Lovingly Confused, Libra/Scorp Cusp Sun, Merc, Mars, Cancer Moon, Sag Venus
Lovingly Confused, Libra/ScorpCusp Sun, Merc, Mars, Cancer Moon, Sag Venus

lol I causally mentioned the word the other day in reference to "look at that love puddle we made." And my Aqua was like what he was so startled lol I quickly changed the subject. Because I like him a lot and although we are building on it I can't see myself saying that for a while.

So how do you normally react when someone says "I love you" ?
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Yeah I didn't think so I'm trying to figure out what this guys deal is. I have lots of Libra placements but I wondered if it was different with the moon in some way.

I have a Libra Moon, my Fiancé has a Cancer moon... he's way more clingy than I am.

Can you tell me about a libra/cancer moon relationship? I'm starting one now and I feel like I could love him all my life lmao
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So far the only negative is we might be feeling different things at different times like one might want to go out when the other want to stay in. Or him approaching everything from a realistic or practical way and me from more of an emotional but my sun is techniquely Libra so I have some attributes that balance it out. What is their sun sign?

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i have libra moon in 8th house & i dont think i am clingy at all. i require a deep deep emotional connection but for the most part, really need space & freedom.

however, i will accomodate my partner. i will overlook certain negative qualities if everything else is going great. i will always try & keep a peaceful, pleasant vibe.

i do require equality, though. you will not get away w/ treating me like some 50s housewife, unless you are seriously attentive & perfect in every way. if that is the case then i will eat outta your hand.

I think my boyfriend over looks things too
If we are talking down to the nitty gritty then I am of African American, Native American and white European decent. But it is just easier to say black as that is how I look and how my parents look.i have dated lots of different people. I am mostly attracted to the different perspective someone gives not their race. Teach me something (Sag Venus).
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of course, i do it all the time.... cuz im a scorpio. i always find the info i am looking for 😈

lol love scorpios!

my bf admits to checking my last seen on apps every single day...

don't your eyes get tired? he says he does it 6-7 times a day.

why do u think he does that? i asked him but just got a smile.
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I think part of it is curiosity and part of it is a way to find more about you to learn more about who you are and how you react in the things that you love in the things you don't like. If I'm interested enough in a person to stock them or to dive deeper than that it's because I can't stop thinking about them.
I am a pro. I have so many tricks I hate it though. Never use what I have found against anyone but I like studying people.
How do you process dirty talk lol? Do you respond awkwardly? Does it make you in comfortable? Does it turn you on but you aren't sure what to say?
Yes my birthday is October 21st are usually have a connection with Cancer but they are usually more interested in me than I them. They just feel very familiar but I also have Cancer moon.
Update: OK so I called him yesterday and we talked for like two hours on the phone. He said he was giving me space cause he thought I was really mad, but I wasn't really mad mad. I was annoyed that he accused me of accusing him of cheating and I explained that I went ahead and brought up the secretiveness because I have been talking about it with some of my friends earlier in the week and when he said that it set me off. He said that he wasnt angry at all he was a little annoyed but looking back at his text messages they seem more angry than he was. We agreed not to have major relationship conversations over text anymore.

His big thing was that he is frustrated because he feels like he's explained his personality and million times and he feels like his personality is a handicap and that nobody accepts it. I said I don't think it's a handicap at all and it's not very smart to just say that your personality is a handicap because it's not nor was it ever meant to be a handicap. I asked him if there are certain things that he just wanted to do but felt like he couldn't because it was out of his comfort zone and he said yes. So I said OK then that just means you just have to work on it.

I told him that it is early in our relationship I'm sure there are plenty of things that he's going to want me to work on and he should feel free to come to me and say hey can you work on this it bugs the butter out of me.

And he kept saying well if you feel like you can't handle my personality maybe I'm not for you so I got annoyed with him and said why do you keep saying that? And he said because I feel like I have explained it and I said that's a butterty thing to say and if you don't want to be with me you need to let me know. He said that's not what I said. So I said well you keep bringing that up so you need to decide if you want to be with me stop trying to decide if you're good for me only I can decide if you are good for me. You need to decide if I am good for you. I said if I don't like your personality or you I wouldn't be with you.

It was good to talk he was able to point out some things that I do that he would like me to work as well and then we just did our normal jumping from subject to subject but it feels like we're getting somewhere now. I see now that he was mostly offended because he thought that I wasn't accepting his personality and I get that he is always had an issue with how introverted he is and doesn't always know what people want to know about him and that's where I just need to ask more questions. But he also has new perspective on his actions as well.
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What kind of fight?

So this is the fifth time we were having a conversation and specifically talking about something and he made it seem like he was responding to someone else's text message but I wasn't accusing him of cheating I just said did you mean to send that to someone else? So he starts going off saying "I'm getting tired of you assuming that I'm talking to someone else you are too suspicious for me I understand why you would be because of your past but I'm not a cheater nor have I ever been and I would tell you if I did."

I feel like there are major parts about him that I still don't know and that is a little strange to me since I met his son earlier this week which I see as a big step but I have to wonder if he really thinks that is a big step because he doesn't know tons about relationships. He is agood father so I feel like from that perspective he would be careful with that. I told him I feel like I am more open about my life with him then he is with me. He has met or at least heard about most of my friends and my parents I have never met any of his. He told me he didn't have any friends at first and then a couple of how was your days later oh I hung out with my friend and we did this.

So I told him that I don't think you are a cheater but you're very secretive person not just about friends but it does make me a bit easy since were talking about this. When we first got together he claims not to have friends because he isolated him self the past 2 years, was isolated in his last relationship, and throughout his childhood because of his religion his parents wouldn't let him be friends with people who weren't in that religion.

I have no desire to isolate him I want him to make friends with people because he has a bit of social anxiety, but I find it odd that we have been seeing each other for four months and I haven't met anyone is his life except his son but he has these random friends laying around that he never really goes into detail about. Now he is saying he might have been secretive on accident. This was after he said I had no solid proof that he was secretive so I gave it to him because he said he wanted examples.

The last conversation we were talking about what we were going to do the work on that but he still seemed annoyed. The last thing he said was him saying his son fell asleep for a nap so we weren't going to be able to go to pizza that night because were supposed to go get pizza and I said I understand and haven't heard from him since. It has only been a day but I'm not sure if I should reach out or not.

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it makes a difference but not a dealbreaker. just lets me know what kind of expectations to have of them

What kind of expectations do you assume?
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Naw I honestly don't care. I care more about the number of relationships and how they ended. If a person is single tho you can't judge em for being free.

Venus in scorpio

And as far as age group number for my age group?? Alot of ppl where im from started having sex at 11 and 10 years old so its best NOT to ask a number

I agree I care more about the relationship and how it ended. I'm curious because when I was single the past 2 years, I found that guys didn't really want to know this number. But I was arguing with my boyfriend yesterday and he brought up that he doesn't know a lot about my sexual history and how I know all about he's very short sexual history. He is 31 and has only been with two people and I am the second one.
I felt bad because first of all he never asked and I guess I just assumed he didn't want to know but I can't help but wonder if knowing my number will make him feel insecure. It's not like it is humongous, but compared to his two people it's pretty big
Why or why not? How many Sex partners do you think is too many for your age group? What is your Venus sign?
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I got started when a friend of mine convinced me to spend $ 500.

One thing I learned, that people will spend money on the dumbest butter. Investin garbage.

What do you mean by garbage? You mean that it's worth investing in stocks because people invest their money in dumb stuff might as well get a return on something? Or do you mean writhing the stock works people invest on dumb things?
If so how did you get started and what are some things you wish people would have told you before you started investing?
Different is super awkward but he smolders maybe that is his Scorpio rising. He was in disbelief when I told him that he smolders I'm pretty sure he blushed. Then again I am not his second serious relationship so far.
Did you know vocal patterns in men can be tied to fertility too? Men with higher picked voices have more active swimmers.
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Lol venus in sag + moon in gemini together is undatable period. So selfish, it's like they don't have a soul. Never met a venus in sag that could stay in a relationship for longer than two months.

I have always had long term relationships.hut I guess all of my progressive placements have all been Scorpio since almost day one though