Do you have faith in your government?

By 777December 6, 2020 2:10pm — 13 replies

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Trump and the Coronavirus
trump mismanaged the pandemic that is an objective fact it was a moral failing putting him in in my honest opinion and it will be an objective policy failure moral failing and an unmitigated disaster literally if we fail to vote this human pustule
For my Non-American DXP peeps. Would you accept me with open arms if Donald trump win the presidency
ayyyee shrugs im up for a good laugh today https 64 media tumblr com 75a1ed51c98a7e4900f2c88d309ef93d tumblr ppkcysezhq1vs3568 540 gif
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i found days this interesting maybe you will maybe you wont https medium com mikeselinker a-wargame-designer-describes-our-four-possible-civil-wars-cf5b2e980099
Political evolution?
have you evolved in your political beliefs since you were younger when i was younger i adhered to a more classical conservative philosophy and since my time being a secondary teacher age 29 - 31 my politics has definitely shifted left of center h
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so if yall mfs couldnt tell i am an avid trump supporter i give props to biden and respect peoples choice to support him though unlike the left does but my question is does biden really have a chance lol seriously the polls havent been eff
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opinion on why the stock was going ham throughout the pandemic what the future holds for each
Anyone lose job or suffer business losses during pandemic?
what field amp has the business re opened
how come conservatives go out of their way to discredit victims of sexual assault at the hands of famous republicans but as soon as an accusation is made against famous democrats conservatives are all over it are democrats guilty of the same thing