Did you Did you taste his skin Before he slipped it in Did you like his knob As he did his job Did you like his
My little boy is an apple tree A seed in myself, and also in the ground Newborn, he needed extra care Fresh dirt and
I'm madly in love with you Pisces and you love me. When i'm in your arms i feel bliss. When you kiss me i melt. But this
A young girl, lost and confused. An older boy of grief and gamble. 15 years of time and hope. Enter the wild card,
My soul is darkened My body conquered These eyes so keen Fear what they have seen For much blood, not mine Trails m
From Autel world workshops and technicians can find many excellent diagnostic tools like autel maxisys and autolink scan
Obd2inthebox.com is specialized in Car Diagnostic Tool,Mileage Programmer,etc.We provide the lowest price for every prod
I have made many bad decisions throughout my life. A portion of these mistakes would have but a small effect towards my
It was the first of many times Where I would sit in my quiet room I looked at both my hands and said This is life, I
... so I'll just drop this here. I'm not a poet, anyway. How was it, God, How was it like... that whisper, that furt
Arterial Ending I sat and watched the blood Flowing through my veins Im a pathetic sorry mess Looking at my arms
Drug Stapled Diet Swimming in Molly pool Eat some xannex candy With blue pill fondue Crack pipe breakfast Weed
Begotten I've never, as some children do, looked at my folks and thought, I must have come from someone els
when your eyes gently purse i know you are glad when you fix a downward smirk at me i know i have nowhere to run whe
Drop this immense weight you carry the world's problems and call help yourself to some wine and be merry faith is a b
Are there any really good writers in DXP?? What kind of tips would you give someone trying to compose a fantasy short. A

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...and members could help those in needs... List who would you donate to make their life better. I would open Fund ‘Pay man to date CC’ And TheBunny rehab fund And maybe even TinMan all you can take Viagra fund... Add on...
I’m studying the connection between being transgender and the feminine and masculine. I am trying to figure out if there’s a way to pin point when someone switches genders in the natal and transit charts. I need more interpretations of 2 t-squares in my c
Does it hinder you? I know grand trines are subject to interpretation so I’d like to hear how yours (if you have one they are rare) manifests.
Still watching Family Feud with a patient. Answers are Squarrel Gerbil Snake Kitten Mouse My question. Are there animal you WANT to find in your pants? Lmao
How sentimental are you? How much do you allow emotions to control your choices?
May happiness always be with you 💕 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WBE6B87FFrc https://78.media.tumblr.com/cfb630011c4fd26b478a52a8e5c7d8d8/tumblr_n57ydyjgpX1s5e5bko3_500.gif
The forum doesn't seem to get used much, leta hope there is someone out there! Moon in the 11th house. Do you have it and what's been your experience with friendships, social life, dating? I found this site to be, maybe a little sadly, accurate.
Currently going through a breakup and reading helps me a lot. Any suggestions
to another female friend of yours that you liked them from the very beginning? I had a close friend tell me this once.. at the time I didn't put much weight on it in terms of indicating any real romantic interest on her part..... now I'm having seco
Demi original https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_8ydghbGSg Sam live cover https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5V18yk6nIMY Sam studio cover https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kh2cMMFanB8 Here's a little background info. Lovato's original version com
'According to the ancient wisdom of alchemy, these four elements form the basis of all life. Right now, as you hold this book in your hands, you embody the four ele- ments. The physical aspect of the book (cover, paper, ink) belongs to the element of
What was your crisis catalyst? How did your spouse/ ex, family or social networks respond to sudden growth? How are you now and would you encourage others to join you? What’s your personality type and sign. Thanks
I’m flirting with the idea of flirting back with someone at work. I asked when his birthday was and the jerk just said April. Anyone wanna wager which one he is? Evidence for Aries -It takes up a bulk of the month April. Duh. -Can be silly and flirt