smothering ARIES!!

Are all Aries men needy.. I am dating a new Aries guy and he seems sooooo needy and clingy. I have to call him all th
Are all Aries men needy..

I am dating a new Aries guy and he seems sooooo needy and clingy. I have to call him all the time and its always the same ?I miss you!! I need you doesn't sounds like you missed me? Like guy what's with you.

Are a lot of Aries men so needy and how can I tell him to stop smothering me without hurting his feelings. On my days off I have to spend it with him or gets upset like a child. Then when I leave his place he is on my cell phone telling me how he misses me.
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Not sure whether hez actually needy. Perhaps hez merely trying to establish/ensure if U actually need him or not just before planning ahead, if ever so slightly.

Clingy ? ....Approval from U would be a definite plus or rather a necessity for him and guess thatz why hez making those initial emotional splashes. That may be his idea of intense romance and any reciprocal gesture from Ur side would cement his belief in that( in his view ).

From my experience as Aries, the whole relationship/romance thing seems to be quite a puzzle which has to be passionately solved before any other thing in the world and it has to be done within record time. Once assured that the other person is firmly saddled on the same steed, Aries would be more normal, relaxed and focussed on other urgent issues calling for his attention.
That makes sense but I was always told that you shouldn't tell an Aries how you feel as if they will run away scared. Don't get me wrong I do feed into my Aries emotional needs as I am a Pisces and that's what we do. But a few times he has said ?I love you? ? I think you might be the one? and I have only know him for maybe a month. Its a little freaky to be honest.
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"Dialogues: Man: Sometimes competition exhausts me and sometimes the tho
Hmmm...Yea itz too early for him to start speaking on those lines. Keep him engaged and amused if U like and at the same time U can also figure out if this would be good for U.
He will anywayz learn his lessons in his own time and his own way.
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Aries aren't needy at all! What happens is once we know we want you, there just isn't anyone else. Period. You are our focus and the one we want to please. If you think we're needy or clingy, we'll bolt and find someone who really wants the attention and adoration we give.
Thanks Atom,

I like the attention I am just afraid to feed into it as I am afraid once I do start my Aries will run away?.am I wrong?

This guy I am talking about has told his friends about me even his mother knows about me..that was really flattering..
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at first i was going to ask you heidi if you were dating the aries guy i got rid of over a month ago...that was his MO the 9 months we were together, i grew to despise him truly because of his constant need for reassurance. i couldn't even get my nails done without him being "hurt" that i didn't want to spend the time with him. he was "hurt" about everything that didn't have to do with him being the best, greatest, most wanted/needed and desired guy in the world...oh and also smartest...couldn't even talk about anything that wasn't "intellectual" and if I ever ever ever disagreed with him about anything he would argue for hours how right he was in his opinion until i'd just give up because it got so boring and he'd get so "hurt" i keep using the word hurt because that is what he would inevevitably end up saying he was, somehow everything and everybody all came back to him. Now i'm not assuming every aries is as insecure and needy as this guy is but since i broke up with him over a month ago, i feel soooooooooooooo free, i used to feel so obligated, so guilty, over nothing! Good luck with this guy, i hope he lightens up
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Yeah, we like reassurance. I think everyone does! Doesn't need to be constant.
male from Pacific Northwest
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Aries won't run if you give him just the right amount of attention. Too little=he'll assume you don't like him the way he likes you. Too much=no challenge.

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