It doesn’t matter. Locked away in their silent world, without anyone to guard her virtue. He's her protector, hands move as if she wills it, already avaricious, roams her body, fingers nudging against the exposed flesh, and he releases a kind of agonized
Would you buy me a pond, place lotus and flowers there. Or would you find a way to change my shape, to walk beside you in the evenings, if you were a scientist, would you change all that? if you were a surgeon, would you cut me, place me under a dru
About a time I was 24 with shingles lol Young Shingles I'm laying here with dormant chicken pox exposed On my backside Creeping down my front side With you by my side I wouldn't even touch me I wouldn't even love me I wouldn't even want to
Ever wonder what people mean by that besides from fun bedroom games? The appeal of it? The kind of people that do this kind of writing? Curious to hear experiences of a roleplayer? Well use this thread to ask away, I've done it for years and have
For my profile here: working on the next chapter as we speak, so maybe a projected postdate for the next chapter? What would anyone even want to know about the author, aside from the fact if they can tell a half-way decent story or not? Anyone?
So ever wanted to learn a bit more astrology without having actually sit down and study it like a subject in school? This story might be an answer for you. You'll be entertained and along the way will pick up so much astro stuff that people might think
The moon up above It shines down upon our skin Whispering words that scream of outrageous sin We all want the stuff that's found in our wildest dreams It gets kinda rough in the back of our limousine That's what we are We all want a love b
Plot: Ever since 1823, an order has been in existence in the world. Now with all the various technological advances, wars, and changes among the many countries and nations of the world, one would think that this “order” would inevitably die if it cou
Dedicated to my Moon partner Tiziani They say pick a goal and find your path, and march your way to your destiny. But there was so many fates to choose from, while everyone was headed in a straight line, my path was being weaved all over the map as I
Realised that I would like to hear what people think about my little poem - just curious as to how people read it, as I am notorious for writing poems which are not always easily understood. You can be as harsh as you like as long as you're honest and con

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An individual with natal Moon in the 12th house is always extremely sensitive to external currents, highly intuitive and with a tendency to hide their emotions. This placement can make the individual quite vulnerable, but also bring gifts of clairvoyance.
What moon signs are you most attracted to & Why? I read somewhere that there are certain attractions that can't be helped. For example, as a leo moon.. I almost always find myself becoming really attracted to aries moons & a lot of my fellow leo mooners
Iv been talking to Gemini for a while met a couple times always something to talk about but he gets moody sometimes... I got jealous and we had a mini argument but came through.. He admitted he liked me first too what's people's thoughts he seems abit bos
I'm a Cap Sun/Virgo Rising/ Pisces Moon. I was curious what Pisces want in a relationship? What do you girls look for. I feel so much for Pisces Sun, yet I have not found one that is compatible for the long run. I also feel like my Venus in 4th House Sag
And is she an icon? Discuss
Hi everyone. My best friend who recently got married (she is 38) and just came from her fairytale honeymoon (destination wise) just asked me what I think of the fact that her husband didn't post any photo of thebtwo of them together on IG, but he did post
you are happy with the money you make and where you are career wise Or do you instead just feel like you're kind of going through the motions with your job and your life And how old are you Most of the people I know are just going through th
(if you have time, that was my story: Or long story short, he did the breakup in last June, then one week later he said he still like me and we can start again if I can support him.
This for research, Lunarian people tell me your moon sign + rank too Here goes mine: Moon Pisces Rank 1 (13.7%)
What's the best and worst job for a Libra?
some questions about ig😃 Do u have it? Do u follow back immediately? Who u let to follow u? Why would u delete a follow request? Do u follow or let be followed by strangers? What does it take for u to follow someone? Any other information is we
a pretty face is everything for me to like a girl physically😃 Ik a girl here she has the most gorgeous face i ever seen,shes short,chubby and has bigger under body than upper body😃 I think there is no guy who wouldn't date her😀 Hbu?what