why does this feel

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Signs you think are easy to get along with?
personally ive always found pisces leos aries and scorpios to be easy folk to get along considering two of em match my best friends
Magi Astrology Is The Best System For Love
hi everybody i am an astrologer member and student of magi society i am synastry expert based in magi astrology magy astrology is a the most scientific astrological method because only use the principles that can prove based on studies and statistic
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do our charts look compatible mines sun cancer moon gemini mercury cancer venus leo mars cancer jupiter cancer saturn gemini uranus aquarius neptune aquarius pluto sagittarius his chart sun libra moon virgo mercury scorpio
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okay i am not dating this guy but i do want to we have recently sort of become friends but right now we are not in meeting each other phase its more like sending texts here and there phase how to talk more flirt more and get to know each oth
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out of curiosity for all the birth chart compatibility specialists out there thank you in advance my chart https i imgur com 9lk10lp d jpg maxwidth 640 amp shape thumb amp fidelity medium his chart https i imgur com 8xx2ayb jpg
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so i was talking to my bff this summer i forget exactly what brought this up but she has never looked a man in the eyes when shes had sex she thought it was weird sounding lolol i was floored like what i love to connect that way but im very c
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so i have a crush on this capricorn guy at my workplace he has shifted his job now he kind of knows that i am interested in him as i found out his name searched him on social media and added him there the first time i texted him he left the convers
Masculine signs and Feminine signs destined for failure?
https www thetalko com 15-horoscope-combos-that-will-end-in-disaster the article lists signs destined to fail and it appears to be nothing but the masculine signs with the feminine which long time astrology buffs have already known do not work well
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hey i m new to this forum but i was hoping y all could give me some advice i ve been dating a gemini male for about 3 years now i have gotten better with understanding him but lately it s crazy it s like he will be annoyed with me for listening to som
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hello im a 50 year old taurus about a year and a half out of a 26yr marriage so i really havent dated since i was about 22 ive been working with a 46 year old pisces and have for several months had this feeling she had some interest our desk are ne