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  • i read it is in detriment in the sun, for detriment signs, venus - aries and scorpio mars - libra and taurus, (i think fall in cancer) moon - capricorn. mercury - pisces and sag so this usually means misguided /misdirected energy. the po
  • stronger feelings in people, aquarius? for example, if you do a certain thing, they get angry that you're not what they want you to be in their mind? and if so, do you think this is a good thing? if you're not an aquarius, state your sun, moon,
  • How emotional you are? Do you think you are a romantic? Are you considerate of your other half and be there for them when they need you? What are you like at break ups, do you try and fight for them or just find it easy to cut your losses and move on to s
  • So .... I've been off and on with this aquarius man for over a year now.. We have only been friends never established a relationship. There was alot of periods of separation due to me being fed up and frustrated with him but I'm back once again and everyt
  • We seem to have a lot of self-unaware/ignorant people out there that condemn women/men for their wrongdoing meanwhile they are guilty of the same thing down the road. And when you remind them of their previous condemnation of the same behaviour, they have
  • Ok so if an Aquarian doesn't reply to your message for more then 24hrs does that mean they can't be bothered with you? and if an Aquarian Messages you back within the hour does that mean they consider you a friend?
  • baby names or love names? lol for example, cuddlebug, or snugglebunny? [IMG][/IMG] is it an aquarius thing or a woman thing? lol is it water in the charts or earth? or both? like, my little rub rub ducky bucky
  • So, I’m a Leo. And I tend to over think more than I should. But I need to know if I should give my time to this guy or move on. He’s an Aquarius, We have known each other for a few years, we have a lot of the same weird interests including music. When
  • Hi all Aqua men help me understand better? So I know an aqua from many years We both loved eachother and then we had a breakup and I did not contact him for 8 years. Nor he We had our own things to do. And set our lives but I was very much heart bro
  • Mine would be Aries, Pisces, Cancer Aries are so inconsiderate, attnetion seeking and nothing is good enough for them. They try to force you to be friends with people you don't like because THEY like them, they tell your business, they constantly flake
  • I was talking to an aqua man for a few months and then he just stopped answering me one day. But I texted him about 3 times in the last 2 months and he has responded every time and will even talk to me for a few days (and he is engaged, i.e. asking questi
  • They are 3 & stubborn streak a mile long . Independent quick witted ...strong willed. .. I think teenage years are gonna make me bald headed 😂
  • Please help me Aquarian men, when you're on holiday yourself, would you be like no contact to your girlfriend? Just want to understand more in general, so I won't freak out again by myself overthinking... i think you all know already I'm an overthinking g
  • I was seeing an aqua man for three months, we broke up (I ended things) and it was one of the hardest breakups I went through. Fast forward three months and we see each other at a bar and now we’ve been dating again. A month has gone by and things were go
  • Guys please help me. Like I’m begging. I’m an Aquarius sun/Gemini moon, he’s a cancer sun/Taurus moon. I feel so alone and misunderstood and I’m hoping someone can give me some kind of insight or advice. We were best friends for 3 years before dating. I c
  • A loyal Water Bearer friend is one that never leaves you hanging, and supports you with such generosity. The lack of filters when it comes to honesty and outright pure loyalty, without lacking in that uncanny air sign intelligence. Yet, they say a Wat
  • I’m dying at this video. Libra doing what it does best: lying calmly. Aquarius doing what it does best: seeing right through people’s bullshit. Oprah’s reaction is gold. I can tell from her facial expression that she’s not