I Love You VS Im In Love With You

is there a difference with these 2 phrases ? Is one supposed to be said before other ?
is there a difference with these 2 phrases ? Is one supposed to be said before other ?
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I don't see any difference. Both have exact same meaning
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Posted by Effervescent
I love you = can love anyone, friend, family, spouse, etc
I'm IN love with you = only couples/people who are in love say this

But that's just my view of it?

I see it this way too n I've no reason for that ?
I love you is fleeting... There is something ephemeral about the quality of this love... I love you can be used casually.

I'm in love with you is when you don't just pick bits and pieces about the person to love, you place more importance on their happiness than yours and your entire world would feel wiped out if something were to happen to them. Scary!
I'll let him know.
bukowski is right
I'm in love with you

Is a delusion that ends in 6 to 18 months
Agree with most of the comments.

I love you can be used for anyone. ..friends, family etc including your partner.

But when you are In Love, it's about wanting to spend you life and forever loving that special person.

Being in love = you've found The One ?

You can find couples including married ones who love their partner but are not In Love with them. This will be because they have not found the one but they really love their partner.

That's my opinion anyway.
I love you is more casual and can be uttered to many like your mother, sister, aunts, uncles and anyone you love.

I'm in love you is more romantic in connotation and associated with limerance, the sentiment you feel during the honeymooner phase. It wears off unless you admire the person, which I feel is true love and can last a lifetime.
Posted by Arielle83
I'm in love with you

Is a delusion that ends in 6 to 18 months

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"I am in love with you" to me means a one time phrase. It will cause me to be in shock and then when you're a couple you won't hear it again, because action speaks louder than words. As in birthday/Valentine cards, gifts, flowers delivered to my office with a note, "I love you". This doesn't mean I will pick up cell and call SO to tell him, "Why didn't you sign the card,'I'm in love with you?'". Enough said.

cyber hugs!



PS: No. No man has EVER told me, "I'm in love with you". We (women) hear/see that in Hollywood made movies. Ahhhhhhhhhh to be a romantic woman like myself!
Posted by Arielle83
I'm in love with you

Is a delusion that ends in 6 to 18 months

I interpret it similarly.

Being "in love" is just an idea/state of mind... that emotional high you feel at the initial honeymoon phase of a relationship, which may or may not develop into something more substantial. You could be in love with someone and not love them, or hold back on loving them.

To love, on the other hand, is action-oriented and requires more time and investment.

So to me, "I love you" is more powerful than "I'm in love with you".

Yes they are totally different!
You may want a relationship with smn or be attracted to them cause you fell in love with them
Sometimes we think we are in love with smn cause we had sex with them early on dating process and then feel intimate to them
Also during sex we produce oxytocin, a bonding hormone, the effect of which lasts around 3 days for men and 14! for women.When you are in love theres a party of hormones happening inside your body.
Typically at this point you idealize the person, have very intense feelings for them and it is also said to last for a certain period of time , the most being 3 years.
Love on the other hand is a whole different emotion , way more stable.
Its needs time to cultivate and includes many things like respect, understanding, value the other person and more

Most of the times you firstly fall in love and if things procced well you may end up loving the other person
Falling in love is not essential in order to love a partner
*i believe to really fall in love means getting to know the real person and respect, admire and love him just for who he actually is

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