Hey here's a story I must write to you all folks My mother was the one who shot you in the stomach. My mother took
Ok so here my topic of creating a space where people who like to write about it all. I would like to here about what it
Ok so here my topic of creating a space where people who like to write about it all. I would like to here about what it
I've almost grown but I am owned By murky, dangerous pangs; In inches that I've yet to gain, there's room enough to
she's wrapped up in her self righteous morals he's tied up with his reputation she is so intuitive of all potential h
Are you thinking of me Trying to absolve your guilt Are you seeing clearly Twisting realities you've built Time is
I have all these thoughts and questions that come into my head all the time, not enough of a thought to write a thread a
Hi guys, now that we had gotten to 20 pages with our words on this thread, unfortunately pagenation hath taken over, and
A little humour /comedy, also some girl/girl implication ---- He watches her, like a stalker, well- almost lik
Oh breath in to me, bring me back to life. Slowly kiss me, and bring back my light. You who are with out forsaking me, w
wrote this a several years ago, so i'll share this short story. Twins. At eight, he sat watching his father
Come my love, let us dream. Your embrace sings songs made of melodies etched in eternity. I still feel your presence fro
Something I wrote a long time ago. For those who are going through. Knowing no comfort, I travel alone.. Lost, restle
Tears, my only warmth. Like fire, unsubmissive, you have ravaged all worthy of note within me. Upon this now barren so
a connection made of a magically suspended vulnerability. a defiance of gravity or some sort of release. as if som
Alright, I'm writing and drawing out a manga called Re-Source, it takes place in 2021 during a era to which many humans

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I am thinking of giving one a box of adventures -like a hand made box of stuff for us to do that's really fun. Do you think that would appeal to an Aqua or would it feel too sentimental?
Hey all, looking for advice in how to deal with an aries female friend of mine who I think is going wayyyy over the line recently in some interactions we've had. Basically i've had alot of things go aganist me recently, which has caused me to pull away
What is a relationship (both platonic and romantically speaking) between a Libra and Aquarius relationship? Specifically between a Libra male with Aquarius female and Aquarius male with Libra female? The good and the bad. Where do you feel it goes great a
I met a girl the other day that I liked immediately. She is super fun to talk to and very genuine and outspoken. I don't know her sign yet but I'm guessing cap or a fire sign. I'm going to write a bit about her and then tell me what sign you think she
When I leave him He takes it out on my shoelaces So slip ons from now on
maybe not just bad but also damaging to a relationship?
I have a stupid Venus in Virgo and I don't like it. Below is the main butter bit, that I hate. There's a link if you're interested in reading your own and finding your butter bit, that you wish you could change. "they show they care by nagging or criticizi
Is there anything exciting supposed to happen to us cancers? Either financially or business or love or moving or life. Anything at all! Other signs are all talking about retrograde in this and that and other things, but nothing ever seems to happen regar
How picky are you guys in love? What Venuses do you have good compatibility with? What mars? Is it true friendship is the most important thing?
Hi all, Should I be concerned if my Fiance accidentally called his child's mother by the old pet name he called her when they were together? They had been broken up for 9 months now It happened twice in which the first time I let it slide... the se
...who is much less attractive than you. Just remembered agreeing on a date with a guy who was shorter than me by 3in (though I like men of my height, but he was...short!) and he wore cowboy boots with heels and we had lunch and talked and I was just t