Capricorn ❤️ Love May 2020 ❤️

By AuthenticSelfTarotMay 16, 2020 1:13pm — 1 replies
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hi everyone i would really need some advice about a cap man we met online in december 19 he is a lawyer and very busy he was very affectionate during the messaging period we met about 2 weeks later as we live in different cities and he invited me t
I texted him, we talked for a bit, now I'll take it slow from here.
still posting in the capricorn forum coz thats where all my posts have been hello everyone its me again today im happier than ive been in days i had a feeling from the bottom of my heart that i should text my boyfriend itd been so many days and
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suppose they told you theyre only friends with a girl but then you flipped on something that couldve meant nothing and questioned them again then apologized then questioned again and now they wouldnt talk to you and now you actually trust them and
I don't know what to do anymore. Capricorn boyfriend.
one of you here says hes sagittarius but hes definitely capricorn dominant in many aspects of his life including our relationship my boyfriend who ive been writing about for a while here just stopped replying to my texts yesterday 3 days ago i told h
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my cap guy broke my heart and started a business with another woman i knew nothing about i have an idea on how i should handle the situation i just want someones perspective as it pertains to healing and moving forward from this individual i was patient
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hey all if this reading resonates with you capricorn youve gone through huge growth lately change is not a capricorns forte so you struggle letting go of toxic people in your life youre finally going to see another side of someone you used to care ab
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so its my first time dealing with a capricorn man and i wanna know what they are like so heres my story hes living in another country we met online and started to chat like 24 7 a day for like 10 days we immediately connected from the very begi
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ok not sure if this specifically relates to capricorn but since im in a relationship with one id like opinions guys and girls both - guys who have had relationships with caps and actual female caps i think its odd that she wont let me enter her