Any Fantasy writers here? Do you have your own outline you follow when world building? I put my novel down in May and I am trying to throw myself back into it. Also what are some practices you use when writing? I am too aware of myself when I write.
Broken Doll A castaway in Metal is left in the dust Sent through hell and earth and paid back in rust “(Clank, Clank)” So goes the sound of the prosthetics A looked down upon existence that’s now so pathetic Their bodies seen as a junkyard T
Do you find that your writing just flows out of you with little effort or thought about a subject? or Are you more methodical and decisive about what you want to write down?
I'm comfortable being alone, and I'm not sure how to show that without having to say a word. I enjoy the silence. I prefer not to speak or keep company whether I'm their guest, or they're mine. But not everyone will understand that need to be alone. N
When I see of you, I dream of midnight, of the dark oils dripping in the sky, a Thousand, two, three, bolts of lightning tumbling down, and horses, powerfully riding the clouds beneath their hooves, in the desert, swirling gold the scent o
I love William Blake's "Garden of Love" poem. Poetry of all kinds is so wonderful. I love the art of words. Just a random topic. I went to the Garden of Love, And saw what I never had seen: A Chapel was built in the midst, Where I used to play on th
Falling in love There's a mousy looking girl that comes around noon, brings her lunch bag, taking out a sandwich, a
It’s painful knowing not what to ask for and yet pitiful knowing that to ask for too much is all in vain. Pain and Pity are two friend that I don’t play very well with, yet they show up at my door frequently, soliciting my company. “Come out with
I want to know what does this mean when leo man say 'I just think we cannot go far anymore.' Is it he have give up on th
Quiet thunder of my heart Electrify the bliss of my soul Connect the portals to heaven Through which the soul??s lov
Death. Suicide. Do or die. Die anyway. Do this or do that. Dont do it anyway. Meticulous. No full branch. Earplu
Hello, This is my natal chart, can anyone say something about it? Love, career, marriage, kind and etc.? Thank you! :
Their uniform's lay piled on a heap on the floor. There are two badges shining, sparkling atop the lamp table. She does
These are poems I've written throughout the years. I've always found it so easy to express myself through writing, r

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So????? Do you think she's gonna get back with Brad??? Who else is born under the Quarter moon ? What kind of person does it make you ?
How do you know you are dealing with one?
I just stopped by to say..... As a cancer sun... Pisces moon..... Gemini Venus... Libra mars.... Aquarius rising.... I absolutely freakinggggggg loveeeee taurus sunnnnnnnn aquarius moon That's all folks 😂😂😂😂
I have known my neighbor for 2.5 years. On and off we have hung out at each others house, drank beer and wine while watching the game or a movie and a few times when he hurt himself being athletic he took his shirt off and I helped him by rubbing ointment
The weardest thing is happening to me, let me get started by saying that I saw a weird looking man move in near a flat I'm renting just off Harrison street in Seattle roughly a month ago, always wearing his baseball cap low and looking around as if someon
Scale 1 to 10? This has nothing to do with me Aries friend was talking about another person but I coulnr sense any optimism in the situation I had to bring the bright side to the equation & change the dynamic I know Aries are opiaite of Scorpio so..
It's true with my little cousin even. When he gets furious his head tilts left and right almost foams and makes this weird spastic noise, like a herd of hyenas chewing flesh, why do they do that? It's enough they look sad and miserable most of the time
Americans of dxp, when do you see a pig couple doing dirty thing in your country with no shame in front of errbody, what's the probability that they are frenzh because PDA in FR seems not to be a problem
I consider anyone who fights for their dreams to be successful What do you do during the day that makes you so Like how do you divide up your time Curious
Hi guys, here I am again. After the "bump" that my Libra and I had last week, I thought we were pushing forward. He seems to have made great strives to try and make it work, our communication has been better, our intimate life has been fireworks and hes e
hey yalls.. so i have a question for all of you guys (romantic in nature of course). There is a guy I'm interested in, with the above signs. I myself am a sag sun, aries moon, and scorpio venus female. thing is, until now, ive gotten pretty good at temper
We used to work together and he’s been trying to date me by trying to be around me inside and outside of work , invited me to his bbq when his parents were visiting him. However I pushed him away because someone at work told me he has a bf already. I