Lovingly Confused, Libra/Scorp Cusp Sun, Merc, Mars, Cancer Moon, Sag Venus
Lovingly Confused, Libra/ScorpCusp Sun, Merc, Mars, Cancer Moon, Sag Venus

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oh libra libra
constantly teaching him...ever thought maybe he s not interested in your teachings? doesn't want to be influenced by your outlook? why don t you learn how to accept difference? accept that things aren't always as YOU want them to be.

Yes you have a point I should just be single.
Posted by pinkbird03
I started dating an Aquarius!

Besides the birthday issue, do you have any other issues with him?

I just want him to be more direct and make a decision. He had Libra moon but he is way worst than me on this end! He is a sweet heart and I think I love him but then I have to ask myself do I really love him if constantly teaching him is messing with me so much?

2 days
I test my Aqua too much and I know there is this voice inside that tells me to stop your doing it, but it is very hard to stop. I know the results are going to be disappointing because he can be clueless but I do it anyway.

For example my birthday is Saturday and about 2 weeks ago he mentioned taking me to a show in New York but I have already taken so many days off work that I couldnt. Tonight is the only night he can do something to celebrate my birthday because I can't very well have him over on Saturday because he hasn't met my son yet. I am expecting him to do something but i just have this feeling that he won't.

A bit of background he doesn't have a lot of experience with birthdays because he uses to be Jehovah's Witness he has celebrated his son's birthday and ex's birthday in the past but I just feel like he is going to over look my birthday completely.

How can I stop testing him but also get across what I want with out sounding like I'm saying "hey there you worship me please."
Sag will ruin your trust in the end don't do it.
It could be anxiety I find that I have little burst of savage anger and I always have to sit back and asked myself where it's coming from and usually it's because I'm anxious.
It is like an unspoken weight on our shoulders to be honest. We are like fae creatures. I have seen some Libras just be OK with it and take and take and take but most of us will pay people back because we are not sure we can do the same thing for them later although we might want to if we miss a chance we will feel bad because that person did something for us .
Yes I have always said this but then again it might be better just to have a larger house and to have a place to get away in that house
Omg s is my favorite show right now!! Is so funny!
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Uggghhh... I hate you!
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Lol it depends on what kind of question you were trying to ask to be honest because we go back-and-forth on her head about how you should answer it
Let's say there was a national (non fatally) kick Someone Day. Who you kickin?

Sooo guilty of this it's or job to play decils advocate to see where you stand to see what your motives are then when we have gotten the measure of you we make decision on how involved we want to be.
I'm sorry for your loss love. when we don't expect someone to die there's always this feeling of "How did this happen this can't be real, this is not the order of things."
Happy birthday to everyone who had birthdays during the blackout ! I hope it was amazing !
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Really?! Taurus men or women or both?

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Men if they are in certain or just don't want to fool with drama or situations that seem too complicated same with Taurus moon. They have to want you really bad to even bat an eye
I would like to be a house wife who runs a business from home.