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  • *DISCLAIMER* This story is pretty long. If you don't feel like reading it all, skip to the last 2 or 3 paragraphs. So this fairytale gone wrong begins with a young Leo boy (16) and a young Virgo girl (17) meeting in high school. He was a super quiet
  • If Leo boyfriend is being unfair and argumentative and it is fair for me to stick up for myself to him and stand my ground, so they like and respect that or no? My leo seems to get so hot headed a lot of the time when I stand up for myself to the point wh
  • So me and this guy have been dating for like a year now before this we were like best friends. Its all good when we meet up, it's fun and we get along for the most part, he'l constantly make fun of me in a friendly teasing way of course and takes care of
  • I like a guy, let call him Sam... because that's his name Hes a libra, we've hung out a little bit, we don't talk unless we find each other at mutual friends gatherings etc. regardless we have had some amazing moments... But I have read that libra can
  • Hello, I'm a perhaps somewhat atypical Libra (Aries rising) who isn't, unlike virtually every profile states, all that good at being social; I can be attentive, kind, interested in what someone's saying, etc, but it's not the most natural thing in the
  • My Leo ex lives next door. We've been broken up for almost 8-9 (or sth) months now. He still comes over to my house since my mom is a very good friend of his mom so she just lets him in. I had absolutely no contact with him for almost 3 months, I wouldn't
  • Hey Leo's. I have a guy friend that's a Leo he is very prideful i notice everytime we talk we don't really engaged in much. He hits me up a lot i don't know if he likes that attention or what. But i think hes very spiteful and we don't really co
  • I am new to this site but... Honestly really at my wits end for answers about this Leo male. I guess not too much at my wits end because I am not going to the actual person. But i digress.... I have a question about what this Leo male is possibly doing?!?
  • Posted by rockyroadicecreamI can't remember if I've posted this before or not, but whatev. https://www.buzzfeed.com/summeranne/what-its-like-to-date-each-zodiac-sign?utm_term=.nebRvPYLG#.cgjg9NJYy https://img.buzzfeed.com/buzzfeed-static/static/2
  • Truly, what hits you where it hurts? What grinds your gears the most?
  • ... https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4381/36605670841_14302a093a.jpg :D Hope your birthday is nothing short of fabulous.
  • Been hanging out with this Leo man for quite some times. And decided to tell him what I feel. Basiacally just told him I like him and ask whether he is on the same page with me or not. And the answer is no. But I still don't feel like giving him up yet.
  • A few weeks ago my Leo friend (girl) started to try and cause trouble for me with my Aqua friend (guy). I know it isn't like him to diss me. Anyway she told me what he was saying and made it out like he was a two faced prick! So I talked to him about it
  • Despite how you look so confident and charming. Have you ever been pretty insecure about yourself? Cause i kinda feel that the leo i've been talking now does. And it actually surprised me. Never thought that i'd see something like this on Leo man. I wa
  • @ssuperman Hope this trip around the sun is the best one yet!!
  • So this girl I work with( leo) and I are barely getting to know each other, but she is also very I guess "friendly" with one of the other guys there and earlier today she was wearing a belt that was a little too big for her and she asked him to make an ex
  • Just wondering , does a leo guy easily to forget his ex and being with another girl just to forget her ? Are you simply going out with girl when feeling bored or are you really serious to be with her ? Yet what kind of girl that a leo guy fall for ? Are y
  • Hey Lions, I have a little cub with a sag moon & gem rising. Quite the handful lol :) How were you guys as children? Were you clingy to your mother or more aloof? What was the most important thing to you as a child?
  • what happened? she and Len Wiseman divorced. :( I saw her chart. She is Leo sun, Virgo Venus, Aries mars, Gemini moon. [IMG]http://i45.tinypic.com/swd7at.jpg[/IMG] and Len Wiseman has a super stellium in Pisces, Pisces sun, moon, Venus, a
  • Someone help me I feel I have to walk on egg shells around my boyfriend(pisces). If I say the wrong thing he will get extremely angry and that don't be good. I don't understand him period. But I want it to work
  • The leo I am involved with I take full responsibility for how I got myself in this situation with him. I had just gotten out of a 4 yr relationship with a Scorpio (30) and basically I was just dating and having fun. I met a 24yr old leo male, that should
  • So for the last few weeks, this random guy i barely know, keeps smiling, waving and starring at me a lot!! Infact he stares me down it's that obvious He told me after i spoke to him, he likes to meet the local people and likes the scenery i dont know if h
  • So i talked to this guy months ago then for some reasons (work and business stuff) we stopped talking. And just last week he emailed me again asking if we could meet for coffee or dinner. We texted this morning and he just told me that it's his birthda
  • http://i.imgur.com/KjxJhtMl.jpg?1