Virgo man I'm seeing is....... strange? confusing?

I don't know if he likes me or not. My problem with this virgo is 1)having to initiate things (except the first kiss
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31 years old
virgo man I'm seeing is......strange. He's funyy, outgoing, smart, chivalrous...but

I don't know if he likes me or not.
My problem with this virgo is
1)having to initiate things (except the first kiss on the cheek he gave)
2)having to initiate contact when we're apart (whatsapp). He replies within split second but why wait till I initiate.
3) he's too slow. He has mars in taurus & I read that men with this placement are too slow when pursuing.
4) but last year when he kept on asking me out he never gave up and initiated contact each time. It's when we have finally met that I have to initiate things.
5)btw he got divorced 2years back.has kids but they live with the mom and he sees them whenever he can.

We've known one another 1.8 years. Not close at all, never spent time together. He asked me out so many times in the past (just for coffee, nothing more) but I couldn't meet because I was too busy, and when I can meet him and asked him back, he was traveling.So we were quiet back.

We finally met in January.I kept in touch back and suggested. The meet was fun and he prolonged the date to dinner, wanted to spend longer time with me.After dinner he wanted to do something else, i.e movie. But I called it a night and he was cool with it.

Second date, he was a bit shy for a few seconds when he saw me & couldnt make eye contact. Then, he was back to his outgoing self. Ended the date with a slow hug(I had to initiate, then he smiled and kissed my cheek. He rubbed the side of my eye gently when I asked if there was anythg there cos I felt wet. He didn't have to touch, just look, but he did. I myself won't touch someone if I'm not attracted.

He is a busy man, a consultant for 3 companies and he flies off often locally and overseas. So seeing him often will not happen as he won't be in town all the time. Work is his first priority. I met him once every 3 weeks. It is fine with me as I am busy myself and prefer a busy man..and would like to take it slow.(but not too slow not knowing whether he likes me or not)
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In our recent date, it was my most fav date as we felt more comforable and clicked so well. 3 hours before the date, he messaged me that he can't make it as he has to settle something important and said "I'm so sorry we will try another time ok "

I replied 2hours later
me: " problem.but looks like we will never meet again ha.kinda miss u" not expecting his response .
He quickly responded "don't say that. I have to handle a case lately, that's why I've been overly busy. So sorry. If u're free, after 8 can?" supposed to meet at 7.30

me: hey no it's ok, you're busy, we can make it next time, really. I understand
him: I can met around 8pm really. can u?
me: I can...but u said u can't make it?
him: 7.30 I can't but I can still make it around 8. I could leave this place at 7.40 and drive fast.
me: ok I guess. next time is fine actually
him:ok so see u at ___?
him:is someone angry? =D
me:haha no of course not
him: ok good cheer up alright

when we met, he gave some stuff he got for me when he was traveling. An expensive perfume and some other stuff from the countries he went to. We hugged and I kissed him on the cheek. dinner was great. I rest my head on his shoulders and finally hugged and placed my head oh his chest. He was affectionate,caress my hand on his chest and rest his chin on my head. When we had to go separate ways, we hugged and kissed passionately. I initiated. then when I was done and ready to walk away...he pulled me to kiss me one last time.He said we will meet again...but can't promise the exact date as he will have to travel. In this date he put his hand on the small of my back when we walked.A little progress there.a day later i msg him that I like the smell of the perfume. He gave the kiss emoticon with love.

oh another thing.. he asked me if I told my mom I was out on a date with him. He knows I'm very close with her and share everything. Twice he asked, I said no. The recent one, I said yes and he was pleased to hear that. In first meet, he showed his entire family's pic(wallpaper) . He wants me to make cookies for him cos I told him I love baking.


Is he going slow on purpose because he's not emotionally available? or he doesn't like me. I'm confused.Pls shed some light. Should I just be quiet until he initiates (i doubt it will happen). why is he not initiating? I don't know what happened with the ex and don't know if he was emotionally hurt or not.
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guess my biggest question is......does he like me?
31 years old
him : Virgo sun, aries moon, venus in scorpio, mars in taurus, mercury in libra
30 years old male from virgo land
Posted by blueberrypie
him : Virgo sun, aries moon, venus in scorpio, mars in taurus, mercury in libra
How do both of your charts look like.
34 years old female
virgo sun scorpio mars...

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34 years old female
virgo sun scorpio mars...
heard the same about taurus mars being slow.. i'm sure the virgo men can tell more.
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thx virgoking for the response.. here's the chart

Sun Virgo 22.12
Moon Aries 23.59
Mercury Libra 2.36
Venus Scorpio 2.07
Mars Taurus 9.05
Jupiter Aquarius 2.35 R
Saturn Cancer 3.49
Uranus Libra 21.30
Neptune Sagittarius 4.54
Pluto Libra 3.50
Lilith Capricorn 3.24
Asc node Capricorn 4.08

Sun Virgo 16.10
Moon Taurus 25.59
Mercury Libra 12.52
Venus Virgo 1.35
Mars Scorpio 22.41
Jupiter Scorpio 7.30
Saturn Libra 20.32
Uranus Sagittarius 0.59
Neptune Sagittarius 24.17
Pluto Libra 25.19
Lilith Capricorn 8.55
Asc node Cancer 10.57
31 years old
what do u think virgoking?

*oh forgot to type. hugged him while watching movie.missed that watching movie part.

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thanks apple.
Btw, he has pulled away. Started pulling away 2weeks back. After the last date, and after he messaged back when I thanked for the perfume he gave with a kiss. I messaged last weekend to comment on his son's pic on his whatsapp profile. He replied immediately to laugh. Then that was it. Quiet till now. It's so weird..
34 years old female
virgo sun scorpio mars...
He has Venus in Scorpio. If he got hurt before, he might be slow in opening up again or trust a new woman. IMO as long as he responds to your contact...wants to meet you... go at his pace, be patient & understanding (his work is important as u said). Who knows what happened with his ex-wife. Looks like he likes you but he's going realllllllly slow
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I can defend myself against anything. I like to think of great defense and cou
2 Virgos is kind of hard. Though the best is yet to come, because the sex is going to be spectacular.
31 years old
aha...why do you think so defense? mind sharing?
I really feel comfortable with this's like he understands me so well and the chemistry is there

btw I read a thread by OP3CRIMSIN... happy for him looks like virgo + virgo is perfect for him, match made in heaven

Posted by Mr. Defense
2 Virgos is kind of hard. Though the best is yet to come, because the sex is going to be spectacular.
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