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  • I need help plz for a Leo guy plz help me

    Hello, the problem is I meet this Leo man in a online dating site which is a doctor. This guy is always busy in his work since 1 day he always reply 1 or 2 hours later after I send him a text . We were going to meet in person today at 7:30pm at a Starbuc
  • Leo running away from me-Literally

    I'll be brief as possible. I haven't seen this Leo in 2 years. Did we end on a good note? No. Never contacted me again because I didn't give to sex on the first date after knowing him for a year and a half as friends but had a mutual attraction throughout
  • My leo ex

    I recently broke up with my leo, and now he's back texting me saying I'm ugly and no one would want to date me and all kinds of insults etc. but today he was begging me to get back to him and apologizing for all the things he did to me and I totally ignor
  • Leo in love with someone?

    So there is this leo guy who tried to approach me a couple of times,is constantly looking at me and smiling from afar and his friends also look at me very often.The thing is this leo guy uploads a lot of love songs on his account and it is pretty obvious

    Describe a Leo with ONE word please. Here's mine: "Friendly"
  • Taurus man help

    Was with this buy for 18mnths blissfullyhappy planning our future . This ex gf is a serial loon stalker made our lives hell . It caused rows between us only rows we ever had were about her . I was cheated on by my ex husband of 15 years . I've never brou
  • Disagreeing with My Leo Bf

    How do I deal with it?? He wants a Labrador I want a Blue Heeler!!! We cant agree... it both ahild hood dream of ours how do I deal with this Leo Sun Moon LibrA
  • Update : Leo man controlling?

    Hello again leos! I made a thread earlier about a man i've been talking to these last 2 months. A lil recap, We met online for a sexual fun. Ended up with him sent flowers after few days chatting, had a dine and wine for the first meeting, he f
  • Leo in love Vs. A Leo who likes you

    From what I've seen, leos generally like a lot of people. So how do you know if you mean more to them than just a pretty face? Like what differences in behavior would you see over time to know if they really care for you or if you're just one amongst the
  • Competition

    Leos, how do you feel about a little competition? If you like/dating/married someone, how do you feel about someone else hitting on them or a littleo innocent flirting between them and someone else? If you were to see/know some thing like that happened
  • He likes me,He likes me not

    There's this guy a few houses down whom is a Leo I'm looking for tale tale signs that he is interested. Little back drop: ⊙We scarcely talk maybe 2-3 times. ⊙He always checks his air and makes sure he looks 'decent' before entering into my vicinity of v
  • Why people like Leo so much?

    Hiii From a lonely ass Scorpio female here who has many Leo friends. I notice that every of my Leo friends always have someone who would have a crush on them while me, *looking at myself* has been a single ass girl for many years and I haven't found a
  • I broke up with my Leo boyfriend will he ever forgive me?

    I dated a Leo for around 9 months and we were very in love, we spent all our spare time together. He showered me with gifts and we always went on dates. We basically went everywhere together, we were inseparable. But we did start to bicker a lot especiall