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  • I think you already know what to do rom..
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    Wait wut

    Shaks! When are you getting married ??

    Can we get an invitation?
  • I just feel like for the money the pixel should be a lot better than it is.. ui wise it seems fine.. a little slow at times, and I don't feel like I push the fone... Bad design with the glass back, horrible camera..
    Couple of annoying glitches..

    My note 4 lasted until last year.. still works good, minus the fact that it won't read that there is a sim inserted... Probably due to Verizon firmware..
  • On a side note, my 7 year old and 3 year old twins all have Blu advance phones.. not bad phones for 50 $
  • I have a pixel now...

    That said, I'll switch back to Samsung on the next..

    Had a note 4 before the pixel.

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    I honestly don't know what it even means LOL!

    Neither do I
  • That being said..

    We had a Nintendo in the 80s..
    Skate or die
    Excite bike

    Never wasted much time with it..

    Had real butter to do.. like hold down a job in the summers.. and had animals to catch or shoot in the winter......

    That Midwest life!
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    Just out of curiosity, what society are you a member of that treats their women differently?

    One were we respect our diferences and that we understand that we are both diferent, a Man and a Woman.

    Respect your Woman, take care of her, work your ass off for her, be there for here, please her...and she will allways Respect you back...she will reply in the same coin and even more...Women are treetrunking amazing when you treat them with Respect they allways ask for.

    Go get your woman back...you both got kids...go give them the best you both got...that's your Kids.

    Take Care, i am done here.
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    That's your advice for me? To go back to my ex wife..
    Wow, ok...
    I think that ship sailed..

    On a side note.
    I don't take advice..

    What I wanted to know was what society you reside in..
  • Just out of curiosity, what society are you a member of that treats their women differently?
  • I'm good bro.. my life has been great recently..
  • The up and coming dxp man...
  • Let me assure you of how scared I am now that I know I treetrunked with the wrong treetrunker....
  • And no I don't know who you are... Nor do I give a treetrunk...

    Do you know who I am?
    Because I'm busy in real life.. taking care of butter that needs done... Not because my girlfriend nagged me enough for me to do something.. I'm out here living so that my 3 kids have a better life than me... The same reason I divorced my wife..
  • Get a grip on life dude...
  • I have a life bro..

    I know the mechanics of a relationship..
    I also know how easy it is to lose a woman..
    Even after living in the same house for over 12 years..
    Even after 4 children together..

    Obviously this hits a sore spot for you.. I take it your gf has had this conversation with you before..

    It may be time to take a break from your games and computers....
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    When it's time to *real life things*, be go out with the gf's, a party, do the day by day chores of real life in a house with a partner, etc, etc...it's extremly common to hear the gf say "I need you to go do this.." and the answer is allways the same..."sorry got 2 go, brb"...and we do joke about it even.."ohh, you should really go before she start's kicking you in the ears" hehe

    So here is the thing...read this paragraph a few times... And after you are done, realize that your girlfriend having to tell you and all your friends that they need them to go do this or that.. yes you say sorry got 2 go brb.. and yes you go do the thing you were asked to do.. but, have you ever thought that the other person doesn't want to have to go thru life telling you to get off the game and go do this or that.. what they probably want from you is for you to just do the things that they need done because you care more about them than your gaming system.. this is exactly the reason people don't like being in a relationship with a gamer... you proved their point by creating a scape goat.. probably another valid reason people don't like relationships with gamers...
  • You know, every woman I've talked to over the last few years has asked me if I play video games.. it's usually one of the first 10 questions...

    There must be a reason that they have decided that the question must be asked first thing up front..

  • I've went as far as to sleep on the streets, sharing a blanket with a heroin addict..
  • I'm not new.. been around since '05..

    The one and only