Aries girl, scorpio man

By chocolatepancakeMarch 23, 2020 7:16pm — 7 replies
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hello everyone first thanks for taking the time to read this i just wanted a honest opinion from anonymous scorpios i do know that it takes more than just a sun sign to trace a part of a persons profile my sun sign is a fire one but my rising i
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so the last five months have been interesting for me to preface this whole post i would like to give a little bit of context i was dating a girl a year ago that cheated on me with my best friend of 22 years i am an aries and very prideful so i cut thes
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theres this scorpio woman i know on the internet for some months were both artists and are in the same fandom when i complimented her works the first time she said she was flattered and actually liking my artworks too and that she wanted to support
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hey everyone this is kind of a long story but here goes nothin so a few years ago i saw this scorpio man at a bar from that moment i just knew i had to know his name we started talking and instant fireworks we spent nearly every night together the r
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i just wanted to start by saying that our combo has been working successfully for a few years and i am deeply happy ive been in relationships before and i never felt this closeness and trust and enjoyment from being w someone like this ever we ha
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self absorbed arrogant mister i can have anything i want whenever i want - 27 year old boy aries lives the ultimate life with dads money sex drugs and rocknroll hes got the looks the cash the attitude the size hes got the whole package bu
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im a aries women in love for 2 years with a scorpio man unfortunately i dont think he felt the same way if he did he showed me in very mean ways i finally ended it by moving he didnt think i could let him go i never wanted to leave him i fought for hi
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- please dont quote this as i will remove the post later dont want to be recognized - im a scorpio girl who need some advice there is this aries man that i had really good contact with we used to talk every day and he admitted he had fe