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  • We broke up a year ago and he still wants nothing to do with me. I left him one last text saying I want to be fiends I miss your friendship and want to know why you have no interest in communicating with me anymore. And left it at that; I said just get b
  • Ok you all know the story He's back talking to me ... Aqua has come back to this stinger looool I just did a backflip This isn't healthy what should I do help aqua people I love him but don't want to mess it up again
  • Me (sag) and Aqua gf went to a white table cloth dinner last night. Ordered a bottle of wine and that was all she wrote. We cut up at the dinner table so much people wanted to join in on the conversation. We laughed so hard and felt soo good our stoma
  • ugh scorpio and i always attract their bloodsucking azzes. Worst friends and just like to use ppl
  • Well,so this aqua guy and me,we've like had a rollercoaster of emotions for the past 3 years and everything was very complicated.There were spells of radio silence and I always tried to maintain contact .Now things have been great for past one month, w
  • Aqua guy and I are friends. I want to take the friendship we have to the next level (comfortably). How should I go about it? We both are with other people, but I want to become best friends with him...
  • Out of curiosity, how do we all view work? Is it super important to you? Just a 'thing' you do to make money? Passion? Security? Stability? Are you a job hopper? Rather not work? Is it related to your field of study? I want to know all about your wo
  • Confusing man? Jeez trying to understand an Aqua is like playing around and trying to match a Rubix cube. Do you come off as confusing and hard to read?
  • Hi everyone, I recently found this forum and it’s disheartening to see so many people heartbroken and confused. If you want me to check your compatibility just list your birthday, birth city and country. If your have your birth time (am/pm) please in
  • I recently reconnected with an aquarius ex, he came to see me and seemed to have a good time. He is upset though because I dated one of his best friends for 2 years which I just recently broke up with. He still seems very hurt over it, but said he's tryin
  • I'm a flake if I plan something way ahead of time and whatever I planned doesn't require money (as in I didn't already book tickets). I've come to realize that I'm a spontaneous person who lives for what each day brings. Are you guys flakes and if
  • I'm a history buff and I tend to like Aquarius world leaders: the Roman Emperor Hadrian, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Regan, etc. They are cosmopolitan, and they enjoy the most advanced technology of their days. Really on the cutting edge in all fields. I also
  • Ive been dating an aquarius guy for less then a year and I thought he truly liked me. Actually adored me, hes told me he loves me and shit. Anyways I found out hes been texting a girl he met in mexico when we started dating and I wasnt there. He also m
  • need to understand more about Aquarius... ... i would like to put it in bullet format, so it will be more easy for ever
  • Ever walk through a grocery store playfully walking down the isle? Or run barefoot through fresh cut grass and catch your self smiling because its an experience you enjoyed highly as a child? I always catch myself doing little things that make me smile o
  • For more info: read my.previous thread about the aqua. We're in a relationship for about a year and a half. Living together for 9 months I think? So it all moved pretty fast. We even got a dog together, who just turned 1. I've been very happy in th
  • here is our conversation, need more expert to advise; Aquarius : Who is this ? Aries : OW Aquarius : Please stop finding me. Aries : why Aquarius BLOCK ARIES... no longer can be in touch with her anymore im Aries, should i give up? Wh
  • I'm really close to some of my favorite exes, one of them being a fellow Aquarius, he has a water moon like me. In a few months he's selling all of his things, I'm saving all the money I make and were gonna get the fuck outta here. I was talking to one of