Crushing on a LEO MAN....pleasseee HELP!

Okay, so my other post crushing on leo man hard, please help goes into greater detail on me and my leo guy met, which
Okay, so my other post "crushing on leo man hard, please help" goes into greater detail on me and my leo guy met, which was at a club. He was all over me, stayed by my side like glue, we clicked and exchanged numbers. We agreed to meet the next day, and last day he would be in my state. He stay's 2 hours away.Ugh! But anyway, we meet up and have a great time with one another, and yes things go heavy, kissing and touching. However i put a stop to it, because this man is not only fine, he's drop dead gorgeous, and i want him to like me for me not whats between my legs. So i held off on sex, and when i asked him about his feelings on relationships, he told me he doesn't do well with long distance because he ex was long distance and they argued alot and had trust issues. So i told him i wouldn't force him to try, but then he started dropping hints saying "the right woman can make any man change his mind" is that a hint?? Not sure, but he only blows up my phone when he's in my state. When he's in Ohio, not even a text. I hope i didn't blow him off...i know i play a little too hard to get, but its only because i didnt want him to get the wrong idea about me...or think im easy...but now i just want him to know im interested in more than just his physical appearance. How do i do that? Im just as afraid of rejection as leo and im a libra female. HELP!!
thank You Samiamascorpio!

I knew i hadn't gone nuts! Lol. I was taught that if a man likes you enough he will go through all kinds of leep and bounds to be near you, or at least speak to you. However, this Leo guy confuses me, because he's all into me when he's here in my state. I dont know what going on, but i do know i've given him little cold shoulders but not on purpose exactly. I just didnt want to fall at his feet. I do little things like not calling or texting him when he asks me to. I just wanna see how far he would go to talk to me if i dont respond. But after reading up ob leo men and their craving for attention i think i might have blown what little chances i did have. So to show him im interested i sent him a little song in his inbox on facbook last night...The song is, "I got a thang for you" by Trina feat.Keisha Cole. You can find it on youtube..Was this good? Or too much?
okay well here's your update, BUT FIRST...thank you so much for commenting back =) my mom and my homegirls are running out of things to tell me...LOL. they are literally SICK of me talking about him, but i haven't been able to get him out of my mind. I find myself going on his facebook page and looking at all 300 of his pics just to see him and reading old text messages from last weekend from him just to feel close to him...however you couldn't PAY ME to call or text him. Im scared (SIGH)
Samiascorpio... As you can see this Leo man has me open i got it bad for him, and im too afraid to tell him. Plus i dont even think he payed the link any attention because he hasn't responded to it yet. However, it IS facebook, and some people dont even check their messages because of all the party invites. At least a dozen of my friends go on facebook allll the time and never check their messages, and they all said if they did and they saw a link, they prolly wouldn't pay it any mind.
Im scared to text or call, because just like leo man, im terrified of rejection, plus if he did see the link and actually listened to it, but just chose to blow me going to feel like a bugga-boo. What do you think i should do???
OKay...Im going tp take your advice...i promise i'll let you know how it going to do it today...Thanks so much!! Here goes nothing....=) LOL
Well, i asked him if he got the link, and he said he got it but he couldn't get it to play. I told him it was a shame and that it was a really sweet song and i wanted him to hear it. He didn't respond. then the yesterday he text me out of the blue sking me to send him some pictures....I sent them, and he liked them, but lets jus say they weren't the kind he thought he was going to get...SEE! See what i mean about this guy...he so random, and when he does pop up its crazy!
lol. Okay good, i was hoping he didn't think i blew him off. I did send him some sexy pics, but i had ON CLOTHES!lol. He texted back saying i did i sent one more, then he stopped texting...samiascorpio, what is up with this dude!My mom and aunt's says that because he is sooo fine, and a leo, he probably has ALOT of girls hanging all over him, and that guys of his social status as young as he is usually goes for the ones thats not all over them. Does this go for Leo's as well?? I would think so, considering you've told me time and time again about his ego and the way they crave attention. I have no problem stroking the ego of a man i know for a FACT that likes me, but stroking the ego of this guy might hurt me if he doesn't return the favor. He's so sure of himself... i am too, but if he does have alot of women all over him staying 2 hours away at that, how do i stand out? I already have his attention on my looks, but im also very smart in school, own job, nice car...however i'm not sure how to get my leo man out of this little physical box he has me in...any suggestions?? i know you said tell him how i feel, and i'm sorry...i dont mean to have you repeat yourself...its just that pouring my heart out to a man i barley know, might dissapoint me and not return the gesture...ya know
female from Gold Coast, Australia
Stop and look around at all your friends that are in many of them chased their men and got them? I bet most were pursued by the man!

If this guy is as good looking as you say and all that, aren't you just being like all the other ladies after his affection? What really makes you stand out and tower above the rest of them in his eyes? Girls are obviously a dime a dozen so with this type of guy I would wait for him to make all the moves and if he doesn't then you wont ever really have him hook line and sinker, will you?

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