I can't sleep, there's a scrinch in my eye... I wouldn't mind just a squadge more ice cream, thank you. Taking a dawble down to the water. She pondled her eyebrows thoughfully. Everybody kludgeons occasionally, don't be concerned. If I coul
I gave this a shot. I typed this up. I don't care if you like it or not. I suggest not to try this at home or wherever you had the opportunity ;). Not responsible for injuries or death. Aries- Introduce a Male to another Male. Rams are territori
The memory of The guarded softness of the night lamp. Hands that stretched and soothed and held. Gnarled bony wisdom rests in mine. First sight of reaching, giving solace. Providers. The thirst is quenched, the tummy fed. Gnarled knuckles reachi
Writing Competition There will be a total of three assignments that will be given one at a time with a different set of instructions. The winner (and maybe a second and third place) will be announced after the third one. If I would have a great problem
The first time they did it, they didn’t look at each other, turned away their eyes—the blues and the greens quick and furtive; instead their eyes locked onto some wall, some flooring or finding the footwear somehow more interesting. They took to noddin
Would anyone be interested in participating in a writing competition?
It doesn’t matter. Locked away in their silent world, without anyone to guard her virtue. He's her protector, hands move as if she wills it, already avaricious, roams her body, fingers nudging against the exposed flesh, and he releases a kind of agonized
Would you buy me a pond, place lotus and flowers there. Or would you find a way to change my shape, to walk beside you in the evenings, if you were a scientist, would you change all that? if you were a surgeon, would you cut me, place me under a dru
About a time I was 24 with shingles lol Young Shingles I'm laying here with dormant chicken pox exposed On my backside Creeping down my front side With you by my side I wouldn't even touch me I wouldn't even love me I wouldn't even want to
Ever wonder what people mean by that besides from fun bedroom games? The appeal of it? The kind of people that do this kind of writing? Curious to hear experiences of a roleplayer? Well use this thread to ask away, I've done it for years and have
For my profile here: working on the next chapter as we speak, so maybe a projected postdate for the next chapter? What would anyone even want to know about the author, aside from the fact if they can tell a half-way decent story or not? Anyone?

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What is you sun, moon, mars, Saturn and Jupiter in?
I need good Pluto aspect Venus songs so I can obsess...
Before I start I'm not writing this to start any trouble it's simply out of curiosity. So I have noticed that Some, (not all) Scorpian woman don't like the innocent, sweet and flirty type of woman. I don't know why but I feel like they feel threatened
I know everyone wasn't raised under disciplinary action, I just think relationships work better when y'all agree on certain highly intimate things.. I don't think a whoopin ever really hurt anybody. I find spankin to be intimate. I think I have a great he
After i've made the boring account done, (one picture where i'm average af) and no description ("french dude"). i've had a match, kind of surprised i had a match, i'm so surprised i've done everything for fail'. she's an aquarius from london and plus she
Do I have to subscribe for likes or any other notifications other than some quotes?
seem like you are mad at them, when you are not, but they seem to do this because they feel insecure or feel threatened by you....and this making you out to seem mad at them is done ultimately so you have to go after THEM to win their affection?
1. Think of somebody you are incompatible with whether it's on DXP or RL *incompatible - you dislike or cant get along with 2. Was the incompatibility immediate or gradual? 3. What is the reason? I need both charts. Thanks.
Me... As a Virgo, my favorite is none other than Lee Kuan Yew (September 16, 1923)! As a Rabbit, it will be Albert Einstein (March 15, 1879)! :)
i am in a relationship with a cancer woman and she is super sensitive to me (the slightest thing that i say/do hurts her even if i was just being honest with her). i am just worried right now that she might blame her sensitivity to me on me --- like she m
If you subscribe I will do an extended reading to November 2018. If you want the general reading 1. Post hand and palm picture 2. A gif on how you feel about your ears and hands Happy meal combo, the universe is giving out coupons. Take it.
On December 19th, the end of this flawless year, I won't be receiving a dick in a box like I had hoped and prayed to Santa for, but I will be receiving the gift of Saturn leaving my flaw-free Moon sign. I will no longer have to deal with big, hard, mean,
The jokes got to be stupid(my fav), funny, or creative(pics,gifs,etc). If you scared deactivate your DXP account. I want to encourage the Girls to do the same for their Powder Room. (Go Hard; put these mfs in tears lol) You can always hide your pos
It's been a tough few years. Had my Saturn Return in Scorpio and then Saturn in Sagittarius. Curious to know what my fellow Saggies have gone through, and learned in this time!
Before I start I'm not writing this to start any trouble it's simply out of curiosity. So I have noticed that Some, (not all) Scorpian woman don't like the innocent, sweet and flirty type of woman. I don't know why but I feel like they feel threatened
my all time favorite top 3 are tegan and sara this is their current 'signature" song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9e9NSMY8QiQ the cranberries delores is a virgo everyone has heard this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Ejga4kJUts
http://mymodernmet.com/okawa-kagu-cat-furniture/ Recently, we’ve introduced you to a range of cat-tastic designs that demonstrate how modern cat furniture doesn’t have to be an eyesore. Cat-sized cardboard landmarks, tetris cat towers, and even a new l