Do Gemini's have feelings?

Do gemini's really care if they hurt someone? I mean, they tend to love with their minds and not their hearts, does that mean they don't feel pain? If they find out someone liked them and didn't know it then find out later this someone did like them, are they even flattered by it or does it not mean anything to them?
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You make it sound like we are not human... Lawd....

Yeah we feel pain. We just don't dwell on it, well sometimes we do. yeah i care if i hurt someone and go OUT of my way to try every means possible not to hurt them.
I LOVE flattery.. I used to play games with that and tried making who i wanted, want me, and then the challenge was gone.. and i wouldn't want anything to do with them cuz i had got what i wanted. but that was more immaturity than because i'm a gemini.
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We are actually very sensitive...but the feelings don't run DEEP, like it won't kill us if someone doesn't like us. Its sort of like our thoughts, they change fast and so do our feelings. I haven't really met any EVIL Gems, at least not that i know of. We are usually more happy go lucky types...but we ain't out to hurt your feelings.
that?s an excellent question and one I?ve often asked myself [!]. i'm in full agreement with the previous two gems. we DO have feelings, they are just not too terribly prominent in our daily lives. but we hurt terribly, when denied, rejected, what-have-you, just like everyone else. perhaps we get over heartbreak faster? i dunno. what I have noticed as an older gem [33] in a long-term relationship is that i need to be more aware of other's feelings. i tend to forget that not everyone is as ?detached? as i am. i often hurt other's feelings without even realizing it. so if a gem has hurt you, TELL THEM. and also, of course finding out about people who have crushed on me is flattering! who wouldn't?
female from Wisconsin, USA
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msbeeknees.. very well said. As an 'older' young Gemini (32) I agree, i have been trying harder to be more sensitive to the depth of others feelings. I have always been in tune with it, but not knowing how deep theirs goes, as mine normally doesn't run that deep. I'm talking to this guy.. a fellow Gem too.. which is my FIRST.. but he is sooo attached to me and i can't take it. He is always telling me about his feelings and i finally had to tell him he had to back off or he was gonna have me runnin.. lol so since he has done that and the pressure is not so bad, we are doing pretty good. he is like a best friend.. so i'm having trouble seeing an attachment to him like.. yeah that's my man. but i'm testing the but that is a prime example of how i CARE about others feelings. I didn't cuss him out or tell him to get lost i actually had a nice conversation and said it as gentle as i could..

I also know that when i disappoint someone.. i feel like dying inside. I am fine with making someone mad at me LMAO.. then it's like get over it, i'm not perfect.. but to like, disappoint my dad.. that would make me go mental.
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so in essence, IF we do hurt your feelings, its not on purpose.
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GEMS are carraaazzyy!! but in a good way..cant live with them.. cant live without em ;P
Sorry about that BaBy-GrL, didn't mean for it to sound that way but I can see how it could be taken that way. It wasn't so much a shot at Gemini's as much as it was at the male Gemini I was referring to, not all Gemini's. Now I'm thinking, maybe I should have just posted the question on some kind of board for men. After all, they are from Mars, lol.

Anyway, thanks to all for your replies. You definately answered my question and helped me understand a little better.
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UGH not you AGAIN! No we all don't "decive people and backstab them plus they take advantage of kind people". Please let that go!!! COme hang out with me for a while.. i'll show you a much different picture of Gem's then what you have experienced. NO better yet, don't.. you're way to sensitive to deal with being around me.


Imaleo.. no i get what you were but as you see we have such a bad rep.. i can't help but get defensive sometimes. Just remember we are ALL ABOUT the mind. Heart comes later (and no Kris, that doesn't mean we don't have a heart.. just takes longer to reach it) Hope we helped ya Imaleo Man i love you guys (Leos')..lmao
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Your a Leo Kris?????? hmmmmm I know all about Leo males.. i can sense one in the room.. that suprised me. I hate being suprised! LMAO
HI everyone..As an order Gemini (51) I can confirm that we DO have feelings, its just that they run very deep and are not shown to the outside world. I have got myself into a relationship with a Pisces' man (44) who is driving me NUTS! He is, currently, ignoring me, which is hurting like hell, but I am putting on a brave face and making silly comments on the text like..I miss you at work..DOH!!!...I wish I could get hold of him and tell him how he is hurting me, but its all part of the pisces man's little game...treat them mean to keep them keen. Trouble is, before too long, the desire will turn to hate, then he will know all about it. My heart aches for this man and there is nothing I can do about it, we have, or should I say, did have a sexual relationship and it was absolutely wonderfull, and I miss that part of it. I need advise do I ignore him, chase him or what...any Piscean men out there willing to give advice, please.
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Kris.. never pity me.. lol I don't like those suprises.. :-p
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*dropping a hat*
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We have feelings! I do love, care, and all of that stuff!
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