• Most annoying phrase or expression

    What to you is the most annoying phrase or expression in English? I think it may be a bit dated now but for me it is the
  • Dear Crush...

    Dear person I have a crush on, You are dangerous. When I get around you, parts of me show that I honestly didn???t no
  • The Warning

    The Warning By DOFACC I had business reasons to be in Denver. I had worked 3 twelve hour night shifts
  • and i just found one of the letters returned to me

    Love is you. You are magical, someone I most adore The epitome of eternal bliss, a heavenly galore To be without yo
  • I'm Angry... have been for a long time.

    This morning I wrote an assessment of my life for the past decade. Accomplishments, Failures and Lessons/Goals to compl
  • part time jobs

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  • If there was no such thing as time

    I would visit you every moment. Sway and dance with every thought. Although I've been sought before and not recalled I q
  • Thank you must gracious mother of Jesus

    Thank you Blessed Virgin Mary for granting my need
  • Blinded by Pride

    Another poem i wrote,about someone i used to know. Blind by Pride i set my pride free which revealed an epipha
  • Unfaithful

    just a little poem i wrote Unfaithful sensing something is amiss soon as i come home,she starts to sniff
  • my boo

    There are so many things u want to tell u right now So many things I want to say You re not here but if you were I wo
  • Poetry I write

    Did you Did you taste his skin Before he slipped it in Did you like his knob As he did his job Did you like his
  • My Little Boy Was An Apple Tree

    My little boy is an apple tree A seed in myself, and also in the ground Newborn, he needed extra care Fresh dirt and
  • Madly in love

    I'm madly in love with you Pisces and you love me. When i'm in your arms i feel bliss. When you kiss me i melt. But this
  • Confessions

    A young girl, lost and confused. An older boy of grief and gamble. 15 years of time and hope. Enter the wild card,
  • Hraethigaldur

    My soul is darkened My body conquered These eyes so keen Fear what they have seen For much blood, not mine Trails m
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  • Recent Topics

  • Scorpio this Scorpio that

    How to defeat one? Is it even possible? lol. Which signs can defeat Scorpios? are they really that powerful? Their secrets?
  • Libra moon, anyone?

    I’m curious about how someone with a Libra moon handles emotional conversations? The man I’m interested in is a Cancer/Leo cusp, Libra moon and Gemini Venus. I’ve gotten some insights on how he would love as a Gem and I know about his Sun sign but I don’t
  • A Sagittarian's Diary Part II

    by sagittarians world wide.
  • Aries woman secretly in love w scorp man

    Hey everyone. This is kind of a long story but here goes nothin. So a few years ago, I saw this scorpio man at a bar. From that moment I just knew I had to know his name. We started talking and instant fireworks— we spent nearly every night together the r
  • My story with Cancer man

    I have an interesting story with a cancer man, i am virgo. He is 26, i am 29. We met 3 weeks ago in a teambuilding among many people that were there for learning a new job and i felt drawn to him from the first moment i saw him. He was extremely charming,
  • Is any of you drawn to healing? Virgo, Pisces, Scorpio energy

    I want to share something I have been thinking about. I think people who choose to work in /are drawn to professions that have to do with healing like doctors, psychotherapists, etc. have gone through painful/traumatic stuff themselves and then when the
  • Leo or Aries? Who's the real BOSS!!

    Its is one of astrology's biggest controversy. Who is the true leader is it Aries or is it Leo. Many astrologers and ast
  • I hate dating

    Why the hell do guys come on strong and then back away? Sometimes doing really butterty things and sometimes actually still interested. Makes her hibernation look good. 😏 I think i’ll go back to the thought of being a monk. Oh btw I have a date tonight.
  • What's the big issue with water and air signs dating?

    I keep seeing that water and air signs are not good for romantic relationships. I honestly want to know if it's just the stereotype or what?
  • Anyone here female aspie

    https://youtu.be/cuk471CeRb4 Im seeing her video n I’m becoming more n more convince I might have it
  • How to convince a Pisces?

    I currently go to a commute school/college. The thing is my parents already bought this two bedroom place near my college so I could go to school conveniently, which I'm very grateful for. However, my parents would constantly stop by and stay overnight to
  • Why am I always cold?

    I always feel cold and I find it hard to get warm. This started at the beginning of fall. By October I was wearing all of my usual winter clothes when I was going outside, I got a personal space heater for my bed room and desk, and I started sleeping with
  • The best Polygamy combination!

    My nominee: Scorpio man + Pisces woman + Virgo woman, Pisces man + Taurus woman + Scorpio woman + Leo woman. Wdyt?
  • Is it a trap

    So I'm a Taurus, aka doper the reason for the Super in Super Nintendo, anyways my ex Pisces hit me up telling me I should visit & meet her new roomate she said she was hot & also she has boyfriend she said , but it's pretty fishy situation hmmmm what to d