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Venus in Pisces vs Aries
just read about his venus in pisces and mine in aries are different style lovers and these have to work on understanding each other style however can t find anything describing this difference andnit is true anyone
What placement can worsh-HANDLE a Leo venus?
any leo venuses here what are the placements of people youve been in the longest relationships with scorpio venuses are so attentive but theyre not fun
We both have Venus in cap & Virgo in Mars ANY ONE HAVE THIS
i met a chick and we match our venus and mars is that good or bad
Venus in Aries
any other venus in aries ladies out there i feel like i cannot maintain a relationship and am getting very tired of the pattern im seeing in my love life i want a partner more than anything last year i went on a few dates really liked a couple of gu
Leo Venus.
are these people as romantic and passionate as the descriptions indicate never dated anyone with this placement until recently experiences
Where Is Your Venus & What House
asking libras here where your venus is and what house do you feel venusian how many relationships have you been in also what is your dominant modality and do you get along better with those of similar energy
Is it true that Virgo Venus women will be celibate for years if they don't have a romantic partner?
due to their extremely critical nature is it likely that this could be the case and does a virgo moon making an aspect to virgo venus make this planet even more likely
Venus Conjunct Mars
where yall at and how do you feel about this aspect whether you have it or not natal not synastry
Venus in libra men, how do you like your females/girlfiends/crush etc??
can you guys describe the physical features of the women youre attracted to the hair body type mannerisms etc