should i chase this virgo guy?

i'm a cancerian girl interested in a virgo guy. a few months ago he came out of a 6 year relationship with a scorpion. t
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"virgo rising, cancer sun, sag moon i'm standing on the stage of fear and s
i'm a cancerian girl interested in a virgo guy. a few months ago he came out of a 6 year relationship with a scorpion. the split was mutual.
the first few times i met him he was intense and gave the impression that he saw me in his future. he said he felt as though he'd known me for ages and that we should hang out, no pressure, and see what happened. however, he was very uncommunicative in between our meetings, which were always casual i.e. in clubs where we were both going with friends.
he then cut off contact for a few weeks and i pushed the thought of him aside until he text me out of the blue one night apologising and claiming that he was an idiot. i gave him another chance because he was so genuine and sincere, and i understood that he had just come out of a long-term relationship and that it was probably too soon to get involved.
he was still distant, but i offered him a lot of patience and understanding. he would sometimes text me drunkenly and i began to wonder if i was just someone to contact when he was drunk/horny/lonely/in need of a confidence boost. then one night i ran in to him in a club where we were both out with friends. he wasn't giving me much attention and i'd had a lot to drink so i ended up throwing myself at him and urging him to stay when he had to leave. he said he'd call but he didn't, as i expected. i sent a text the next day apologising for my behaviour in a light-hearted, funny way but he didn't reply. although, he never seems to reply unless one is prompted by a specific question. he is so very elusive.
i see him every saturday now in the same club. the past few weeks we have either avoided each other or engaged in a brief but awkward conversation, which i am always the one to initiate because he is shy and i often sense that he can't bring himself to take the initiative. i also find that he stares a lot and tends to subtely gravitate in my general direction.
last night, we ended up chatting again and eventually kissing passionately. although he was receptive to my charms, i can't help but feel i was again making all the moves. and i wonder if he is only attracted to me physically because he still refuses to pursue me outside of the clubbing scene.
i don't know how to approach him on the matter without pressurising him and scaring him off for good. i don't know whether to continue chasing him, i fear that if i stop he'll asumme i've lost interest. but i need him to be more demonstrative.
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"Hi, I'm virgo79. I am into interacting with people for my own personal
Too soon (for him)to get serious again. And it's unfair to you too. He's distracted and there's nothing you can do about it.

Take it slow...for your a friend and keep your options open I'd say.

Men/Women on the "re-bound" usually feel this though they'd known the new person they've met a long time...(not over the last breakup could cause this and they can't differentiate between the feelings they have for the new person vs the old) when in reality that person they've known for a long time is the "ex" and not you.

You need not make all the moves in any case with a Virgo man. If he wants you he wont go too far. Relationships in general should never be complicated...if it is...there is a reason.
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you should never chase ANY man....if we want you, there won't be any need to chase us. And as a cancer, I'd advise you to use extreme caution on this one.........he'll probably be best as a really great friend that you can talk to but a relationship although in the beginning the flawless outward display can be tantalizing with virgos but the actual experience will more than likely fall short of the kind of love and romance that you are probably looking for...unless he is atypical.
ABSOLUTELY NOT. Never chase a guy ever. I did that once in my life, and, well, it didn't turn out good at all. Virgo guy or not, a guy will come to you if he likes you. So what he's shy. A real man will come to you. Anybody can be shy, but that shouldn't stop them from going after what they want. You deserve a man, not someone who isn't willing to take a risk.
Archer said: "you have done enough for him to let him know your interest, let him come to you now."

Yeah, I had a Virgo guy who I showed an interest in. Big mistake. However, when I told him goodbye in December, he took it really serious. I was really mad at him at the time when I said it. A few days later I felt bad and said I was sorry for being so mad at him. I haven't heard from yet which is just as well. Life works in mysterious ways.
37 years old female from MD, U.S.A
"Hi, I'm virgo79. I am into interacting with people for my own personal
True...never chase a man period especially in the early stage of your relationship.
37 years old female from MD, U.S.A
"Hi, I'm virgo79. I am into interacting with people for my own personal
Archer...I have a question for you...(you all please don't get mad as it sorta does not belong on this thread) sound smart so thought I'd get your input.

I've noticed I connect intellectually with saggitarius. I don't know my actual birth time (of day) but I'm Virgo...what could be causing this connection? I mean Sagg's and Virgo's are said not to be compatible.

Just cursious about one thing. Since I said I was sorry about being pissed off with him and said goodbye, does a Virgo truely disappear then? Or do they suddenly pop up when you least expect it and have cooled off. It's been 3 months now but it's just interesting how serious he took me.

I get ya. Thanks. I'll just let him be then. No use in trying to start again from zero. I told him goodbye in a text message because I was tired of the games. I think he shouldn't just give up like that but since it looks like he has then that's the way it's going to be.
Yeah, fishing can be fun. I had a Cap man ask me out 2 weeks ago but, at first, I thought he was joking. He wasn't. There is a bit of an age difference so I don't understand why he'd be interested in me. I'm 30 and he's 44 years old. Now he smiles and flirts with me.
37 years old female from MD, U.S.A
"Hi, I'm virgo79. I am into interacting with people for my own personal
Thanx Archer...
OMG!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! It's the same f*ing story over and over again......

yes, they want you, do they demonstrate it, communicate it, NO... NO... are they shy, yeah, i guess, except in some situations......

anyway, good luck, have fun on your rollercoaster ride with a VIRGO GUY.....

my advice -- read over all the posts and then you will realize you are not alone -- you are not special -- you are just under the EYES of a VIRGO.....
Mystical --- sorry, i don't get it ..... you don't understand why a 44 year old man would be interested in a 30 year old woman????????

Well, I just think a 14 years difference between him and I is a lot. Don't you think? Whether he was serious I don't completely know, but I did say no. He laughed and then I realized he must be interested in me. He flirts with me and smiles. I just don't get it.
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