The problem with just letting it happen is, when getting to know somebody to see if you have a connection, the question almost always comes up. Idk I guess they can tell that there's not many miles on this car. The last one, I did as some of you have suggested and I didn't say anything about the fact. And it most certainly came up because he was actually trying to get to know me and possibly build a relationship (but in the end he was playing with my feelings). So I told him the truth. In the future, even though there was major sexual tension and chemistry he was steadily trying to "take things slow" but I was ready. And like some of you have stated before, I got to try not to look desperate so I didn't disagree to his let's take things slow notion. But the slowness was most likely due to the fact that he knew I was a virgin even though before he knew, he was full steam ahead when he didn't know.

IDK I'm going to go with the just let it happen thing again. If the question pops up like it did times before, I'll just Improv lol.
First of all, it's not what you think it is. I'm a 25 year old virgin female. After thinking for about 12 years of my life, I feel like I'm finally ready to lose my virginity. The thing is when searching for men to lose my virginity to, I felt the best approach was to be open and honest that I am a virgin and that I'm ready to take a possible relationship to a physical level if the connection is there.

But when I tell the guys this it's like they don't want to take my virginity. They don't want to be my first. I feel that they feel unworthy and that they think they're going to have to coach me and teach me through everything.

So now I'm thinking that I need a story so that when me and a possible candidate do have sex, that they'll be alert enough to be cautious and treat the sex unlike the regular basic bxtch sex they have all the time, but not treat me like a fragile little baby that don't know what I'm getting myself into.

I was thinking of telling the guys that yes, I've had sex before with one guy. But I don't want to make this hypothetical guy seem like the best thing I never had. Yet also I don't want to make it seem like I didn't rack up enough experience points from him.

Saying that I've only had sex with 2 guys is suspicious af. And saying I've had sex with 3 guys is getting into basic bxtch sex territory.

What do you guys think? Should I still be honest? I've told four guys this and they all react the same, and I'm honestly not thinking of having this guy for a relationship. I've come to terms with the fact that my first time... it's probably not going to be special and magical, which is sad. I pretty much just want to experience the experience.

If you understand the struggle I'm going through, what's a good story I can tell a guy when speaking about my hypothetical sexual history?

I'm also open to new suggestions.
It's hard for people to get to know us because we don't even know us. Like I'm so into this astrology stuff . I know almost everything about every zodiac sign. When someone tells me that they're dating a Gemini I just say I'm going to pray for you. There is no help that I can give them. And people don't think I'm emotionless they just think I'm happy all the time. They think that's the only emotion I feel. I won't show people otherwise because that'll be like them being close to me and I'm not close to anyone LOL
Yes girl I was at this one point in my time where I was so detached I started questioning whether something was wrong with me. And then I actually tried to make myself feel feelings.

But anyways those guys who say they don't want nothing serious... yeah screw them. Just because he had told you ahead of time don't make it right. What you should do is detach yourself and treat him exactly like what he is apparently only useful for. IF it ain't about sex then screw him. Cut off the cuddling, cut off the intimacy, and just find a way to enjoy simple, baseless sex. When it's done, get up and go home and go to sleep soundly. If he text you and it ain't about sex, don't text him back or one word his ass. Don't do this to get him to care. Do it because you enjoy it. Then he'll start complaining why "good guys" get treated like crap LOL I'm done. Rant over.
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Lol. Didn't I say he JUST confessed? As in just (which means recently). In my case 15 minutes ago. I was just lamenting can I lament? Damn dxp has changed in the last year. Y'all some savages. Where my girl fyza Gemini at?

Be consistent with your story.

You had your chance which you missed. You clearly don't like him. What's there to discuss?
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Uhhhhh..... you clearly have some underlying issues soooooo yep. Have a nice day Sir/ Madam
Lol. Didn't I say he JUST confessed? As in just (which means recently). In my case 15 minutes ago. I was just lamenting can I lament? Damn dxp has changed in the last year. Y'all some savages. Where my girl fyza Gemini at?
I am also a Gemini Sun, Sagittarius moon, and Leo Rising. I'm a Gemini Venus to boot, but I am female. I thought hard on this one. I thought why would I do something like this?The only thing that I came up with is that his logic finally caught up with his fantasy. You are his fantasy. You can't be real. If you are real, something eventually is going to destroy this fantasy. I know it sounds like torture. But if things are all the way up, can they stay all the way up forever? If he's thinking like me then that's probably a no. Remember he got that Sagittarius moon which is the most idealistic and philosophical. He can't have you the way that he wants to have you in the real world. So if you can't have you the way he wants you, might as well not have you at all... before it gets too deep. To the point of no return. IDK I'm just spewing out my thoughts in a voice to text.
You are absolutely correct he wants to wife you. Moving to a place where nobody can interrupt you guys, that's definitely him saying that he wants to wife you. However, he's trying not to because he fears that everything will go wrong. You're right he's trying to cut off his feelings for you.
He's a Sagittarius at heart and usually when they make up their mind to cut somebody off they do it. Which brings me to say, sadly (not trying to be a pessimis, but I don't know if there's any way that you can fix it. Maybe if you push away from him completely and act like he was just the thing before he gets the chance to do it to you (because sagittarians are the Chasers)?
Childish to say, but if a guy that I cared about did that to me I'd be like damn baby what did I do? Lolol
it wouldnt be if i had accepted him years ago lol
My Virgo best friend (of 10 years) just gave me the most heartfelt confession, without even saying that it's us he was talking about. It brought tears to my eyes.

It's no secret that he is in love with me, but he continues to keep in contact once a month. It's no secret that I put him in the friend zone. He is 26, I'm 25. He has a family. A son who is 6, and one on the way with his 2nd wife. I have none of the sort.

Sometimes I wish..... I just wish I could have fallen in love with him. I really do. Really, really.

But I'm still stuck on this Sagittarius. This stupid treetr*nkn Sagittarius.

Life would have been so much easier if I could have loved him, my Virgo best friend. Not just for me, but for him. He deserves a easy life. If anyone deserves it.... him.

Just sharing our pain.
Omg I can't believe I'm gonna be 24 June 14... and I look 17!!! 😂😂😂
Oh yes all the gems i know including myself,were kinda extreme. There is no gray area. Thats why with my response i feel hes tyring to back away completely, or make it forever :3. I feel like as long as you're not closeminded to the things he values most you should be alright. Differences are alright but there has to be some reasonable doubt if you disagree on something he values lol. Isn't that funny? There's no gray areas with us yet there are. You're learning new things about him because probably he doesn't know everything about him. Shoot, I don't know everything about me and I think I know myself pretty well LOL I surprise my own darned self. Like we're genuinely just as surprised as you. It's like a iguana not knowing that they can change colors and then looking in the mirror and seeing themselves change colors
I don't know anyone who wouldn't like the fact that they can share similarities with the person theyre with. But we also like a person who knows that being completely similar is not logical either LOL We get a little crazy sometimes we need somebody to bring us back down to our reasoning (unless we have alot of Pisces in our chart)
Now since youve told me that bit about the ex, i can 100% say hes questioning you to make sure you're not like his ex. He's questioning you either because he saw a red flag, or, like I said, he's trying to pursue further. Depends on what's been going on in your relationship. If for the past couple of months you've only see progression then you shouldn't have nothing to worry about. but if you see shortcomings frequently arguing all the time IDK
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It can turn into an argument be careful
We got into one argument that started as a friendly debate. Afterwards he looked me dead in my eye (in ththe dark but TV was on) as said "you can't disagree with me. It's a sign of trust".

From that moment on I've posed my disagreements as "yes I agree with you but what about from xyz perspective?". It goes over well when I present it like that because all he wants to know its that I feel he's right and I'm in full agreement. He's a prince more time than not.

Or what I will do is say I'm going to play devils advocate for which he can spank me later. He'll give me the deer in headlights look every time. lol like "did she just say that as I'm trying to impart my knowledge on her so she can experience the height of intelligence?" 😂
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That's because we're mostly right all the time 😂😂😂
Honestly, I'm a female Gemini. I only do this with people who I like, who I'm (desperately) trying to find some common ground with. It could be he's considering you to be his wifey so he's trying to make sure the differences aren't too different, if there's enough similarities to outweigh the differences. OR it could be he's trying to look for a reason not to end it with you. You cant change the way you think, but even if there are differences make sure you keep a open mind (as he does). Don't be stubborn in thinking your opinion will never change. Because he's most likely not going to be the one to stick around and attempt to help you see the light.
That's because it's a bald-faced lie. Even me with my Sagittarius moon, Sagittarius is like the kings and queens of moving on and it took me six years to move on from my ex. That was only because he got in contact with me and he told me how crappy his life turned out to be after I gave him some relationship advice 6 years prior. But I am going through the second part currently. I have a question on here where basically I have to let this guy go. I didn't want to because we were compatible on so many levels but he wasn't good for me. And with a Gemini woman they just know when to vet thw hell outta dodge, especially if it's a self loving a Gemini woman. I miss him and I want to see him but I know he's not good for me so I had to cut them out completely in order to avoid knowing about who he's talking to.
I have to go with the similar. I could talk about things for hours and hours. People think the opposite like if you don't have anything in common then that gives you more things to talk about... but I find that to be untrue.
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it means friends for now.. until you become that girl in his eyes but i wouldn't wait for no bullbutter like that.. i don't do that friends butter which is why i have zero girl "friends".Like how many more friends do we really need?

I'm on my ultimatum tip right now. I was trying to give him a chance by asking you guys but... damn 😂 So sad to have to cut him off because I liked him the most. Smh. So much potential.
Dont fall into the "potential" trap.

That could be your mind rationalizing red flags
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Trust and believe he tried the wrong Gemini on that bs.
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Maybe OP was the one person for that Sag. We never know.
I rather fail then not to give it a go at all.
Girl, I couldn't do it. See we have been messaging through Facebook Messenger because his phone broke like legit broke. So in regards to the plans, I suggested Saturday. he messaged back, and I quote, "Done Saturday". I didn't know if that meant yes or no so I basically messaged him back "is that a yes or no. and if so what time?" he read the message and everything, didn't reply back. went on Facebook and posted all these status, commenting on all these pictures, like all these pictures. but still didn't message me back so I gave him till around 7 a.m. the next day which was actually the saturday. (when he usually messages people back yes i noticed his patterns). he didn't so I just told him "look you play too many games. nobody is that busy" because that was his whole thing is that he was always 'busy' Nobody who works a regular nine-to-five, and doesn't go to school, and doesn't have kids isn't that busy. so yeah I was like "it was a great experience Mr.FriendsForNow
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With them? Yes, FWB first, then will upgrade the status on a later part.

You're a Gemini, aren't you? If it was me, I'll stick around. Imo, they are my mirror image and the only sign that could understand me for who I am.

It is still, your call.

Ayeeeee my girl FyzaGememiee wassup? Lolol. Girl I can't do it. You know how Sagittarius don't like wasting time. That's my moon sign.
We supposed to be seeing civil war tomorrow. He been acting real flakey lately. A first. If something don't pop off its sayonara. Arigatou gosaimasu. Lolol he won't go away easy that's why I been so hesitant because I tried to get rid of him before but I realize the basic erasing him didn't work because he persisted through that. so I'm going to have to completely cleanse my life of him LOL
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it means friends for now.. until you become that girl in his eyes but i wouldn't wait for no bullbutter like that.. i don't do that friends butter which is why i have zero girl "friends".Like how many more friends do we really need?

I'm on my ultimatum tip right now. I was trying to give him a chance by asking you guys but... damn 😂 So sad to have to cut him off because I liked him the most. Smh. So much potential.
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When I tell them I just want to be friend with them, they don't believe me.

They trying so hard to find a "meaning" or something behind my words, when I'm really want and see them as friend nothing more

In the end they call me motherfker cuz they think I was playing or something...when I really tell them the truth

To your knowlege, do you send mixed signals like my friend?