Hello, This is my natal chart, can anyone say something about it? Love, career, marriage, kind and etc.? Thank you! :
Their uniform's lay piled on a heap on the floor. There are two badges shining, sparkling atop the lamp table. She does
These are poems I've written throughout the years. I've always found it so easy to express myself through writing, r
coffee today, coffee in the afternoon, i'll take a book or 2, no magazines please, guilt, shame, horror, and tabo
I'm currently working on a story and I'm kind of having writer's block. I get stuck editing the little bit I have so far
I remember that white sweater you wore the first day I saw you A private study room for two, pumpkin spice latte, maybe
What to you is the most annoying phrase or expression in English? I think it may be a bit dated now but for me it is the
Dear person I have a crush on, You are dangerous. When I get around you, parts of me show that I honestly didn???t no
The Warning By DOFACC I had business reasons to be in Denver. I had worked 3 twelve hour night shifts
Love is you. You are magical, someone I most adore The epitome of eternal bliss, a heavenly galore To be without yo
This morning I wrote an assessment of my life for the past decade. Accomplishments, Failures and Lessons/Goals to compl
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Is that a legit reason to ghost someone I believe it is It's Friday I am in the gym putting in a workout before I eat a whole roasted chicken The first week I think I dropped down to 178 because I might have forgotten to eat here and there
Hey guys, Im dating a Venus in Aries woman even being an Aries Sun myself, Im starting to get tired of the constant need for stimulation. She doesn't provide too much love, affection, care or even sex but expect to be treated like a royalty (Mars in Leo).
I'd like to know what it's like to be in this relationship, for those who are in the know:) from the Aries' point of view. Do you like it? Do you hate it? How long did the relationship last? If broken up, are you still friends?What aspect of the capricorn
Her placements are virgo-leo cusp,moon in gemini,venus in virgo,mars in gemini,for a person who has a lot of air than me she is very touchy,its freaking me out im not comfortable people touching me i dont even touch my mom like that only my lover can,when
I have started to date this cancer man a month ago and he was so enthusiastic and affectionate. He met me almost on a daily basis (cancer likes to cling) and he even already brought me to meet his friends and family just during the first few dates. Howeve
So I don't really know if this is an advice thread or just one created for the sole purpose of me venting, but either way my Leo brother is always making life hard for me and I feel like I'm about to snap on him. To start off, I'm pretty certain he ha
A Libra here who started dating a Capricorn guy a few months ago. I'm Libra, Pisces rising, Aries moon. He's Capricorn, Libra rising, Gemini moon. Everything was great, then a few weeks ago he ended the romantic relationship and gave me a vague reason say
They’re not dating, but they go to school or work together. They fight or Ickes with each other, but they don’t do it to anyone else Do you think they low key like each other
maybe, not usually, but when the becomes vain to much in wrong way, they are, i know one with 31 kg 1,60 meters, and with anorexy, he thinks this beautyful but is not, and he is very good dude , but not in phisyque
So I was looking my wife chart because she been asking me what she thinks she should do for work once I find mine. I kne
are virgos it? or is it aquarius or caps?
Soo I was interested in how those guys develop bonds because the gemini mooners I know seem emotionally unavailable and hard to see through to me, like for example: - They're not the kind of friends I can openly hug and show affection to because they a
I'm thinking of removing my texting plan for a while. I'll still have phone calls and email. It will be annoying for others, but c'est ma vie Have any of you? How'd it go?
Ok so long story short. Im redecorating my entire bedroom As in- everything is going in the garbagio including the bed. Im evenbrippingnout all the walk in closet butter and starting over. I want to erase my ex's energy entirely. Im not sure what i want
Leo Sun Capricorn Moon Mars Leo Venus Gemini Mercury Leo How do they work with each other?