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By sweetheartsMay 10, 2009 8:18pm — 3 replies

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i think itd be a pretty interesting forum discussing things like reality and fantasy sounds fun lol
I am not happy about ...........
when i make a thread i capitalize words that are proper like for instance my thread on religion board when i wr
why is my thread deleted on good news bad news without further explanation
Login suggestion
what about one of those boxes you can check to stay logged in without being logged out every time you return to the site
Sticky function & Beauty board
1 how about a sticky for some threads that are worthy some threads are great for intros and others are general enough
to make this site better an instant messenger or chat room should be incorporated to actively engage members i would a
Fourth weekly user awards
this weeks awards best entrance award virgo king award best dxp friend award new moon award my eating utensils
after posting a question and reading others questions and the responses i feel as though this site would be better su
Have you won a user award this week?
the third weekly dxpnet com weekly user awards were announced this morning as you know the dxpnet com weekly user awar
Stock Forum
this sight would rise if it had a stock forum