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I've had rships with age gaps of a decade or more. I think you would have to be delusional to commit to someone with such a large gap... People say age is just a number. It isn't, it can cause issues and differences which prove to be unresolvable in some cases

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Plausible scenarios for men aren't many:

1) you're toyboy material;
2) you actually like no drama;
3) you made a terrible mistake.

4. love

lol my SO is five years older than me.

Not but that's ok - 5 years won't make much of a difference. I was referring more to scenarios in which he's 35 and good-looking and goes for someone who's 50+. Those are the cases in which I remain puzzled and think "what the hell is he doing?".

Anyway I approve of moderate age disparity if it's just an affair - those can be hot. In the long run though, if finding someone with whom to spend the of your life is the goal, I believe it's always best to reduce that gap.

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Not to be a cookiemonster, but I just laugh and shake my head at every girl that wants to become the girlfriend after being the treetrunk buddy.

95% of women are not built to be FWB because of the inability to completely cut emotions out from sex. Most end up catching feelings and wanting to be more eventually.

If you want a healthy relationship with a quality man, then tinder and sleeping with them is not the way to go about it. Tinder is not quality material. Most just want to do a smash and dash. Until you learn that it is a privilege for someone to date you, and value yourself as such, you will continue to date down instead of dating up. Until then, you will always be one of the "pack" or "harem" of regular cookiemonsteres, instead of the elusive unicorn.

This lady is copped on
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Be mine

Your Scorp moon and all my Scorp planets are meant to be

I will totally be yours! It would be magical.. literally haha

Don't forget dat Scorp Asc & Pluto. 8th House Sun, Venus, Jupiter & Chiron.
Match made in heaven baby!!
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I am sold sister


Be mine

Your Scorp moon and all my Scorp planets are meant to be

So sad she felt the need to do this to herself when she was beautiful before

There is something about loving your body the way it is, unless of course your health is at stake
Gorgeous Taurus Christina ~ 40+

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Marry me.

@UnderFire Awwww , i am still married to someone else (living apart) does elopement sound? Greece or Spain?

What is your sign?

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OP got herself in a pickle. She has a FWB situation going on with an Aqua, caught feelings, and now is expecting something more when the signs are as clear as day.

Aquarius males are the hardest to pin down, next to Virgo males. They are not like Pisces or Cancers. They will not grow into attachment like other men born under feminine signs.

The worst thing you can do is have sex with him and expect anything else. This does NOT work with an Aquarius man! Believe it or not, when it comes to dating they can be the most sexist and traditional of all the signs. More so than Leos, Libras, and Aries.

They are ruled by logic and he only sees in you a woman who gave it up too easily, with no standards (relationship/commitment) and is now beginning to show psychotic behavior (showing up at 3am in the morning).

It's clear he's dating other women and most likely sleeping around. And quite frankly is more than welcome to because he is NOT your partner. You can't be mad at him for putting yourself in this situation.

You asked for a sex buddy and that's exactly what you got and WILL get. Because while you're over here sleeping around with him and lowering your standards, he's out there looking for a woman who isn't.

So true

The two I were with hated women that slept around. Both very moralistic and old fashioned in some ways
I have American women come into the gallery.....they seem to be very strong and some of them have said to me 'oh you are so sweet'


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I remember watching a jewelry channel and had this woman that kept saying.
"That price is so notty"
I made sure to watch her everyday from that point on.
Pretty certain she was english

You have a lovely rap voice

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I can place British and Irish accents.

Mee too