Scorpio Otello and that woman he shocked to death

By GemitatiJuly 29, 2017 3:44am — 1 replies
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intimacy is a high stakes endeavor for mars in scorpio because he goes all the way sex with scorpio pushes the boundaries and will touch both of you at the deepest possible level it will be obvious if he s into you but he is cautious about who he gets
Scorpio woman confusing the hell out of me
i met scorpio woman on a dating site a couple of weeks ago things seem to to be going very well she took down her profile i told i was taking it seriously and had taken my profile down as well weve exchanged lots pictures she sent me some just yeste
SO what to actually do when Scorpio is playing mind games?
how do i react to this bellend behavior we started of nicely i was the one playing in the begging but that was just in a playful like fun way but now the karma has gotten to my arse hes the one in control and the one whos left me hanging doe
this is just a rant but i would like all the chime in whether your scorpio sun moon mars venus pluto etc ive noticed everytime something tragic or detrimental happened in my life i evolved and got to higher place in my life and the more i evol
How different are male Scorpios compared to female scorpios
because im a female scorpio and every time i meet a male scorpio even though i think i have a certain understanding for them they still leave me confused
To Scorpio Suns/Moons/Risings
are you known to be as intimidating hard to approach and intense as astrology suggests
is that how it works or is there levels to the sting enlightened me including everyone with a rising moon mars or sun etc
i noticed that im not afraid of much you could shoot a gun next to me and i wouldnt flinch a loud noise might happen and ill just turn without jumping a fight could happen and ill just sit there looking intrigued but silent and unmoved i
Just friends or more?
hola so its thing thing with this scorpi born 2nd november we are college mates and have been friends for over a year however we have gotten close only from last year september frequent non-stop textings started and he would come sit with me in one o
How would a Scorpio man react if someone wanted a break from them?
not forever but for maybe like 2 to 3 weeks and its not just from them its from everybody basically lets say i tell him we wont be in contact for a few weeks but that it has nothing to do with him its just me dealing with some stuff would that m