• My Little Boy Was An Apple Tree

    My little boy is an apple tree A seed in myself, and also in the ground Newborn, he needed extra care Fresh dirt and
  • Madly in love

    I'm madly in love with you Pisces and you love me. When i'm in your arms i feel bliss. When you kiss me i melt. But this
  • Confessions

    A young girl, lost and confused. An older boy of grief and gamble. 15 years of time and hope. Enter the wild card,
  • Hraethigaldur

    My soul is darkened My body conquered These eyes so keen Fear what they have seen For much blood, not mine Trails m
  • autel maxisys

    From Autel world workshops and technicians can find many excellent diagnostic tools like autel maxisys and autolink scan
  • Car Diagnostic Tool, Heavy Duty Diagnostic,Launch

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  • The Journey Home

    I have made many bad decisions throughout my life. A portion of these mistakes would have but a small effect towards my
  • when i was five

    It was the first of many times Where I would sit in my quiet room I looked at both my hands and said This is life, I
  • I feel stupid today...

    ... so I'll just drop this here. I'm not a poet, anyway. How was it, God, How was it like... that whisper, that furt
  • Poetry I write

    Arterial Ending I sat and watched the blood Flowing through my veins Im a pathetic sorry mess Looking at my arms
  • Poetry I write

    Drug Stapled Diet Swimming in Molly pool Eat some xannex candy With blue pill fondue Crack pipe breakfast Weed
  • poems..(not mine lol)

    Begotten I've never, as some children do, looked at my folks and thought, I must have come from someone els
  • when i know you

    when your eyes gently purse i know you are glad when you fix a downward smirk at me i know i have nowhere to run whe
  • The Pleasant Pessimist

    Drop this immense weight you carry the world's problems and call help yourself to some wine and be merry faith is a b
  • Any great writers in the house??

    Are there any really good writers in DXP?? What kind of tips would you give someone trying to compose a fantasy short. A
  • Mindfart

    I remember the dogs barking, the way the gate would ever so slightly screech like an attempt to thwart my attempts to es
  • Whistleblower Tools For Plagiarism

    Plagiarism Detectors - type or copy/paste what you see written and presto these little suckers come in handy when you're
  • Recent Topics

  • Being Romantic according to you

    What does being romantic means to you? What does it mean when a guy says i am not romantic at all ?
  • [Random Boring Thread] Mars Venus - Progressed

    So i have mars and venus in capricorn in my progressed chart and in my natal chart it's in sagg. does it mean that i'd been born to be a treetrunkboy but the earth want to me to be a good guy.
  • How my patience is changing an Aquarius

    *Another update* Finally my Aquarius completely broke up with his ex. And last night after teasing me a few times that i shud find a good guy for marriage etc... and taking my breath away with this change...then laughing suddenly..... He finally sai
  • Space photos

    -Will be regularly updated- http://www.esa.int/var/esa/storage/images/esa_multimedia/images/2018/03/egg_island_bahamas/17433390-1-eng-GB/Egg_Island_Bahamas_node_full_image_2.jpg http://www.esa.int/var/esa/storage/images/esa_multimedia/images/2016/
  • What to do next...

    I started a “close relationship” with an Aqua man in January. We’ve known each other almost 5 years. A bit of background...he’s in a ltr, I’m married. One day we started texting each other about everyday things and next thing I know we both admitting to w
  • Please can someone do me a Chart Interpretation

    for Fun this is mine :D Rising Sign 01 Degrees Capricorn Sun is in 11 Degrees Sagittarius. Moon is in 24 Degrees Libra. Mercury is in 26 Degrees Scorpio. Venus is in 11 Degrees Scorpio. Mars is in 08 Degrees Capricorn.
  • Happy birthday @WittyGem88v2!!! 🧠💎🎂

    Witty Gem 🧠💎- brain and diamond......get it? We all wish you a 💥 🔥hawt hawt hawt 🔥💥birthday & may you keep peroxiding the grey away! The funnelweb & redback spiders are waiting to welcome your ripe-for-biting booty. Oh btw! https://c1.staticflickr.
  • Anyone here who is mixed race?

    Just curious how many are like me! Lol
  • Do you believe in miracles?

    I'm not really religious but my grandma was given rosary beads by a nun when she was 14 (90 years ago) she's passed now and i have them now. They're old and broken but they're the only thing I own that's sentimental to me. Over 40 years ago, one of my
  • Starting today Im now a Cancer

    according to @The_Mad_H8r 's I am actually a Cancer... who would of thought???? Will y'all except me ? Somehow I think not 😂
  • What does it take for an immature cancer to mature?

    What does it take for an immature cancer to mature? I'm in love with an immature cancer. She fits the description very well --- every emotion is a negation of the last, hypersensitive, etc. I'm just wondering what does it take for an immature cancer to ma
  • I'm dating a Libra man (on the Virgo cusp) with a Scorpio moon

    So far the relationship is very intense, we seem to have a strong connection and understand each other well emotionally. So far so good. ;)
  • Calling all Aquarius or people who deal wit Aqua! I'm confused!

    My question is: If Aqua guy SUDDENLY blocked me at Instagram, deleted the old facebook friend request (he usually ignores friend requests) BUT he leaves the option open at Twitter, my other Facebook and Instagram (for family and friends). Does it mean he
  • here we go

    I met a Pisces with a Leo moon and Sag ascendant. At this point I may be past the hope of prayers, but pray for me anyways. Compatibility is mildly terrible, but I’m going for it anyways because that’s what I do. I’ve noticed I really like Sag ascendan