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  • I want to know about you Virgo men,describe yourself plz :) never met a Virgo before but today one came to talk to me,he seem very straight forward 😁😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😅😅he said "do u have boyfriend?i want to go out with u! I will be
  • Hello , this is my first post here, usually I'm just viewing other post. Anywho, I'm a Gemini woman hooking up with a Virgo man. This has been going on for 6 months. When we are together , its amazing and intense. When we are not , he text me a few tim
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  • Are they compatible with eachother? I'm reading up on this and its very mixed.
  • In what house? How does it manifest itself? What do you do for a living? My mercury is in Virgo right on the 8th/9th house cusp... So Im getting my PhD in clinical health psychology and love everything metaphysical and spiritual and scientific and I ha
  • Its my son's birthday, and now that he's coming into himself, I'm here to ask you aunts and uncles, What wise words would you leave a growing little Virgo boy?
  • I have written an apology letter to a Virgo guy who was a great friend of mine but he would not talk to me, I tried 3 attempts with no response, can you let me know if i should send my apology letter, below is the letter: I know I have made several att
  • So here is the back story Just let my virgo go, he proposed marriage several times but never came through. I also found out he still talks to his ex and that wasnt the worst part lol I also found out that he wasn't divorced, he was just seperated. How di
  • Just wondering the difficulties that fellow venus in virgo people experience in relationships.
  • Hi. Thanks to all who read.... So I met my virgo guy early this year. Things became very hot and heavy early on. I am in my 20s, but I lost my virginity to him-I was ready and I felt a spiritual connection. Afterwards, I got scared and told him I was loo
  • Love With Your Heart & Spirit You want to be that one special person to achieve the impossible goal, which is to be loved so deeply that the outer world doesn't exist, that all wordily possessions and values are really insignificant. At some deep le
  • hi scorp human over here. i dunno all too much about this and ive never posted here but im trying to figure out wtf is going on im a scorp w/ taurus moon and shes a virg w/ cancer moon. dunno how much that matters but hopefully it helps a bit. an
  • i am a capricorn and i find myself hard to Fall in Love. But when i Do, i do hard. Recently, I went to see an apartment and I met this Real estate agent. He very patiently showed and explained everything about the apartment and I liked the apartment
  • Happy birthday to every virgo living and begin to let go of worldly attachments and learn the difficult lesson that you own and control nothing outside of yourself. The only possessions you keep are the rewards of your spirit, love and sense of wholeness.
  • Just let my virgo go, he proposed marriage several times but never came through. I also found out they still talk to there ex. Of course he protested and told me I was wrong but I did my investigation and found out several lies about his life. Im done
  • Long story short I've been with my Virgo man almost a year and it's been wonderful. We have had some great times until lately I got pregnant and he wasn't happy and wanted me to terminate as he said we are not read. I was upset as I found him cold about t
  • My bday was last monday (7th) and I still havent received your presents!! what the fuck is this dxpers??