• Write...?!

    Ok so here my topic of creating a space where people who like to write about it all. I would like to here about what it
  • Sleep instead

    I've almost grown but I am owned By murky, dangerous pangs; In inches that I've yet to gain, there's room enough to
  • player's dance

    she's wrapped up in her self righteous morals he's tied up with his reputation she is so intuitive of all potential h
  • brain fart

    Are you thinking of me Trying to absolve your guilt Are you seeing clearly Twisting realities you've built Time is
  • My own personal Blog

    I have all these thoughts and questions that come into my head all the time, not enough of a thought to write a thread a
  • Word Association DXP style 2...

    Hi guys, now that we had gotten to 20 pages with our words on this thread, unfortunately pagenation hath taken over, and
  • The Stalker

    A little humour /comedy, also some girl/girl implication ---- He watches her, like a stalker, well- almost lik
  • No title(just something from the heart)

    Oh breath in to me, bring me back to life. Slowly kiss me, and bring back my light. You who are with out forsaking me, w
  • Twins

    wrote this a several years ago, so i'll share this short story. Twins. At eight, he sat watching his father
  • Dream

    Come my love, let us dream. Your embrace sings songs made of melodies etched in eternity. I still feel your presence fro
  • Sorrow.

    Something I wrote a long time ago. For those who are going through. Knowing no comfort, I travel alone.. Lost, restle
  • Broken dream

    Tears, my only warmth. Like fire, unsubmissive, you have ravaged all worthy of note within me. Upon this now barren so
  • confession

    a connection made of a magically suspended vulnerability. a defiance of gravity or some sort of release. as if som
  • Which sounds like a good plotline for my manga?

    Alright, I'm writing and drawing out a manga called Re-Source, it takes place in 2021 during a era to which many humans
  • Sarah Turnbull - author of Almost French

    One of my favourite books, Almost French is lovely cross-cultural story of how Sarah makes her way into French life from
  • My Soul

    A Stillness that cannot be broken. A darkness that cannot be lit. A Cruelness as viscious as the raging ocean. But th
  • Recent Topics

  • Dreams about being chased

    Hello all. I keep having dreams that I am being chased but I am able to escape. The first one was at a location / home that I have no recollection of. An older unknown woman who appeared to be mentally insane was chasing me and I had hid in a dark hidden
  • Vgals / Vguys - which signs do you attract most?

    For me: Leo (capuee), Sags (they make me giggle) , Libras (πŸ‘ŽπŸ½) πŸ‘‹πŸ½See ya... Whom I want to attract: Caps & Scorpios 😬 (I’m bias AF with these 2) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‹πŸ‘…
  • Taurus moon β™₯β™₯ Cancer moon

    Do you know any couple of this combo? What are their sun signs? Whats good? Whats bad and how you handle it?
  • I think Cancer is the worst zodiac sign

    https://image.ibb.co/jq3HxH/Change_My_Mind_07042018143521.jpg Can you prove that I am wrong? Show me cancer celebrities that are nice and smart and I will change my mind. All the Cancers I know are miserable and or stupid, it is what it is.
  • im Taurus and Can't do emotional attachments?

    maybe you can help me understand myself. I'm Taurus sun, Libra Moon, Gemini Mars, Aquarius neptune. also taurus saturn, taurus venus, and taurus jupiter. I cant bring myself to form romantic relationships. If I like someone, once they try to initiate so
  • Taurus compatibilities

    Sun Taurus/Moon Aquarius vs. all Aquarian moons (virgo/aqua, aries/aqua, etc.,) been wondering how they would all work out with taurus/aqua.
  • Random Favorites

    https://youtu.be/31vkrOsX9CY https://youtu.be/ly0muwEs2BM https://youtu.be/YBpg0zjTLbA
  • Mental Asylum of Utter Madness- 24/7 Stinger Home!

    Let lose, be yourself, vent it all out if you must. Fellow Stingers and Scorpion Dominants, this is your place to go cra
  • Hasn't said those 3 words after 2 years ?

    Should I be worried ? He often says I'm the best and that I'm really cute. He seems to enjoy cooking for me a lot a getting me little presents. But he's never said that he loves me.
  • Venus?

    What thoughts do you have on Pisces Venus in 10th house? What are your Venus signs? Write your thoughts.
  • Appreciate Art ❀

    [IMG]http://i65.tinypic.com/33z3d6g.png[/IMG] For more: http://www.fridacastelli.com/gallery.php?type=1
  • Venus in Aquarius in the 12th house mars in Scorpio in the 9th house obsessive ?

    So i am not supposed to talk about this but i actually try to study obsessive behavior by placements and signs so i have a gut feeling that a guy that has contacted me a few months ago since i stream is the same i broke contact with 2 years ago because of
  • Tarot Readings

    I'm posting this under Miscellaneous because the Tarot Forum 'Gremlin' keeps treetr*nking with my thread submission. Anyway... I'll gladly do a Tarot Reading for the first 2 respondents to this message; excluding the following people: aquaglass Car
  • The Reef 2.o 🐑🐚🐳🐠

    Since evidently numerous previous attempts at creating a safe space for us aquamarine creatures have fallen pray to Neptune’s ebbing moods, I figured what’s one more attempt at forging a nook marked by casual atmosphere where we could congregate witho
  • I'm done with being a Gemini

    It is so exhausting. We go through so many changes and so many transformations. I am only 24 years old yet I feel like I've lived 3 lifetimes, being 3 completely different people, with 3 completely different values, morals, etc. I am always changing every
  • In two days it's going to be my 5th DXP birthday

    I'm just warning you guys, it's going to be a huge party