Pisces with Aries

By Gemi13May 31, 2018 11:48pm — 5 replies
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i ve been on and off with my boyfriend for the past 3 5 years i m a pisces and we constantly butt heads he begs me to go back i do and a month later we re back at the breakup this time around he said he was done he was moving on so we separated it s
Aries man and I (Pisces woman) decided to break it off
we were dating for a little over 3 months he told me he wasnt ready for a relationship and that he wanted to be friends instead i told him that i agreed mutually on the breakup and there most be more of a reason than not wanting a relationship he mus
are we compatible? pisces male + aries woman (pls tell me no one ever replies to mine)
u can skip the story if u jus wanna look at our charts below and tell me compatibility we met bc my friend lets say m said come over and then at like 12 m asked him my soulmate lol lets say q for an uber home q got m the uber and then i was like i
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hi i am here seeking for some guidance i have a love relationship with an aries girl i really love her and she really loves me but i am easily and deeply hurt by almost anything she is really sincere but sometimes really blunt while i am on the doc
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this union really needs more acknowledgment
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im an aries with virgo moon and scorpio rising he is pisces although im not familiar with the rest of his chart i met him a few months ago at work and quickly fell for him initially i felt there was some attraction interest on his part as well
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i am a 35 year old pisces man whos seeing an aries woman 25 years old for the past 3 months we hang out once a week and text on the phone all the time i recently told her that i have feelings for her she told me that she didnt feel the same way i ag
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have a hard time to get over her she is in my mind the whole time for an year now whenever something bad happen to me i just think about her or open her fb just to look at her and i feel better i never get attached to soemone this much even though i don
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should i i love the aries spirit and personality but given my heart being shattered by an aries man before i think i just need to flee from this man i havent even saved his number in my phone because i am terrified of allowing myself to believe this
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im an aries woman in high-school i knew this pisces girl shes very pretty and quiet we became friends in college and i asked her why she never liked me in high school and she thought i was mean how we she found out im awesome shes insecure im confi