when i fall and nobody is there to lift me i wonder if i still believe we are all meant to be loved. give me love
Hey here's a story I must write to you all folks My mother was the one who shot you in the stomach. My mother took
Ok so here my topic of creating a space where people who like to write about it all. I would like to here about what it
Ok so here my topic of creating a space where people who like to write about it all. I would like to here about what it
I've almost grown but I am owned By murky, dangerous pangs; In inches that I've yet to gain, there's room enough to
she's wrapped up in her self righteous morals he's tied up with his reputation she is so intuitive of all potential h
Are you thinking of me Trying to absolve your guilt Are you seeing clearly Twisting realities you've built Time is
I have all these thoughts and questions that come into my head all the time, not enough of a thought to write a thread a
Hi guys, now that we had gotten to 20 pages with our words on this thread, unfortunately pagenation hath taken over, and
A little humour /comedy, also some girl/girl implication ---- He watches her, like a stalker, well- almost lik
Oh breath in to me, bring me back to life. Slowly kiss me, and bring back my light. You who are with out forsaking me, w
wrote this a several years ago, so i'll share this short story. Twins. At eight, he sat watching his father
Come my love, let us dream. Your embrace sings songs made of melodies etched in eternity. I still feel your presence fro
Something I wrote a long time ago. For those who are going through. Knowing no comfort, I travel alone.. Lost, restle
Tears, my only warmth. Like fire, unsubmissive, you have ravaged all worthy of note within me. Upon this now barren so
a connection made of a magically suspended vulnerability. a defiance of gravity or some sort of release. as if som
Alright, I'm writing and drawing out a manga called Re-Source, it takes place in 2021 during a era to which many humans
One of my favourite books, Almost French is lovely cross-cultural story of how Sarah makes her way into French life from
A Stillness that cannot be broken. A darkness that cannot be lit. A Cruelness as viscious as the raging ocean. But th
There is a beast locked within me. Its cage bar are thin. deep inside it lays within.
Requiem for a Dream; souls lost, but never forgotten. Saved once but long ago. By one whom have passed forth. U
we are watching the moon in our sleep, we try to see the world through a kaleisescope of colors and i'd lock you up in
What's on your mind? Give me a good story.
You came because I willed you, I was lonely and I didn't want to be anymore I didn't feel you at all at first But I ca
if i were to write a poem for you it would be completely unusual it would not rhyme it would not be haunted with emot

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I was watch a video with Dr.Helen Fisher. In part of the video she talks about the four personality traits. Got me thinking about the 4 elements. Fun how some things pop up in my head. Well i started to think that the person who start the 4 elements and u
Ok it's ur birthday , and if u can have anything , any place any Location with anyone , what would be your most fantasy sex u would like on ur birthday.... based on ur mars sign? Ok for me Aqua mars... everyone pleasing my left right and centre ( men and
So, apparently there was a YouTube channel where a father and mother of five film their children as the parents "prank" them. I'm unclear on whether or not the man is the biological father of all five, but the woman is a step-mother to two of the children
I was just reading an article that stated a theory is that the earth might have pulled the moon away from venus. Apparently, venus used to have a moon but doesn't anymore. What do you think this could mean in connection to astrology? What do you think t
lol does it bother you?!?!?! I'm sure we all do it.. I "try" to reply to everyone but having a choice is great !
Is this a thing? 0.5% transgender people in the USA, survey done in May 2016. Yet I hear of stories making the news arguing about toilet rights. Does this seem right to you. Think about it. Not long ago (feb 2017) in the UK a 5yr old girl died o
Ok, Ive gotten into sous vide and bought the joule, anyone else do this method? Have any tips or tricks?
Traditionally they arent supposed to be a good match but I find they are seemingly both intellectuals and not too emotional. So why are they not good together. Do you think think they can work out? I feel that Aquarius moon is more opt to work out with Ca
All saturn in aries people i know including me have some struggles in life who seems will during forever.
I was pretty confused when I first started coming here. A new relationship wirh a Cap and all. I really don't know if it was Venus retrograde or just helping getting a good understanding of how Caps operate, or the baggage we brought to the relationship,
Prices Negotiable. Hot Items! Cop 'em while supplies last. Item #1: Roger Maris bobblehead Made out of ceramic. butterty balance and topples over. Doesn't look like Roger Maris $3.00 http://i.imgur.com/i0HR8GH.jpg Item #2: Red wig. Us
take the test to see how you score. I score 47. You are somewhat shy. http://academics.wellesley.edu/Psychology/Cheek/howshy.html
As a libra I don't think I'm that bad but I have been so stressed lately because of work among other things. I've decided to take a break from my work to travel. It's once in a life time opportunity and I've decided to do this. So there was this chanc
Have any of you done these? They are customizable vinyl dolls. Hobbyists and artists do crazy things with them: https://www.google.com/search?q=custom+munny&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwizrJPZ-8zTAhVE5yYKHVW4AqQQ_AUIBygC&biw=1707&bih=817 http: