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My toxic trait
i very rarely share my feelings with someone and when i finally do i feel that they are too heavy too messy and too overwhelming so then i try to go back and clean up my mess kinda like a dog goes back and eats it s vomit and when i go back and try
Phone call out of the blue
do scorpios enjoy random phone calls an old scorpio work friend called me up out of the blue just to catch up and congratulate me for getting a new team at work said he was happy for me we had a good platonic conversation which was completely unexpect
Scorpio woman /Libra Man
hello how are you so im going on a second date with a libra man ive met yes i broke up with my first love gemini - his mother was all up in our relationship and it was extremely unhealthy i took a year off to focus on myself no men no nothi
No need to thank me Part 2
ok men its friday folks not tuesday i will be offering half off full price 300 clams on how to get the scorpio girl of your dreams easily with 3 easy steps so easy that youd want to pay me full price really easy that youd want to tip me guarantee
Your favorite Scorpio Quote?
i m not the kind of person who tries to be cool or trendy i m definitely an individual leonardo dicaprio
How to rebuild trust with a Scorpio man? (When he messed up)
hi all im back my first and also last topic was about a scorpio guy who i felt betrayed by and i was right he asked his friend to check up on me and in the year we didnt talk he tried to find the courage many times to apologize to ask for forgiv
Have you seen any scorpio male transforming into a new person after break up or strong love?
any experience any story you know if you share i shall be thankful to you
venus in scorpio & scorpio rising
i already know im possessive as hell and i yearn for a deep intimate bond understanding with not just my lover but friends as well i am big on trust although i dont trust many but alot of ppl trust and confide in me whats your experience with this place
Signs a scorpio likes you
what are the sure signs that a scorpio guy likes you but is shy to tell you what kind of things would he do or say
Only A Scorpio?
can i sniff your hair can i touch you there uncle joe wants to know https www facebook com 49370991732 posts 10157478587496733 d null amp vh e tell us how you feel did you vote for him is your love for real or do you feel used and abused