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  • We talk about an aqua who have almost just guy friends... She likes me... I like her too a lot, but I dont feel confortable to know that she always hang out with guys and she had a past in wich she usually get high or drunk... I try my best not to be jeal
  • hello all..wished to ask a question for you cool people :) M a leo female..I have an aqua guy friend..our bond was strengthened during last year..but previous some months had been tough for my friend as his father died suffering from a long disease..i di
  • So I need some insight. Basically I met this guy and we have been friends for a while now. about a year ago I became like obsessed with him but I was too scared to ever say anything to him. I always knew he had the hots for me he would even tell other peo
  • Question to the Aquas, what have your experiences with Leos been like? Good? Bad? Indifferent? Technically Leo and Aqua are opposites but they seem so similar to me in that they're both people persons. One is just fire, the other detached air. And that's
  • Ok, here I am in a quite odd relationship with an aqua... She is so strange in love... I mean... The bad thing is that we have spen just a little bit time togheter, we had perfect chemestry and we decided to keep in touch for a possible future relationshi
  • Okay, so over the years my crushes have always been aquarius. Mostly because they pay the least amount of attention to me. Anyway, there HAVE been more than a couple Aquarius men who have been interested in me-- this is the usual pattern. They like me
  • Okay, can someone help me figure this out? Thanks in advance. Sun - 14 ° Aquarius Moon - 09° Libra Ascendant - 15° Pisces Mercury - 26° Capricorn Venus - 06° Pisces Mars - 03° Gemini Jupiter -07° Leo Saturn - 29° Capricorn Uranus
  • So last month,after he kept digging me and I reluctantly confessed I was getting serious about the relationship, he had backed out and said he thought we both knew we were in a casual relationship and that we should end everything and just be friends.He a
  • I met a beautiful aquarius man at the store who helped me and my mom with a jump when her battery went out. I was dumbfounded by his caring nature his patience and the kindness he showed towards me and my mother. He was very patient and kind. Sweet, sweet
  • Yours is a sign I know very little about. Maybe you guys are just extraordinarily friendly. My friend and I casually dated for a couple months, but things didn't progress and he started seeing someone else, then we stopped talking for awhile (all this too
  • I asked the other day about how an aqua likes to console their partner. How would you like being approached of you were sad/upset/frustrated? Do you want immediate attention? To be left alone, until you're ready? To just vent and then forget it?
  • Hello, everyone. I have been doing a martial art with a younger Aquarius guy with the moon in Scorpio. In the beginning, he just used to stare at me - he is very shy and hardly ever says anything to anyone. When I used to try to make casual conversati
  • What annoys you fellow Aquarians? I'm curious because I don't know many people who share my sign. Here's some general things that irk me. For one thing I'm not too strict about a lot of things. The only thing I'd say I'm super strict about is my priva
  • For the past two years I've seen my best aquarius friend give more than he should to work. Everyone of of his friends are concerned for his well being. Lately he's lost that cheerful aura about him, that trademark aquarius mischievous eyes and smile. I'm
  • Well, I like to know more about the ways that you see friends and the importance you give to them... I mean air signs in general are social butterflyes and I see with my eyes that they tend to know everyone, but not everyone is a "friend" in the meaning t
  • I thought I was in the wrong place to discuss this thought, but now I think I am in the perfect place to do so. I have some mental truth teasers for anyone who'll partake: 1. Are you in control of your own thoughts? 2. Are you in control of your own a
  • im a libra girl and for the past year ive been seeing an aqua guy but its currently long distant texting as we both moved for uni to different countries im used to his typical disappearing acts for days to weeks at a time, but for some reason i thought