Something I wrote a long time ago. For those who are going through. Knowing no comfort, I travel alone.. Lost, restle
Tears, my only warmth. Like fire, unsubmissive, you have ravaged all worthy of note within me. Upon this now barren so
a connection made of a magically suspended vulnerability. a defiance of gravity or some sort of release. as if som
Alright, I'm writing and drawing out a manga called Re-Source, it takes place in 2021 during a era to which many humans
One of my favourite books, Almost French is lovely cross-cultural story of how Sarah makes her way into French life from
A Stillness that cannot be broken. A darkness that cannot be lit. A Cruelness as viscious as the raging ocean. But th
There is a beast locked within me. Its cage bar are thin. deep inside it lays within.
Requiem for a Dream; souls lost, but never forgotten. Saved once but long ago. By one whom have passed forth. U
What's on your mind? Give me a good story.
You came because I willed you, I was lonely and I didn't want to be anymore I didn't feel you at all at first But I ca
we are watching the moon in our sleep, we try to see the world through a kaleisescope of colors and i'd lock you up in
if i were to write a poem for you it would be completely unusual it would not rhyme it would not be haunted with emot
This dream within me...persists...with the passion of the arrow. Haunting every thought. The sweetest nightmare. I can'
Today, almost everyone is facing a financial crisis. With the ever changing economy, some failed to immediately adapt w
Imagine... Another day at work, with her hair done up, discreet studs upon her delicate ears, the lady wrapped, b
you dont work, you dont treetrunk, you dont do no god dam thing psh, cookiemonster shutup i see death around tha cona, gotta

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I got it. Why am I so unsatisfied? I got what I wanted. I got everything I wanted.
When someone else has the lead? Mostly in relationships or work related. Do you try to get back the lead? Do you expect people to allow you to lead?
Those who have had an emotionally, verbally or physically abusive relationship, how long did it take you to heal? This can include romantic partner, parent or even a friendship that was toxic. Sometimes I feel so strong and some days I feel so damn bro
Well... That’s what I need right now is problem with another man! Cancer is traveling for his business weekly. He used to make an effort to see me right before he is going to airport to fly to frigging AZ, Utah, OK... Happens that he is getting so
When I was a kid, I wanted to be like Bill Clinton ~ handsome, lawyer and president at the young age of 46. I'm 2/3 he is now... but I doubt I will be president too just like him. I want to be a mayor or a governor though. :)
You know what to do! :) I've got them, you've got them, let's share them all. Our joys, sorrows and whatever life t
i really enjoyed "my happy family" in an inside view of other cultures and how they live. so i saw this, and it's only 23 minutes. it's an inside look of Georgian life, of trading and of the poverty. What is so sad is that ambition is stamped out by t
What are y'all doing for V-Day this year? Going out with friends? Having a date night with your s/o? Dressing up/down? Traveling? Gift-giving? Card-writing?
The Reference list 'should' be able to help people regardless of if you're just getting into astrology or want to learn more, or just want to check out other sites content. This is a work in progress and will be updated daily, for approximately the ne
I was seeing an Aries guy last year, started off great but we both didn't want anything serious as he was moving away by the end of the year and I just got out of a serious relationship. Long Story short, I didn't like him at first as time goes by I j
"Hey would you wanna go to Starbucks/Panera later and have a little snack/tea/coffee/sugary treat? " Is this the equivalent of I have bad news to tell you so I wanna meet in a neutral place? Broke up with him in January and we have just been awkwar
So i know many virgo's including myself mainly male virgo's who do fraud and they always want to include me into things like they find me suitable for the job
How are all the Scorps doing this fine year? Anyone here from the past? How's the infamous sock puppets doing? lol :-) Previous screenname wouldn't let me sign in.. looks like there's been some serious changes here. Will take a look around and s
I'm a taurus man and I want to know how to tell if a cancer girls is interested?
how do you feel about it? are you comfortable displaying PDA?
What moon signs are you most attracted to & Why? I read somewhere that there are certain attractions that can't be helped. For example, as a leo moon.. I almost always find myself becoming really attracted to aries moons & a lot of my fellow leo mooners
Just to ask. Does anyone see any similarities between Cancer and Libra?