• Writing exercises

    I was asked to make writing exercises, so I thought I'd try to do that. So, write a flash fiction of a maximum of 300 words and give me your major mercury aspects, including orbs, and I'll give you a writing exercise that I think might help. I won't do it
  • Poems

    The Genius Of The Crowd There is enough treachery, hatred violence absurdity in the average human being to supply any given army on any given day and the best at murder are those who preach against it and the best at hate are those who preach love
  • Motivational Quotes

    What are the quotes that helps motivate you?
  • the sorceress and belts

    something quick I wrote. --- [IMG]http://i64.tinypic.com/2n8xav7.jpg[/IMG] It was common knowledge: The sorceress wore too many belts, and oftentimes, she would flick a little silvery dust off her gown. The shine and sheen of her belts twinkled
  • My Favorite Blogs

    http://momentsfromsuburbia.blogspot.com.au/ "Time here is moving more slowly than in most places. There is a large cloud on the horizon and I am not sure when it will finally approach, how long can I leave it, how long will it take, or if I am strong eno
  • Word play

    I can't sleep, there's a scrinch in my eye... I wouldn't mind just a squadge more ice cream, thank you. Taking a dawble down to the water. She pondled her eyebrows thoughfully. Everybody kludgeons occasionally, don't be concerned. If I coul
  • Stuff that Offends the signs. Based on what they are.

    I gave this a shot. I typed this up. I don't care if you like it or not. I suggest not to try this at home or wherever you had the opportunity ;). Not responsible for injuries or death. Aries- Introduce a Male to another Male. Rams are territori
  • My Mothers Hands

    The memory of The guarded softness of the night lamp. Hands that stretched and soothed and held. Gnarled bony wisdom rests in mine. First sight of reaching, giving solace. Providers. The thirst is quenched, the tummy fed. Gnarled knuckles reachi
  • The Writing Competition

    Writing Competition There will be a total of three assignments that will be given one at a time with a different set of instructions. The winner (and maybe a second and third place) will be announced after the third one. If I would have a great problem
  • Dirty and Sweet

    The first time they did it, they didn’t look at each other, turned away their eyes—the blues and the greens quick and furtive; instead their eyes locked onto some wall, some flooring or finding the footwear somehow more interesting. They took to noddin
  • Recent Topics

  • Aries moon

    To my fellow Aries mooners, what do you love about our moon sign? Other non-Aries mooners could also share their experience with Aries mooners they personally know :)
  • Any Pisces advise :(

    Hell all Please need an advise , i am lost with this Pisces man , first we text over app he was very nice and said that he likes me , then he add me on fb and always he initiate the chat i asked if we can meet soon and he said yes sure , now i am always
  • suffocating virgos

    What's the reason why you're too suffocating in giving love?
  • Any insights on these placements?

    Aqua sun Cancer rising Cancer moon Aqua Venus Libra Mars I'm trying to figure him out. Any insights?
  • how to deal with hoarders

    My girlfriend holds onto everything and can't let materialistic things go and I can't stand it. I consider myself a minimalist and this butter drives me nuts. Paying for a storage unit full of butter. She has an entire walk in closet full of clothes that she
  • Music That Cheers Up

    For the sad and lonely, this thread is for you. If you're feeling blue, just click this thread. :) From 1977... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Fsfod891J0
  • I saw his text to his ex ...📲

    So this morning after breakfast he went in the shower and left his phone out and I went through it, I went back reading messages from him and his ex who he was with for 11 years. She knows about me and I know about her we have met in person we're very p
  • Another Cap hero..:-(

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vrGMdv6LYU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34lH-OzJRME Born January 8th ---------------- 'He gave himself so others would have a chance': Heartbreaking open-casket funeral is held for heroic Santa Fe school shooting
  • Tell me about your successful manifesting stories.

    I've been going hard with manifesting and its changing my life. What are some things you've manifested?! What's your process. I'm very interested in hearing how other people have created their current situations.
  • Just got played

    was reading a topic called "ever got played" and it was deleted the very second I clicked on the next page! CANCER SUN PISCES MOON
  • Dedicate a song to a Gemini Thread xoxoxox

    Us when we are secretly heartbroken: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fd_AtH0yVqU But we have to put on a fake smile and chit-chat with people like everything is OK, but secretly we are dying inside and everyone thinks "wow, look at good they are getti
  • He says it’s too big

    Big guy, 7 foot tall...says his peen is also big and most women can’t take it. I wanna try it but I’m scared. Any of y’all have big d*cks? What do u do to accommodate women? Or ladies that have had Big ones...what do you do to prepare? It’ll be my first
  • Making Pisces man aggressive

    I keep attracting angry Pisces men I’m an Aries sun (12th House), cap moon, Pisces venus and aqua mars (both 11 houses) I also have my 12th House (hidden enemies) in Pisces My Juno(12th House) is in Pisces too These men are so aggressive and they try
  • bye to my 16 hours naps

    I cant sleep for butter I think its bc I got into a car accident the other day i got bleeding lip, nothing major I didnt panic when it happened but once it was over I started panicing , Ive never panicked or felt like that before it was strange