of their environment, no matter what sun sign. Learn or not learn by the their life lessons.
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" "
"an Aries. She is the one who pushed herself on him after she was told he was in a long term relationship"

not to say he wasn't at fault - but I will say this is typical of an aries....she wants your man she'll get him..... no matter what.
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