I want to know what does this mean when leo man say 'I just think we cannot go far anymore.' Is it he have give up on th
Quiet thunder of my heart Electrify the bliss of my soul Connect the portals to heaven Through which the soul??s lov
Death. Suicide. Do or die. Die anyway. Do this or do that. Dont do it anyway. Meticulous. No full branch. Earplu
Hello, This is my natal chart, can anyone say something about it? Love, career, marriage, kind and etc.? Thank you! :
Their uniform's lay piled on a heap on the floor. There are two badges shining, sparkling atop the lamp table. She does
These are poems I've written throughout the years. I've always found it so easy to express myself through writing, r
coffee today, coffee in the afternoon, i'll take a book or 2, no magazines please, guilt, shame, horror, and tabo
I'm currently working on a story and I'm kind of having writer's block. I get stuck editing the little bit I have so far
I remember that white sweater you wore the first day I saw you A private study room for two, pumpkin spice latte, maybe

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Inspired by @Metatron. Post your babymakers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXgUO26Dyok
Any Scorps with a good experience with another fellow Scorpio? I'm always attracted to other Scorpios and they always like me too. We can have good conversations and have good chemistry, but for some reason it just never works out. In middle school, my fr
People with t-squares: Can you shares your experiences? Do you feel it has a significant presence in your chart? Do you feel it more driven by the focal planet or the missing leg? In which modality is it and which houses? Does it has a dominant planet
I thought cancer men don't have sex right away? This cancer guy messaged me that he's in town and wants to meet and proposed me to stay with him. We never met yet and I was taken aback with his forwardness. Of course I told him casual sex doesn't interest
Me... As a Virgo, my favorite is none other than Lee Kuan Yew (September 16, 1923)! As a Rabbit, it will be Albert Einstein (March 15, 1879)! :)
Sag guy blocked me off of everything. This is the 2nd time he does this. It's not like I am very clingy. He was the one that was on my ass all the time. Just wanted to know if this is something that most of you tend to do and why?
hoping some of you astro wizards might contribute by posting your fave / highly suggestable hits, new or old. not gonna enforce rules but, i don't want this turning into an EDM thread & dont start posting butter like the beatles & claim it's world musi
What can you tell me about the Venus in Pisces? He also has Moon in Libra and Mars in Leo. Also, what about the compatibility Venus-Pisces with Venus-Taurus? I’m just curious, I tried looking online but you guys give better information :)
Out of the 247 awards ideas submitted, pick 42 you'd most like to see Please post all 42 in post and try to pick awards where you actually can think of at least three people who would stand a chance at winning. It's about competition, not inside jokes
I've been in love with this Virgo guy for 2.5/3 years now (known each other for 4), in the beginning he told me he's fine with my being gay as long as I don't rub it in his face, and now 4 years on he's like a completely different person when it comes to
who has sex the first time drunk and is ok with it? The CAP has been blowing up my phone for last few days asking to spend time with me. Last night, she got off work early because it was slow and asked me to come and drink with her and her friends.
but like in reverse like if they make a mistake they'll just go "oh well might as well make it even worse?" if you're gonna mess up, do it big time
I recently became familiar with this term. Is this the best time to find a boyfriend? Or am I late in the season? I deleted all of my dating apps about a month ago, was gona take a break and try to meet guys in person... should I get back online agai
Whats your ultimate all time ever fave food to eat.
What are their turn ons? Turn offs? Hot spots, etc.
so i was reading a book about birds and thought "man these birds are hoes" and saw a female penguin cheating on Nat Geo when her husband penguin caught her and begged but nooo she chose the homewrecker in general, the females leave the males to mate