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Do Gemini men get complacent?
my gemini sun taurus moon leo rising bf isnt doing all the things he used to he used plan extravegent dates when he came to town we are in a ldr i usually go to him and now we just stay in im flexible but not demanding so im noticing but not compla
Does anyone have a chart similar to mine
do you have a similar chart how would you describe yourself or what can you tell me about my chart sun - gemini moon - aquarius mercury - gemini venus - gemini mars - cancer jupiter - gemini saturn uranus neptune - capricorn pluto - scorpio
Gemini's I need your help!
hey everyone ill try to keep this short and to the point im a scorpio cancer moon my ex is gemini capricorn moon he confuses me so much basically he says he loves me but he lost interest and hes disappointed in himself because he didnt fi
Gemini with Aquarius Moon and Emotions
im a gemini with an aquarius moon and most of the time i have no idea how i feel is this common for people with these signs in there chart when i do start to feel something i start over analyzing it because im not use to having emotions and this pr
when gemini takes his bad mood out on you...
i knew he was in a bad mood i tried to get him to talk about it i was really happy tried to joke and have fun instead he just turned everything i said around and made everything my fault then he insulted me and my cat which to me is unforgivable
Gemini / Cancer Love ?
is this ever a good combo i feel they are very fun together and complimentary as friends but as lovers any experience thoughts input-thanks
Geminis with Venus in Taurus or Mars in Aries?
what is love to you and what does making love mean to you excuse my scorpio moon obsession
i like gems one word to describe gems sprite-like
I need help understanding this Gemini guy!!
hey geminis i need some help understanding this gemini that i met this was very recent weve spoken a few times over the course of the past month hes very sweet funny but mainly intelligent quick witted and extremely talkative but whenever