Taurus and Libra Compatibility

Each partner may soon grow tired of the other one's demands.

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  • Libra flighty personality might hurt taurus man
  • It may be perfect couple when u truly feels each oder connctions, but taurus possesvness may drow away for libra woman but there love is sooo true,,, libra woman really appreciate taurus man devoted love and may die for each oder if they truly love each o   Read more
  • It's quite confusing really, some have had bad experiences with Taurus and some not. Me and Taurus great until I found out he has a girlfriend.
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    Gemini Sun/Leo Moon/Cancer Ascendant
    My parents are this pairing! Taurus father, Libra mother. They have been married for over 30 years now : )
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    female from United States
    love this pairing! dont know about long term, but short term is wonderful
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    Taurus ENTJ
    Any thoughts on this pairing?
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    Aquarius (free spirit)
    Only negative I find with Taurus males is that they move on their own time.
  • I'm a libra lady dating a taurus. He was a former college classmate and we reunited three years ago. I have never been more comfortable and at ease in a relationship. We started off as friends and now we're exclusive. He's very grounded and a lot of fun.
  • Taurus Guy Likes The Girl to Lead but her to make him look as hes the leader!!
  • @bsg "YES" TAURUS is 100% INCONSISTENT even though it says hes CONSISTENT ... he's picky && well it will take years for him to COMMIT.
  • LiBRa Rules Over Taurus "He's MiNe"
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    female from United States
    @bsg maybe the taurus you know has some air influence in her chart
  • i Just want to know that although taurus are known to be very strong and stubborn and stick to what they say i know a taurus woman who notoriously changes his mind and just say one thing anf do thing. Is it typical taurus behaviour? also is it possible fo

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