Drop this immense weight you carry the world's problems and call help yourself to some wine and be merry faith is a b
Are there any really good writers in DXP?? What kind of tips would you give someone trying to compose a fantasy short. A
I remember the dogs barking, the way the gate would ever so slightly screech like an attempt to thwart my attempts to es
Plagiarism Detectors - type or copy/paste what you see written and presto these little suckers come in handy when you're
In theory a baby's mind would be pure and simple as opposed to an elderly person, which would be much more vast and comp
you are so many 'i never knews,' you are a billion firsts, you are me born again, all because... you. and I,
I would like to do my letters? I have lists I would like to complete and would like to do now If there is anything
Hey here's a story I must write to you all folks My mother was the one who shot you in the stomach. My mother took
Ok so here my topic of creating a space where people who like to write about it all. I would like to here about what it
Ok so here my topic of creating a space where people who like to write about it all. I would like to here about what it
I've almost grown but I am owned By murky, dangerous pangs; In inches that I've yet to gain, there's room enough to
she's wrapped up in her self righteous morals he's tied up with his reputation she is so intuitive of all potential h
Are you thinking of me Trying to absolve your guilt Are you seeing clearly Twisting realities you've built Time is
I have all these thoughts and questions that come into my head all the time, not enough of a thought to write a thread a
Hi guys, now that we had gotten to 20 pages with our words on this thread, unfortunately pagenation hath taken over, and
A little humour /comedy, also some girl/girl implication ---- He watches her, like a stalker, well- almost lik
Oh breath in to me, bring me back to life. Slowly kiss me, and bring back my light. You who are with out forsaking me, w

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We broke up on October 1st and as a reaction, I tried to reason with him to come back for 4 days (not consecutively) of the same week. The week after, I tried to reason with him only 1/7 days. I gave up, since he told me,"leave me alone", "move on", "I'm
1- I ask him knildy to let go of me. He rsfused. 2- we had this big fight, and he said a lots of things... a very hurtful words .. I was just look at him and felt very bad for both of us; cuz I know it is the end. 3- I don't want to be with anyo
I have known this person for a while, 7 years but the last few we have been apart maybe 3-5 hours away. We recently have began talking through social media recently. For the most part I haven't looked at her romantically, though we have kissed once when I
Has anyone heard of this? What is the basis for this curse, just that many people associated with Buddy Holly have died?
Does anyone have any stories/experiences with that? I'm an Aries and currently seeing an Aquarius man. Found them very eccentric and unique. Really drawn to their passion and ambition about certain things. Always seems that they're into a lot of new, craz
I am seriously curious about people who are happily dating. Newly married. Deeply involved...and still have time for posting in forums. Don't you have life NOW? Where do you find time to be working, having fully satisfying love life, house chores, err
So today I saw my Scorpio crush after a long time. Almost a year! We communicate online because of the long distance. I just can't tell if he likes me in person now that I saw him face to face again. Online and on social media he talks to me and he seems
Sun/Mars Sun in Virgo/Mars in Aries With this combo in your birth chart you may find yourself torn between opposing influences. While the more precipitous Aries prompts you to rush headlong into an intimate relationship, cautious Virgo reminds you t
Ever meet people or have friends who completely change habits, personality, and beliefs once they start dating somebody? Like bashing something, then getting hard for a woman or getting wet for a man who believes in something they bashed, and changing
Last year I went to the hospital and got diagnosed with two unrelated things, physical and mental. I was prescribed medicine for the physical illness but not the mental one. Not until nearly 4 months later, did I start to get medicine. Because of my deter
My Taurus took a uber home the other night and the driver was obviously going through something with his daughter and her life challenges..... things that apparently my Taurus was relating to in some way or another and he asked him "when is your daughter
Let's talk about Mercury. "Mercury, the messenger of the gods, is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo. Mercury is the messenger in Astrology as it is in Mythology. It is the planet of day-to-day expression and communication. Mercury’s action is to take thing
Hello to everyone here. This scorpio sun with a moon in libra likes me very much and I like him too. I've noticed his feelings are more intense than mine. (he vocalises this by saying 'i wish we were together' 'we should talk more because sometimes
People have been waiting for an update from me, and to be honest, I keep waiting to hear (better) news before I talk about it. This news doesn't come, and it been 6 and a half months since diagnosed and given a 12 month life span. I'll start with th
mostly aimed at heterosexual women. do you call your other straight female friends things like baby or sweetheart? something else affectionate? i'm gay and most of my friends are also gay women. and i don't call them these things. but i see on tv st
I am mad! Texting my daughter to find out if she is ok. She says yes. I am asking why am I always the first to text. She says sorry I am so busy! And we've been having this conversation for years. And I told her that one text takes a few seconds. And sh
Hi y'all! I'm meeting the sag I have been chatting with for almost a month tomorrow. He came in the country where I am today. He didnt come for me hahaha coincidence that he has a business and pleasure trip here. And how we met was through an online app w
Tell me a little about yourselves. I’m trying to understand my mothers Scorpio Venus as it’s the only thing in her chart I really don’t understand. Probably won’t get a lot of hits for this thread but I’m still gonna try. Also reading venus in Scorpio
Which synastry aspects indicate strong attachment? The aspects which gives a person a slight pang of insecurity, or irrational emotion, when a member of the same sex as him / her interacts with his / her partner. When researching for answers, Pluto asp