Arterial Ending I sat and watched the blood Flowing through my veins Im a pathetic sorry mess Looking at my arms
Drug Stapled Diet Swimming in Molly pool Eat some xannex candy With blue pill fondue Crack pipe breakfast Weed
Begotten I've never, as some children do, looked at my folks and thought, I must have come from someone els
when your eyes gently purse i know you are glad when you fix a downward smirk at me i know i have nowhere to run whe
Drop this immense weight you carry the world's problems and call help yourself to some wine and be merry faith is a b
Are there any really good writers in DXP?? What kind of tips would you give someone trying to compose a fantasy short. A
I remember the dogs barking, the way the gate would ever so slightly screech like an attempt to thwart my attempts to es
Plagiarism Detectors - type or copy/paste what you see written and presto these little suckers come in handy when you're
In theory a baby's mind would be pure and simple as opposed to an elderly person, which would be much more vast and comp
you are so many 'i never knews,' you are a billion firsts, you are me born again, all because... you. and I,
I would like to do my letters? I have lists I would like to complete and would like to do now If there is anything
Hey here's a story I must write to you all folks My mother was the one who shot you in the stomach. My mother took
Ok so here my topic of creating a space where people who like to write about it all. I would like to here about what it
Ok so here my topic of creating a space where people who like to write about it all. I would like to here about what it
I've almost grown but I am owned By murky, dangerous pangs; In inches that I've yet to gain, there's room enough to
she's wrapped up in her self righteous morals he's tied up with his reputation she is so intuitive of all potential h

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The truth is all this time when I realised I came from an abusive family and beat the odds, I knew I could turn it around but I just needed to find real good people in my life. So now I've finally realised I'm at a point in my life where
do you know anyone who keeps dating just this one sign one after the other? like how all beyonce's boyfriends are always sagittarius does getting into relationships with one sign have some sort of karmic implications for the person?
If you cheat on aries woman, what will happen to her? Can she forgive you?
Thoughts? A good pair? Negatives? Positives? Advice for Gemini girl deal with Aries Man?
Are all of you this thoughtful?!! CAP MOONS. My sister a cap moon found out I moved to a new place and she rushed over with all new stuff for my place, she didn't ask for anything in return she said it was my house warming gifts! My boyfriend a c
What is with that lol! I find it very endearing and somewhat strange at times. He was copying my movements, my phrasing everything! Not in a sarcastic way but almost like mirroring me. What is with that really?! Are you nervous? Do you even realise you
I haven't been able to log in since that outage a few months ago! I finally gave up and made a new account. What's new? Did I miss anything?
I don't quite understand. What if say a person has mars in 7th house and it's in libra? What's the house lord? Will it be venus and therefore we need to look at in which house venus is located? Then what happens if it's my case. I have no planet
I love stones aesthetically, but I don’t get too crazy and superstitious about it. I had some stones given to me, which I wired and made into necklaces, but I feel particularly drawn to the Rose quartz stone. Any ideas why? Does anyone else feel
I used to give you guys updates of my past relationship with my ex scorpio which ended in july, it has been 5 months since the break up now that we are in december. I was recently asked about the status of that relationship. So here is the update. I actua
An Aries man An Aries woman I believe they can be different