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  • A Leo man I know through other people started snap chatting me. He’s very flirty. We are both in a relationship. I ignored for a while but then didn’t want to be rude & started replying back. My bf was annoyed so he friend requested him. Leo didn’t m
  • Be okay with knowing that work will always be their number one passion. Not hating on it at all, but after dating 5 Leo men I can say this is a hard fact. The passion they have for their work is really intense. Ive also noticed they have all been involved
  • Just wanted to give a shout out and check up on you guys... I know we are a rare breed around here.. not many of us come out of the woods as we get older... we are war torn, years upon years of pleasing others, ensuring those around us are taken care of t
  • Why Leo single ? I never been in a long term relationship and tbh I don’t seem interested in dating much. I guess I value time and I always waste my time. The relationship doesn’t work out because of the time the relationship is based off lust. I can say
  • Girl side Sun Leo 14°15' Moon Sagittarius 25°11' Mercury Leo 24°51' Venus Leo 10°27' Mars Libra 10°09' Jupiter Sagittarius 5°34' Saturn Pisces 23°56' R Uranus Capricorn 27°50' R Neptune Capricorn 23°37' R Plu
  • To make it worst, he has a Pisces moon. He absorbs everyone's emotional energy, is too trusting, is constantly misunderstood, and annoyingly wants to make everyone happy. And so he is being taken advantage of over and over again. He spaced out a lot to ov
  • I've never seen a Leo woman and Cap man together so I'm honestly just curious. Man is inner circle, Woman is outer circle (Woman's BT unknown) https://imgur.com/a/z9nPf94
  • Hi fellow brothers. How would you describe a leo sun gemini moon? I mean, im getting fascinated with astrology everyday. A good friend whos a leo, recently told me his birthtime.. yes!! Put my mobile in front of his nose displaying cafeastrology.com I des
  • If so, I'd like to learn a little more about it.
  • Hi Leo's So I need some input on these leo males. I met a Leo guy through a dating app and I asked him what he is looking for on the site and he responded that he wants to find someone to fill his days with if the chemistry is right and I said the same
  • I’ve been dating my Cancer man for 8 months. I absolutely adore him but sometimes I feel like he’s not feeling the relationship. I’ve read that Cancer men have a quiet way to show their love and I believe that. He does so many small things to show that he
  • Hello Fellow Leos and uh other signs.... lol The last month there I've been reading more and more about Astrology and to be honest I'm surprised with the depth of how much there is to Astrology. In the past I treated it like the average person and would
  • My libra man who I've been with for the past 3 years wants to break up..we've talked about breaking up and me moving out for the past year... he says he doesnt want me to go.. but then he will also say he doesnt think he can do anymore... I like to go to
  • To all the men dating a Leo woman: she is not yours. She will never submit to you. I don't care how long you have been together, the things you went through, the things she does for you. She.is.Not.Yours. a lioness only submits to a lion. it's over if
  • So, why do you always want your bf to text first, and if he doesn't do that, you will not text either for days, even months...but then when you see him, you will be like, where do you stand, what is up between you two, and all that. I mean, that girl was
  • Basically, I got bored AF waiting for a Taurus woman to $h!t or get off the pot with me, so I started hitting up someone else. I need to have fun, and I'm not waiting around anymore for something to kinda maybe happen. I could literally feel my sweet peen
  • Me and this Leo man been dating and flirting, sending all those morning texted and meeting friends and all But at some point we faded out cause of a small matter and I am not good in handling situation like that at that time. After few months, he texted
  • Hey, it's been awhile since I posted in here, last time I did I was in the Aqua board trying to figure out this Aqua lady *sigh* lol just wondering how everyone's 2018 went? Long story short, mine had a lot to teach me and I am blessed for all the experi