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All the Fixed signs and a Capricorn decide to live together...
who has the biggest control in the house at the end consider they dont kill each other yet taurus leo scorpio aquarius or the caprcorn
Mars in Aries Man with Mars in Capricorn Woman.
can this work i am already aware just how bad aries amp capricorn arw together but what about these two as mars signs good or bad
Planets and Houses Check!
for all here who know each sign their planets are in their charts along with astrological houses in their chart - do the signs where you have moon venus and jupiter usually add to your energy and make you feel more positive on average than anything -
What sign are YOU and what TWO SIGNS have fought over u before or were jealous because both liked u?
and if you picked one of them which sign won lets see if these signs fighting each other usually go at each other no matter what and if theyre signs your sign usually attracts
Generational Transits - Where are you?
generational transits generational transits are those major transits from jupiter to saturn that everybody has at the same age these are planet transits making aspects to their own natal position their similar influence from person to person is amazing
Video Discussion
state your sun moon what do you think about the following videos the meaning behind them based on your own interpretation https youtu be dqrzdebpigs https youtu be wh8dt09qchi
Name the sign that took your V-card!
https www youtube com watch v bcm-l62febk no need to get explicit just name the sign and if you wish specify the gender alright ill go first scorpio male
Mars & Venus Personality Combinations
this website has one of the best mars and venus combo descriptions i ve found look yours up and post it if you can relate my description and comments below site https www goodgollyastrology com your-mars-and-venus-playbook mars-in-libra your-marsv
Are Venus in aqua & Venus in Aries compatible?
typically air amp fire signs are suppose to go together but i ve found it that air sign venus are way to detached for me i have an aqua moon but i always tend to lead with my venus in aries energy when dating and that makes me very passionate an impati