Sag trying to catch a scorpio

By DandyDecember 9, 2017 6:15am — 8 replies
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My Sagittarius man broke up with me
i ve been dating my sag man for over a year he recently sent me message saying he having a lot of problems in life and he doesn t need a intimate relationship he needs to focus on getting his life back on track which i was aware that he was having problem
Sag guys don't know what they want!
sagittarius whats with all the running off and galloping back known my sag guy 2 years we were very flirty friends for a year then fwb for the past year we get ridiculously close then its like he panics we are best friends but oh boy im so tired o
Thoughts on my 43rd
well today is my 43rd birthday and as i was celebrating a few truths about me kept running through my mind i realized that i will never truly be happy without love in my life things are going good career wise right now started a family business
14 year age difference
gemini man is trying to possess me venus in cap ages backward so idk lol all i knew was that he is a gemini he also knew right away that i was a sag seemed pretty pleased with that its his funeral lol we met in improv class i first n
I turned 24 today
and the 34 people invited to my birthday party only 3 are making it out and thats okay i think i prefer this life not compared to my 18th when i held a huge party i think i prefer life this way happy birthday fellow sagx
Hey ya'll it was my web wife's birthday yesterday
saggurl88 sorry i was sick yesterday i couldnt perform my husbandly duties im going to the naughty store to buy some lube for that special thing i do to ya
Happy Bday saggurl88
best wishes and all the good stuff
Who is more risky moon in sagittarius sun or ascendant ?
i would say moon since the moon represents the emotions
My Birthday 2017
i turned 36 yesterday and we buried my grandmother scorpio 11 9 yesterday i was on my way to see her and she died i was 24 hours too late you always hear stories of people dying and youre in transit to see them but i never wanted to join