Help deciphering my dream

By Rainwater69September 10, 2020 6:08pm — 6 replies

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RL peopleYou know entering your Dreams
dreaming about someone that is in your real life or someone you actually know what does it mean do you think they are premonitions or that for some reason your subconscious mind has thought of them how serious do you take these dreams
End Times Dream
i had a dream about 10 years ago that actually changed my life i was in my mid-40s and i had unimaginable wealth i owned buildings and businesses all over the place it was a financially prosperous time for me but i wasnt able to really truly enjoy be
Violence in a family-Dream
i had a dream i was staying with a family i am not sure why i think i might have been visiting someone in the family i am staying with them for a while but after a time it becomes clear the mother is violent and paranoid she has hallucinations of
Names in dreams
i ve ben trying to find this for ages online and seem to come up with nothing in my dream i was talking to someone close to me and later in the dream someone else called him by a different name that i didn t recognise or do i know someone by that name
quarantine dream log
drop your dreams here and lets decipher
Lucid Dream Analyst?
i ve always been pretty good at lucid dreaming i ve trained myself to try to read or pinch myself when i am dreaming when i do lucid dream i always make people in my life that i miss appear old friends those who are no longer with us that sort of t
what could it mean?
when you have a dream about a house inhabited by different people completely unrelated to each other what does connect them is the fact that they all seem to be criminals or have been involved in shady activities but for some reason some kind force
Interpretate This Dream (part 1)
this is not my dream this was some i know was talking to me about it a few weeks ago figure id through is out there it is one of 3 all post the other 2 at a later time words of the person speaking in the dream have you ever wondered what final tho
New idea for TV show.....
so i had this dream last night there was this murder house and some greasy fat guy was running it but the twist was he was living with other killers and they would all present their grisly horrors as gifts to each other also twist of twists these peopl
what can this mean?
had this dream about a news presenter capricorn in my dream hes been reported missing then suddenly hes suspected to be a serial killer on a rampage but turns out he is one of the victims things is i felt a sense of urgency throughout this drea