No consistent dick 🤦🏽‍♀️

By AccountzJune 11, 2019 3:22pm — 3 replies

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The new Firebunny
post pics plz i want to see
Im getting back with my old gf
it s sweeter this time around and she s freakin hotter she s making me think twice on meeting that new girl from tinder
She's okay with meeting me :)
but i have to go to her city o o
Instagram influencers
what do you guys think of the term influencer a lot more people want to be known nowadays a lot of people on instagram seem to be competing to have the best life most want to have a lot followers to show themselves go on the best holidays have the
what are some things caused effected by chernobyl
Thank You...
some of them didnt come back but 75 years ago they went and breached the atlantic wall opening the western front and ended the nazi scourge they came home and went on about their lives having done their duty theyre getting fewer now but their sacr
Stupid and knowing it but...
can anybody relate to this in rs when you know that you are acting stupid and unreasonable but you can t help it and keep on going knowing that it might end badly
Memory capacity of!
every time i read someone sayin is that a person who you were dating 4 years ago and then he dumped yiunfor your mother and came back to you after you were recovering from shushed and he ended up hitting in your boyfriend until they moved out and you att
My birthday greetings to my favorite GEMINIS!!!!
lahv ya all gemitati - mum i love you please tell me im a idiot ok lotsa loves - firebunny gemlover - thank you so much for always being there for me i appreciate all your replies to my threads bluefroggie - where are you i miss you
Happy Birthday, LethalFantasia!
i dont know exactly when but your age shows another year added hmmm when will it be or has it passed already