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  • So I met this Leo guy about 4 months ago and we've had crazy chemistry. I made the mistake of going to bed with him and figured I'd never hear from him again, but we've actually continued to see eachother.....not often mind you. He's had some personal stu
  • So we've known each other for a year. Then I moved away. We stayed in contact every single day. A few months ago with great difficulty, he confessed he likes me. Then he acted all cool about it. Then he confessed again. And once again acted like it never
  • I met my Leo guy in a forum and became friends on Facebook even though we never communicated. In October 2015 he reached out to me on Facebook messenger and let me know if would like to get to know me. This was after us seeing each other the weekend in Fl
  • I've noticed that some of the greatest film makers/producers/directors are LEOS: Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, Cecil B. De Mille, Wes Craven James Cameron On another note, they all have Pisces and Scorpio moons. How weird is that?
  • So I posted a few days ago and got no replies. I'm gonna try again and add my update to the situation. Hung out with my first crush in second grade, first time seeing him in about 16 years. Had a great time. We've talked every day since. I'm hoping to
  • Me (gay male): Sun Libra, Moon Libra, Asc Cancer Him: Sun Leo, Moon Leo, Asc Libra I want to know everything about him (Mercury in Scorpio), but we've exchanged few personal details so far. I've become reconciled to the idea that getting to know
  • Hi. Cancer guy here! So I like a Leo woman, we've been friends for years, I have a crush on her the first time we met but didn't push it until we became friends... She knows I have a crush on her, We are touchy with each other, we do hold hands, call e
  • Met up after chatting a while, had the best date, hooked up after lots of hesitation from my end... follow up texts from him checking on me (we kept our waiting a few hours between responses pace). From date one he told me he likes me and thinks we have a
  • I like this Leo guy in my class, I think he noticed me too. But I am unsure if he likes me or not. He is very hot and cold, at times I notice him glancing at me, might give me a big smile usually when he is alone (he usually is surrounded by friends). Or
  • Long story short. I known this dude since I was in 2nd grade. He was my older brothers best friend. He was my first crush (that wasn't Leonardo Dicaprio lol). We moved away when I was in 3rd grade. He still came to our new place for a few summers after th
  • I noticed that I am attracted to air signs IMMEDIATELY (sun or moon placements) before I even know their placements. My Venus is in Libra, so Libras in particular have an odd way of grabbing my attention and vice versa. Even the ones I didn't really pursu
  • if you have been in this relationship what was your biggest challenge together and what was your favorite thing about the relationship?
  • I had a profile on match.com where my leo guy first showed interest, he then found me on Facebook and friend requested me. We started talking there which lead to texting. We hung out a couple times also meeting 1 of 3 of his kids and he met mine. A week
  • Since we are on the topic of leos wearing a mask, who has seen this mask come off? What was that like for you and the leo? who has seen the leo at a vulnerable state?
  • Are leo sun/gemini moon girls fickle with their emotions? i mean like one day like you and the next day they dont?
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyGO4mvqqhM
  • He doesn't want to talk with me. On the contrary, earlier we exchanged conversation, feelings, views. We used to flirt and one day he said move on. I tried to let go. I cannot forget him. I felt good understanding with him and he could say what's in my mi