He cheated (kind of) how would you interpret this spread as advice?

By MondayMorningJanuary 16, 2018 7:17pm — 8 replies

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How would you all interpret this combination of cards as a relationship outcome?
the lovers the magician the fool it seemed like a confusing combination and with them all being majors i felt like there was a strong message there for me
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Needing help with my tarot outcomes...confirming
so for a love reading i did i got the following as outcome in order not sure if it matters im new to it for the most part king of pentacles the emperor the hermit three of wands i feel that someone is making a love offer based off of a spi
is amazing youtube
Can someone confirm my interpretation of this spread?
i have been in a very very difficult phase lately after a very long term relationship ended last year i have put in a lot of work a lot to heal myself and learn and grow and come into my own and become more grounded i have not been emotionally avai
The Devil as Feelings
i did a single spread and asked how this guy feels about me and i got the devil is it as bad as it sounds
Help interpreting reversals, please..
i did a 2 card reading on someones thoughts and feelings for me i have had a thing for the guy for awhile sometimes i think its reciprocated other times im unsure anyway im relatively new to tarot especially new to reversals of which both tu
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Justice and Temperance
i did two single card spreads i asked how my ex feels about me right now after the break up and i got temperance then i asked how hes feeling about the break-up itself and got justice can anyone elaborate on what this means
5 of Pentacles/King of Cups/Queen of Swords
relationship potential with someone very very new 5 of pentacles king of cups queen of swords i am assuming king of cups is him and queen of swords me i have been pretty emotionally unavailable for relationships for awhile pretty much av