What careers suite Gemini's?

I need some inspiration on a career path my head is all over the place. I have a diploma in Accounting and Payroll Admin
female from Canada
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I need some inspiration on a career path my head is all over the place. I have a diploma in Accounting and Payroll Administration. I have been working in accounting for a year now and it's not what I had imagined it would be. Now I'm looking into Real Estate or Marketing and Sales. Then I would love to help people like a counceller or something. I don't no!!!

What do you do for a living? Do you love it? Like it? OR Hate it?
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Sales. I am awesome at it. I don't sit in an office all day. I get to set my own schedule, meet a lot of people and convince them they want something I have......LOL! Sales are sales. If you are good at it, you can sell pencils or property - there are many different ways to go. A gemini in accounting......?
58 years old female
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Gemini's just aren't suited for being stuck in room, pushing pencils all day in and out, in and out .. everyday, the same four walls.

Not saying you're not good at accounting .. just saying it goes against the Gem nature of being a social creature .. yet, they are also good with using their brains.

Maybe what you should do with your accounting is take it to an atmosphere where you can do both ... like keeping books for a nightclub, a hotel or a restuarant.

58 years old female
Cancer Moon in 12th house trines Neptune
Real Estate would be a bad move .. a Gem agent would be pretty good, for they can sell anything .. however, the market sucks big time. Interest rates are steadily rising, while the economy is declining .. and the unemployment rate is skyrocketing.

Houses aren't moving ... that would be like shooting yourself in the foot at this time.
"A gemini in accounting......?" LOL aww..

Right now I'm an assistant at an office & do mostly clerical work, but this is temporary and it is definitely not something I want to pursue. It has its perks as it is incredibly flexible.

I am in school currently. Someday, I would like to partner up with someone and open up an art gallery.
female from Canada
Rising is Sagittaruis Sun Gemini Moon Sagittarius Mercury Gemini Venus Gemin
Thanks sales could be good I have never tryed it and yes accounting is pffff. I know this now I love working with # but I hate data entry and thats all it is now a days. The computer does everything for you. I sould have taken Business Management owell I can always go back after my loans are paid off.. LOL

P-angel thanks for the tip about the housing industry I wouldn't have known that cause ever realtor hides the truth, right. Hehe

I was always good in Math and Science I took the math root and it sucks so now I want something different.
I dont think I have ever liked a job I have had wow now that I think of it.... Thats sucks..
I enjoyed life guarding but I was fired for being in the pool too much. LOL
I dont know I need more career ideas open my mind to things I have never heard of.
Thanks everybody you got any more suggestions.....
58 years old female
Cancer Moon in 12th house trines Neptune
Some kind of event planner .. I don't know what their title would be called. But, a person who plans out different kinds of social gatherings sounds like it's right up the Gem's alley.
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The Gems that I know are involved in Real Estate, owning their own automotive shops, teaching, and the arts.

Good luck!
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With sales, you either love it or hate it. Kinda no inbetween. I would think theaching might be fun. That's another type of job where nothing is predictable and every day different.
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theaching = teaching
i'm studying architecture - no idea why ..(i think the whole gemini -crreative story missed me) ..so anyways..i had the BEST TIME EVER working in sports camps this summer. REALLY REALLY LOVED IT!!! just applied for a winter camp - was SOOO EXCITED YESTERDAY just cos i got an interview date for it . literarly i was JUMPING AROUND , CALLING UP EVERYONE, WALKING AROUND STRRETS WITH SUCH A GRIN ON MY FACE !! no a smile--my cheeks still hurt today from laughing so much!!!so yeah..don't know what to do with uni..but deffinitely feel like i've finally found something ...for me!!
Planet Sign House Sun Gemini 12th Moon
That's a great feeling to have - when something feels so right like that. Good for you upss!
31 years old
Stripper lol

you can say that again emeraldgem !! i was soo happy ! ( stronger/better feeling then being on speed and all just my own adrenalin! =) just don't know what to do with uni now..
cos this is not a one area job and there isn't really uni for it..

so yeah , don;t know if it's gems in general but i felt right at home beeing camp counselor, superviser, tourist guide/delegation manager, recreation staff at an english camp..so i would say...organisational things..but mixed with fun! different people, different things every day...

or say...snowboarding!! (got hooked on that 2 years ago)snoooow...freeedom...stars on mountains...heaven

female from Canada
Rising is Sagittaruis Sun Gemini Moon Sagittarius Mercury Gemini Venus Gemin
Snowboarding rocks. I do it every winter.
I thought about architecural work but its toooo much school for me. I probably would have been really good at it. well your never to young or old right: ) Congrats UPSS I hope you land the position.
Stripping lol I actually worked at a strip club as a waitress awsome tips but I'm in a relationship with a cap he wasn't so excited about it. As long as you are comfortable go for it. It was really fun though.....

Keep the ideas flowing people your awsome... : )
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