I can't sleep, there's a scrinch in my eye... I wouldn't mind just a squadge more ice cream, thank you. Taking a dawble down to the water. She pondled her eyebrows thoughfully. Everybody kludgeons occasionally, don't be concerned. If I coul
I gave this a shot. I typed this up. I don't care if you like it or not. I suggest not to try this at home or wherever you had the opportunity ;). Not responsible for injuries or death. Aries- Introduce a Male to another Male. Rams are territori
The memory of The guarded softness of the night lamp. Hands that stretched and soothed and held. Gnarled bony wisdom rests in mine. First sight of reaching, giving solace. Providers. The thirst is quenched, the tummy fed. Gnarled knuckles reachi
Writing Competition There will be a total of three assignments that will be given one at a time with a different set of instructions. The winner (and maybe a second and third place) will be announced after the third one. If I would have a great problem
The first time they did it, they didn’t look at each other, turned away their eyes—the blues and the greens quick and furtive; instead their eyes locked onto some wall, some flooring or finding the footwear somehow more interesting. They took to noddin
Would anyone be interested in participating in a writing competition?
It doesn’t matter. Locked away in their silent world, without anyone to guard her virtue. He's her protector, hands move as if she wills it, already avaricious, roams her body, fingers nudging against the exposed flesh, and he releases a kind of agonized
Would you buy me a pond, place lotus and flowers there. Or would you find a way to change my shape, to walk beside you in the evenings, if you were a scientist, would you change all that? if you were a surgeon, would you cut me, place me under a dru
About a time I was 24 with shingles lol Young Shingles I'm laying here with dormant chicken pox exposed On my backside Creeping down my front side With you by my side I wouldn't even touch me I wouldn't even love me I wouldn't even want to

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'The Sixth Sense' by M. Night Shyamalan (stars Bruce Willis, Haley Joel Osment) Beautiful, spiritual, chilling, deep...
I went out with my cousins on st patties day and I bought them a round of drinks. It totaled up to like 36 bucks. I kept checking my checking and nothing was taken out. I even looked at my credit card statements I even signed the paper to approve the tra
CaramelizedCoffee just made a topic bluntly saying as a cancer, that Money is more important than Love. She literally said it's all bout Sex or Money. This is the first time any of you had said it bluntly, but I'm certain it IS this same exact mentality t
Silver fox or grandpa needs Viagra? Many of my friends have grey hair, I've been fortunate for a while, but it's starting to happen one by little shiny one. All the women tell me it's attractive and it looks "distinguished". Im calling Bullbutter! I
I'm going to have to say Capricorn Im sorry but they're completely useless entities I'm always shocked ppl want to date them le alone spend a lifetime with them.
Have any of you fellow pisces ever lost interest or attraction in a partner and never regained it? Some people are able to get the "spark" back but for me, once its gone, its gone for good. What are your placements?
in photos but in real life you are ( more so than most or even every other woman)?
My leo man was very warm and affectionate at the beginning of the relationship however, now i feel like he doesn’t care at all. I will be very honest I have “fairytale” mindset about love, everything right all the time but I do understand that it can also
A man's scent is one of the biggest aphrodisiacs for me. Sometimes the guy isn't even attractive but the perfume he is wearing is making me super drawn to him. Like a stranger on the bus wearing a perfume I like and I feel like bury my nose in his neck l
...acting like your birth chart placements? Do you think people tend to be influenced by learning their chart, and fall into the roles as a result?
That's crucial!!!! You may all know that but I keep realizing time after time that I can't analyze well my natal chart cause i view it subjectively. Just like when I was reading psychology to analyze myself.. Sounds funny but I was doing it all through my
I've been seeing a Libra man long distance for about 8 months now. It started off really intense, he called and messaged me every day. At the beginning he use to tell me I was gorgeous and would always compliment and flatter me. This died down after about
While he's away for a 4 day stag party.... I feel odd bugging him haha considering we just chat and have hung out a couple times. Why on earth would he want a girl to text or call while he's up to boy shenanigans?! Virgo men are odd creatures lol.
OK guys so this is a bit more complicated so bear with me please. I was engaged to a Capricorn with whom I have 2 kids. He told me he needs a break because of his financial issues in the summer 2017 so me and the kids moved to my hometown. There I met thi
First of all, thank you everyone for the advice you gave me about my aqua. Its amazing. I really took all the infos y’all shared with me and used those here and there to deal with my aqua. Had skype with him the other day and we talked, discussed my n
Just give me what I want and we can work the friendship in! XD https://media.giphy.com/media/xUySTSAZTlwTD8NOdW/giphy.gif https://media.giphy.com/media/luwbyMWvAEMM0/giphy.gif