Gemini confesses he is crazy inlove but...

By siopaowiksJuly 17, 2016 12:52pm — 14 replies
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So strung outon this dayum Gem guy
i need help i met this gem guy in feb and it was one of those cosmic flash in the pan connections where you fall hard head over heels in a single night it lasted a total of 2 weeks and now it is almost august and although my head knows why he is not
Crazy Gemini Women?!
i am a gemini woman how many of my fellow gemini ladies have been called crazy i ve been called this by some of the guys that i ve been with if you were called crazy what prompted the person to do so also how do you keep your craziness under c
Sag + Gemini ??
i get along better with gemini females my best females friend are gemini we are alike in some many ways probably one of coolest sign to kick it with and thats actually understands me the most gemini guys are not good friends or boyfriends i had a
ok i am may 26 today was like a worse day of my life emotionally is there anything anyone can share with me to explain why thanks
This asshole
so my gemini bf gave the most fucked up reason why we arent spending the weekend together i text him yesterday i wanted to see him this weekend he ignored the text but kept talking about other things he calls me today so i ask what are you doing thi
Geminis you are masters at witty banter
so this gemini sun aqua moon and rising artist chick i used to chat with were having playful banter sex came into a conversation and she mentioned that she didnt get size queens since 6 inches for her was her limit and anything more wasnt pleasura
Fuck us right?!
why is it that when a gemini tells people what they need to hear they make us look like the bad guys gemini are very mistreated and i am currently heart broken from a recent incident with a very close friend that basically kept manipulating me right no
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do you consider yourself a genuine friend or do you talk shit behind your friends backs
Mars in Gemini and hornyness.
ive heard that mars in gemini is turned on by intelligence and dirty talk so why is it that there is info about the always being down for the do i thought there werent so horny because you know it being an air sign an all also ive heard peop
Do gems get cold/distant when falling in love....
before you scoff and bite my head off i was told this by a gem on here who i very much believe that im being tested to see if i can handle the twin behavior just curious what the hive mind thought about this my gem was super into me told me he