What's on your mind? Give me a good story.
You came because I willed you, I was lonely and I didn't want to be anymore I didn't feel you at all at first But I ca
we are watching the moon in our sleep, we try to see the world through a kaleisescope of colors and i'd lock you up in
if i were to write a poem for you it would be completely unusual it would not rhyme it would not be haunted with emot
This dream within me...persists...with the passion of the arrow. Haunting every thought. The sweetest nightmare. I can'
Today, almost everyone is facing a financial crisis. With the ever changing economy, some failed to immediately adapt w
Imagine... Another day at work, with her hair done up, discreet studs upon her delicate ears, the lady wrapped, b
you dont work, you dont treetrunk, you dont do no god dam thing psh, cookiemonster shutup i see death around tha cona, gotta
Just a dude Not always at my best I never really know If I???ll past the tests Got to go forth With heart and min
Is it you? Are you...her. You see, I have to ask. This heart of mine is fragile. With each break I must strengthen
Trial- self love. ( Letter 1) Dear Wag, I've seen you around and you seem like a really awesome person... I have
The wound is where light enters. Don't let the dark of your past consume the kindness that remains in your heart. Do wh
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It's been a while since we've spoken. Parts of you reflect back at times, it's a constant reminder that you are part of
lip- lithe crescent- press betwixt lay furtive kingdoms touch reams petals bare

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After observing men for a long time, I believe they've always wanted someone, whom they can't seems to have. It's annoying and I am being judgemental now. Who cares! [img]https://i.imgur.com/pK4IQyu.jpg[/img] Edit: I am just venting and sulking.
On my iPhone, I’m having a major problem with a google ad that keeps popping up and redirecting DXP to another site to win a fake prize!! It’s happened 100 times. I can hardly use DXP. I have to keep refreshing. Most of the time, it doesn’t stop redire
Getting tired of DXP. this website is turning into instagram mixed with ashley madison for clock-ticking cat herders, cheating husbands and lolitas. Then you have ands and his infinite herd of teletubies yapping after all his posts. I miss reading leg
What speaks “I love you” to a Virgo moon? What makes a Virgo moon feel loved?
I have known this cancerian lady for a while. When we first met, it was fairly casual and relaxed until she learnt of my open sexuality (more swinging towards the gay spectrum) Over the years she has made comments, but I figured that was just part of her
Hello all. It's Sagittarius's time of the year. So would you take a look at this and give me some feedbacks, please? It's for a good cause. . Thanks. . . https://goo.gl/FEs56k
When some one tells me for example that they love dark chocolate and then I respond by saying dark chocolates not my thing, then they reply by adding its not something they really love. Like you just flaked on something you "love" to what? Try to impress
Leo and virgo Or Leo and pisces. Why? Any experience?
Any thoughts or advice on how these two work in a relationship? My feeling is that it’s a tough Due to communication issues. This is my boyfriend & I. Was just wondering others experience & see if it’s similar.
In this couple(if there are any haha) what are some of the issues you've faced? ..Cappy's are a trip lmao
I am a Cancer, so this is weird. Went on a date with a Cancer I've been talking to for months, we finally hung out. Went bowling, he was really good, I did pretty well. He was impressed, went back to his house, hung out with his three roommates for ab
Was not sure where to put this, or if there is even an answer for it. I have an aquaintence who is really into new age practices and tends to talk about them a lot. Any way I really enjoy talking to her about some of those topics. But when ever I'm aroun
I feel like we are special, melodramatic, deep, artistic, crazy and sentimental people. The way we view life is truly special. We should realize that. That is all.
Hello! New scorp on here :P. Always would come on here, but never actually made an account. Anyway, I've been seeing this Sag guy for a week and it's been one of the biggest rollercoasters of my life. At first, he was the biggest sweetheart and now nothin
From personal experience, research you've conducted or astrological factors, help me understand why some men are abusive. I don't know why, but I have been thinking about abusive relationships a lot lately. Probably because I just watched the Oscar Pisto
This is not a #humbebrag thread, so don't be humble. Tell us things you are proud of yourself for, things that make you powerful, different, etc. Are you super hot? Are you super talented in something? Give us the deets. Go on Astro peeps. https://38.
all the women caught cheating on DXP are scorpio women... discuss this facade of loyalty and fidelity.