Who is willing to listen what i have to say. Anyone without judgment who understands and accepts me for who i am.i am different.i do not fit in.i cannot live like most people do. I do not wish to smile all the time or talk.i like being silent. I need sile
Sometimes when I happen by this part of the forum I read things that members have written. What I would like to know is what I should do with it. At times I come across things that I would otherwise have commented on to others when giving feedback - both
Why? Well, I don't know. Just do it! I'll start.
During some periods for about one to two months at the time about every seven years or so, I get sick and tired of everything dark. I want only fun and beauty and...well...venus in sag in the 7th house and gemini moon in the 2nd, I think describes it pret
indifference was always the name of the game the way you move has me thinking i'm going insane your gracious body ondulating like waves in a storm i still recall our first memories inside my dorm you pranced on me, your eyes sparkled bright the wor
The fields are quiet now, Where once guns and cannon blazed, Charged by desires for freedom, Against whom tyranny’s hand was raised. Thirteen met in solemn accord, Their pens whose strokes forged liberty, Their deliberations heated but sound, P
And a heaviness falls upon me Like a cold rain, While exploring a city I have no words to say I have no way to explain The hollow feeling inside my well It burns into my soul, It is my hell. To be alone in the world, Stops my wondering eyes Dea
Here is how it goes: - give me a sign and a topic. - I'll write a short post on what you suggest. - repeat till I've
What is a good program to apply for a writer's grant? Have you ever received one and how does it work?
awwww. *sniff* : cries:::: inspired by Hans Zimmer, Inception....and Leonardo Di Caprio. awww. When the oceans meet the mountains, Atlantic cold water surrounds us, there is no more time, all i want, is you by my side, my light, the love of
The sound is like a purring of something quite brutal, almost frightening. The measurement of his hands - too big; the span of his form is colossal; he is filled with a brutish temperament, something that should not have happened. Between his long thick f
Trying to reduce many of my short stories by using the minimalism method. Boiling down all the basics and packing a moment that threads visceral feeling not necessarily on their own, but just by the sum of each bit. Have had hell getting around to accom
I've have been thinking about how we get use to live the way our body leads or our mind says, lost on the pressure that consumes your voice thats trying to break free under the hidden secrets we fear. It's my last breath in this stage and am feeling pull
First original post! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ) So. I've been a huge writer since I was little and have always loved making up and telling stories. I have been trying to keep up with my writing, but can never truly f
I have been writing ever since I was 9. I have been trying to write a novel, but I'm not sure if it's long enough. I just don't get how other writers can spend two paragraphs writing about the color of some dudes curtains when I spend 2 paragraphs describ
Any Fantasy writers here? Do you have your own outline you follow when world building? I put my novel down in May and I am trying to throw myself back into it. Also what are some practices you use when writing? I am too aware of myself when I write.
Broken Doll A castaway in Metal is left in the dust Sent through hell and earth and paid back in rust “(Clank, Clank)” So goes the sound of the prosthetics A looked down upon existence that’s now so pathetic Their bodies seen as a junkyard T

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what are your experiences and those of virgos you have known? what would lead a virgo to get into drug use, particula
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vo5BIZjedto First of all, her fiance is hideous and I don't know what she see's in him. Second of all, what a stupid cookiemonster. How can she give a cheater a pass and then say she did because "all men cheat?" What kind of BS
What are some of your techniques to build up your self confidence? What could be used to instantly boost some one's confidence levels?
A very complex beautifully made movie, what do you think are the lead characters signs ( Joel and Clementine )?
I’m a Pisces woman! My strongest connection was with a Scorpio.... What is your zodiac sign ? and the person who you had a strong connection with? Are you still involved? Did it end badly or was it mutual breakup?
that it would be hard to get a read on them or understand their motivations or choices may come off almost irrational
whether it by guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, etc.
Something as simple as sitting next to you and noticing you slowly getting closer to me until your shoulder touches mine, I move closer to allow you into my space and lean in and rest my head on your shoulder. I'm opening my heart and soul to you. 💕
What makes you snap,go crazy, angry,... How do you act in relationships?
Is there someone around here who has their Venus in 9th house? I found some interpretation about this and it says people with this aspect have tendency to fall in love with someone from different culture and marry in another country. If you have this aspe
What problems did you have? What was your fav cartoon character? What was your GREATEST fear? What did you wish you were better at? What were you great at? What did you and your friends enjoy? And what was your happiest memory? What a
I was talking to the Pisces guy for over an hour and then when we were saying goodbye, he said I can text him. He didn't even say talk to you later. I talk a lot...I know it. Probably too much for a pisces. :/